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Home made pick ups.

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1 hour ago, bunglebus said:

Other than the Aldi grille, that works rather well - got a link?

Can't figure out how to do links on this phone. It's the last post on page 5110 on the ebay tat thread. It's finished now but you can still see the pics. It went for £440 with 35 bids. Can't help thinking it wasn't worth the effort. 

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Yo. Here's one for the Scotoshite KrEw.



It was the 4th Volvo of that era I'd seen today. There seems to be a LOT of Volvo estates around here. This home-brew effort seems to be owned by a Volvo apologist. He always has older Volvos laying about on his very small garden-cum-driveway.  He now has some bery old 4x4 thing and a Volvo P1800. They are both covered.

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