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eBay tat volume 3.


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2 hours ago, cort16 said:

a new toy for the FoD! @Six-cylinder its even got what look a bit like knobbly tyres on the rear :) (and if any lorry drivers inconsiderately block access to your drive or the FoD you can pinch their trailer LOL)

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5 hours ago, grogee said:

No way! 'Sad face' Fiesta IV was a quantum leap forward compared to puddingy MK3. 

But then I would say that as a 'proud' Puma driver. 

Pumas are fantastic things!

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5 minutes ago, Dick Longbridge said:

That's a lot of ninefourfour for £notalot. 

No trace of previous MOT history so it's been sitting somewhere for an eternity. Must be a proper rotter surely? They've aged so well though...

I bet the sills are rotted out, if they’re not it’s probably a good buy as a snotty 944.

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17 hours ago, jmsguzzi said:

If the price of that is anything to go by then I chronically undersold mine. My old one looks like this now:




6 hours ago, jmsguzzi said:

Think he’s sorting it over winter, saw him post on the Lancia Thema consortium group looking for a front subframe a few weeks back, he seems a good lad and the mods are tasteful. Used it as his wedding car and his late grandfather had one so probably has a lot of sentimental value to him.

Yeah it looks like they're all reversible and it's in good hands, you don't buy something as rare as that without wanting it for a good reason

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3 hours ago, D.E said:

I am always nostalgic for the world that now only exists in old Top Gear episodes, a world I barely knew. Whether it was the Renault 19 turning left at the traffic lights next to the Amphibious cars, the Audi 80 for 100 quid, or just seeing cars that looked different from each other on the road. It was a different time, and I wish I could have experienced it more.


However I am not nostalgic enough to by a ragged, miserable timebomb of an Audi estate 

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2 hours ago, barrett said:

Cheap genuine-looking cla**ic car for somebody? A one-owner Dolomite in Wimbledon



Looks like an honest old bus. Quite tempted myself, but no cash as usual


Actually, it says Wembly on the ad. Good to see the 'coil pack' has been changed.


No Rory on it

That's a relief!

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19 hours ago, wuvvum said:

Assuming it's the 8v engine they're a piece of piss.  I'm a cack-handed idiot and I managed to change the head gasket on my Felicia in an afternoon.  (Although I did snap a head bolt but we won't talk about that.)




You'll see the rot a little too. Original Parks plates and dealer sticker. :)

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