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eBay tat volume 3.


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Ready made ringing kit for a Fiat 500.


Hi for sale is a 2011 fiat 500 lounge I broke for parts unfortunately shell isn’t good enough to sell on, so am selling the ID all vin plates and tags full v5 non cat 2011 perfect for a project/savage car postage possible collection from Kent/London

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8 hours ago, Ghosty said:

Even at that mileage that's £500 on a good day. And that's with MOT.

In today's crazy world not sure any car with a 12 month MOT is £500!  Proof would be in the inspection, but if it is as tidy as is claimed I wouldn't feel ripped off at £850.

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10 hours ago, Kringle said:

Always liked the roller-digit clock on these, just like those bedside table alarm clock radios that Argos used to sell in the 1970s.


Also, a warning light to remind you to rotate the tyres!

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This is nice if a bit expensive:


Almost worth it for the interior, if only it had Zebrano it would be amazing. Just as well it hasn’t as I do not need another Mercedes and the temptation would be big.



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