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eBay tat volume 3.


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22 hours ago, MisterH said:


Oh my, I think I will need to go and have a lie down...



4 hours ago, wesacosa said:

Advertise it everywhere and get the bids in.

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23 hours ago, bunglebus said:

The description is bollocks, it's only connection to ford is that it was a pool vehicle & donating it to a college/tech school etc ( could be written off as a tax fiddle like companies do now) it's great it's survived reasonably intact,but I'd rather have a normal 2000E.

It's featured in one of the motoring periodicals back in the mid 70's in an article on future safety technology.


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49 minutes ago, Austat said:

That's actually not bad for an Alfasud. Interior looks like hardly anyone travelled in it.

Windscreen scuttle repair might also be an opportunity to improve the drainage.

Current bid level is sensible, but will probably go silly.

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