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eBay tat volume 3.


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38 minutes ago, barefoot said:

Seller is flogging all manner of exotic vehicles for about thruppence each;



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22 minutes ago, Schaefft said:

Ooooh I've been after one of these in project form, as they were the car I was lusting after when I started driving.

It's not even that far away...


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6 minutes ago, lesapandre said:

Book a MoT and drive it home.


I think I'd take the trailer, I'm trying to cut down on my stunt driving 😅

If it's still around once I sell the BX Leader and the Proton then I suspect I'll be up there to relocate it. I need* an Alfa in my life.

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11 minutes ago, lesapandre said:

Point taken! Tho the tyre could be done en-route and the ball-joint may be fixable at the roadside.

I remember picking an AWD Granvia up from Southampton docks one time, and finding all 4 tyres completely bald. They weren't like that on the auction sheet so something had gone awry - I ended up driving to the local tyre place and getting 4 van tyres for a fairly reasonable price.

It's all do-able, but I'm a creature of comfort these days - head up with the trailer, load it up, trundle back home, repair at my leisure*.

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16 hours ago, Cavcraft said:

Picture 1 of 10

Classic Ford Transit mk3 2.5 Diesel Only 57k from new BARN FIND Ex Fire Brigade | eBay

'has very little corrosion'

Picture 4 of 10

Mate, even the fucking windows are rusty.

Contender for the “newest vehicle with raised digit number plates” award.

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Picture 4 of 4

Mercedes CLS 320 CDI - 2006 - 128k Miles - | eBay

How come from some (admittedly most) angles these look quite horrible, but from others they don't?  Anyhow, there seems to be a lot of shagged ones about and they're getting cheaper. My lad's boss bought one and it bit him on the arse big time when something went tits up in the dashboard.

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