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  1. Not sure “status” is a good name. Speedo? You can see where the radiator and rocker cap filler should be.
  2. I guess that’s a no. I’ll keep her
  3. Any interest in this. I’ve done a further 10k miles on it it 5 months. Fitted new ancillary belts and just used it. Hasn’t let me down once as you’d expect. Will come with a years MOT. looks awful but will last forever... and ever and...
  4. You might have issues greater than the sum of everyone else’s on this forum.
  5. You don’t have to be gay to ride a Harley
  6. Much better cosmetically than the one the shadow sold me
  7. “Hi Maurice Did you get the message about payment for the 406 ? Want to get it out to draw tonight. PayPal is chr[email protected] Cheers” What is this?
  8. Forget that. I’ve just seen the field thing. Excite.
  9. Why not I suppose. Why Bishop Auckland though? It’s a place you pass through unless you are inbred
  10. Just had a chance to sort this now. Sorry. Payment in progress.
  11. Jesus H Christ on a bicycle. How do people get lives I want.
  12. Sex change will sort that.
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