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eBay tat volume 3.


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26 minutes ago, Ghosty said:

I'm watchlisting this... could do me a turn. 

Cool, looks like it's had lower front suspension arms done (or at least bushes) from MOT history. I'd be interested in clutch/cambelt history myself. Clutch is known as a horrible job.

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I had one of these in 1992.  I loved the column gearchange, the freewheel, the fact the front windows wind down by pivoting at the front like a Lancia Stratos and that the handbrake is like the lever that changes the points on a Victorian railway 


It also has tailfins like the Ghostbusters ambulance and it cost £40, unlike this one.


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Volkswagen 412 LE Variant.  I had one of these in the early 90s too.  This one apparently doesn’t start so have fun troubleshooting that Bosch D-Jetronic fuel injection 



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49 minutes ago, garethj said:

I was gonna say, I bet someone buys that and robs the engine out of it, looks like they already have, 'turbo engine has been replaced by non turbo engine'. 🤦

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