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  1. One for @Six-cylinder @Mrs6c A nice rusty Lancia Trevi https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/185502550208?hash=item2b30d048c0%3Ag%3A9IIAAOSwo8Zi0mmb&mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&siteid=3&campid=5338788797&customid&toolid=10001&mkevt=1&fbclid=IwAR2nkXuRJCX0JxKk5PPF-tfnu3nal2c5qdVnXTT60RdoiliHSJ-RFvkgMw0
  2. Tigerfox


    Used to drive one of those sometimes when I was a lad. Only remember a couple of things on it. You always had to let it idle for 5 minutes after working it to allow the turbo to cool down. It had a 8 speed gearbox and a foot operated button on the floor that gave you half a gear so you could keep it where you wanted it in the rev range.
  3. Radio fault only appeared this week. Fan has been stuck on for weeks, but now the weather has improved no need for heater fan.
  4. Radio problem resolved for now as I took it out, so should not drain the battery. The heater fan is as you say @RoverFolkUs. It comes on as soon as the engine is running and blasts hot air at the top fan speed. The digital display for the fan, air con etc is not working, disconected it but made no difference. Going to try disconecting the battery to see if that changes anything. I suspect the heater resistor might have failed but dont understand how this affects the radio. Mind you if changing a bulb or fuse is not a cure its beyond my electrical abilty.
  5. After reading in another post about posting I thought I would do my bit. Corsa is still on the drive and has been off the road 4 years I think, but having space in the garage now the 505 has gone I will get it in and see what it needs, wont be quick You will not be surprised to know that a 18 year old French car has electrical problems. Picasso has radio on 24/7 and the heater blows hot on full speed and also cannot be switched off. Going to try remove a few bits this weekend after disconecting battery hoping that resets something. Riley 9 No progress but I have bought some steel to see about repairing the chassis. Dont hold your breath
  6. Back in the day I worked in VW garage and you could order the plates direct from the factory if I remember correctly.
  7. Got a couple I took pictures of. Spark plug from our Corsa B and a piston from my Riley 9 after some white metal broke up. Needs a set of liners and pistons now !
  8. It was shovelled onto a trailer a couple of years ago
  9. Its getting like a BL dealership at your place !
  10. One for @brownnova. Seen in Market Harborough today
  11. Ad claims 12 months mot, it has only 6 weeks. I am in MH but suspect its a seller from the travellers
  12. I recently sold my 505 which i had owned for 30 years, but 20 off the road. I too did not have the welding ability and with 3 cars, 1 garage, needed a decison on what to do Which car means the most too you ? For me my Riley 9 meant the most, 505 was sold and Corsa will depend on how long the mot fail is. I did not feel sad when the 505 went and it has improved my mojo for doing the Riley. Keep 1 or 2, but only you know which one you would rather have Hope that helps
  13. Thanks Amazon Happily daughter and Grandkids are ok. They say its not their fault ! Must have been my daughter revering down the street at 30mph +
  14. I have been going for decades. A proper event with such a wide range of cars to see. Two particular memories come to mind, a 6R4 in the wet and a cira 1906 grand prix style car going round while it was snowing. Its normally bloody cold as well
  15. 5 months now. Would chase them, but have a 21 plate loan for all that time
  16. Quite often if you use the bearing number rather than application it can work out alot cheaper
  17. I was given this lhd R4 a few years, got it on road and used it for a while before losing storage and had to sell it. Sadly does not appear to survived unless it went abroad again
  18. 4 months now. Dealer and Lexus have no clue now. ECU reconditioned. The Car (LS220d) was delivered running on a recovery truck, now they cannot even get it to fire. Hoping they buy the car or provide a similar replacement
  19. Pleased to see the Pontiac escaped major damage after all the work you put in and hopefully you can get your house habitable soon. Nick
  20. Just wish my 505 was roadworthy seeing this.
  21. Whats the record for a main dealer to repair a car ? Son in laws 60 plate Lexus is suffered a injector failure, 3 months later same part failed. New injector fitted under parts warranty and car wont start now. They have now had the car 3 months, yes 3 and have decided the ecu is faulty and is obsolete and nobody will attempt to repair it Absolutly staggering. Mind you the 70 plate loan car is clockingup the miles Rant over
  22. A100 went from raised door handles to flush door handles. It was a easy way to ask customers if there was a choice of parts to identify the model. Perhaps there is something for the Toyota
  23. Absolutley brilliant post, had me laughing out loud much to mrs tigerfox's displeasure as she does not like me enjoying myself
  24. I could not have done the welding and have no problem them doing, it was only £120 all in. But you can see where the ordinary man in the street would feel ripped off getting a bill with a extra £75 on it
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