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  1. Your local garden centre?
  2. Saw Allegro. Got excited.
  3. This is how I imagine Cavcraft looks like.
  4. Bend over and I'll show you...
  5. FMMV was the noise I made when I saw this..
  6. I liked mine and wish I still had it.
  7. Tell me a person living or dead who wouldn't look the most god awful prick in this.
  8. No. Would there ever be a yes?
  9. Where? Genuine skip find?
  10. And that’s saying something.
  11. Can we call it influenza please in case shortening causes offence to the little fellas.
  12. For some reason the mileage loses 30,000 miles on later MoTs..?
  13. I've often wondered what these are like. They go cheap enough.
  14. It's a little Volga for me.
  15. Would you name it "Desire"?
  16. I wouldn’t mind this tbh
  17. The council seem OK with cock games
  18. An angry mob should find the person responsible
  19. Maybe. Unfortunately it isn't
  20. I've metaphorically soaked my gusset
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