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Home made pick ups.

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52 minutes ago, sheffcortinacentre said:

Yes the MK3 is a factory version one of approx 20 in the UK one of which I own.

The P100 sold in the UK was actually the Mk5 lwb version.

Wasn’t the P100 Cortina front sold as late as about 86/87?

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I wonder why. Do you think someone at Ford opened a cupboard door in 1982 and found a load of Cortina wings and lights? "Shit... How we gonna get rid of those? Oh yeah, Dave, that Sierra Pickup you're designing. Get an eraser, we're redoing the front end"

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I think Ford had already been turning out Mark 5 Cortina based P100s in South Africa before they started selling them in the UK. 

Presumably body panels for Cortinas were still being produced for spare parts anyway. 

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The MK3 pickup was designed ( approx 4500 ckds were sent to SA to start production off) alongside the cars from the start.

Ford kept approx half dozen for use in/ around Dagenham said to all be white 1.6 ohvs.

They were avl with 1.6 ohv & 2.0 V4 with the styleside (car type rear wings & estate rear lights) loadbuck (loadbed). When the facelift was introduced the 2.5 V6 was introduced theV4 being phased out. Also the toughside was introduced with a flatsides to the bed and D series truck lights on the rear valance either side of number plate.In 75 the long stick (3 rail box ) was replaced with the single rail version on the 4cyl models.

The cab used 2dr doors which due to the length meant the B pillars were only approx 1 in wide & allowed easy access to the spare wheel which was mounted behind the pass side of the bench seat & a transit fuel tank was transversely mounted behind the rear axle.

Auto was optional across the range as was a heater, wheelbase was same as per saloon/estate,body length same as estate all had std 13in 4x108 pcs.

Trim was base & L the L had full length side trims ala GXL/E. 

Payload was classed as 3/4 tonne .

The mk 4 version was much the same as MK3  but 3.0 replaced 2.5 no styleside was avl & the 14in 5 stud pcd was also introduced & payload now refer as a 1 tonner.

The front grille had the F O R D letters  (same as early MK2 escort) rather that the ford oval.

The  cab now used 4dr/est front doors giving a stronger 5 inch wide B pillar the spare wheel was now mounted under the rear inplace of the fuel tank which was now wedge shaped mounted between the chassis rails & below the bed behind the cab increasing capacity to 15 gallons.

Late versions could be had with the muscle 4wd conversion (also available on estate) with 3.0 V6 in manual or auto.

The Mk5 carried on much as per the MK4 but with more jap stuff being avl ford introduced a lwb version ( which would eventually be sold as the P100 with 1.6 ohc the sa versions still used the 1.6 ohv).

The range was joined by the 2.1 Peugeot diesel engine but it was prone to overheating & thus unpopular, trim wise a lesiure version became avl with cloth seat etc.

The muscle 4x4 version was also still available the trucks still had F O R D grille badging.

V6 versions were popular as tow trucks due to being quick ( first on the scene got the job) & obviously could move the wreck once lifted.

The car & commercial Cortina's ceased production in 84 while the Sierra replaced the cars the pickup version wasn't sold there but the escort bantam MK3 that was sold alongside the Mk5 continued through the 80's as the MK4 then being replaced by the MK3 fiesta version & Mazda/ranger pickup.

A Datsun dealer in Finchley started importing mk 4 pickups in the late 70's when trade restrictions ment he couldn't get hold of enough Datsuns to meet demand. None are known to survive although rumour has it that there's one in eire.

Ford introduced the P100 to the UK market in response to the popularity of the jap versions but we're dubious of the sa connection being known due to the ongoing political unrest over there.

The main differences to the car range after the obvious wheel tyre combo was the borgwarner leaf spring rear axle, bench seat, front wings with bigger opening (the arch is roughly half size)  plain steel (black painted) bumper & steel endcaps ,the engine was std tune 1.6 ohc ( not the low compression version found in equivalent transits) & the 2.0 4 speed box. No other eng/box combo was officially avl in the UK market.

Base trim was tan vynil seat & rubber mat L got you carpet,black laser stripe cloth seat,radio. Both had ladder rack.

Optional extras where load mat,load cover,towbar & truckman top. Colours were red,white,pale blue .

The base had a small P100 sticker behind the front wheel, the L a thick stripe with P100L along the top of front wing.

The facelift late 84 brought the one inch taller saloon doors & matching windscreen along with thinner roof ,full length B pillar vent (similar to saloon C pillar version) vynil was now grey & cloth a grey weave ,dove grey was added to the colour chart.

A tractor dealers somewhere in southern England ( not county of transit fame) offered a 4wd conversion little is known of the spec with an estimated half dozen being converted.

One was for sale in Norfolk around 2014 on eBay still with its front axle but missing the rest of the 4wd mechanism having been fitted with a 2.8 V6 auto. Current whereabouts/ condition unknown.

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35674505606_53b624e58a_z.jpgbentley_top by RS, on Flickr


34872764044_4689c29636_z.jpgxlarge_white_bentley_02 by RS, on Flickr


35720148196_5e97a1ecd7.jpgCarscoop_RR_PUT by RS, on Flickr


35713962855_794605f7dd_z.jpgisetta2 by RS, on Flickr


35713962695_5db82ea9a6_z.jpgjagchero by RS, on Flickr


34872769784_9a2954b4de_b.jpgPick-up2BBug1_zpseb9t4phw by RS, on Flickr


34872767514_773e57056a_b.jpgThe-Slug-a-Morris-J2-Van-with-a-supercharged-3.8-L-V6-03_zps4tgqp4dx by RS, on Flickr


35761188675_5528b914e7_z.jpg1332792352_322045023_3-VW-Beetle-Bakkie-Cars_zps3d2b592f by RS, on Flickr


35591425112_83cf7a8f8a_b.jpgdyn007_original_700_531_pjpeg_25484 by RS, on Flickr


45865223514_15618ef5c1_b.jpgFB_IMG_1546530110389 by RS, on Flickr


47207345141_80dfbbd392_b.jpgFB_IMG_1550955615681 by RS, on Flickr




Factory but worth including


34951224713_d4c1215a8d_b.jpgchania-spotting-05 by RS, on Flickr


From eBay, very factory looking


39290390394_78f71d6e34_h.jpgs-l1600 (4) by RS, on Flickr


25129597277_8aa9bf2596_h.jpgs-l1600 (5) by RS, on Flickr


39290390274_8e839c3262_h.jpgs-l1600 (6) by RS, on Flickr


31348973317_fda8c7a15d_b.jpgFB_IMG_1544555998033 by RS, on Flickr


46866929492_d43173b6af_b.jpgFB_IMG_1548759474271 by RS, on Flickr


31977911697_6185629c42_b.jpgFB_IMG_1548759822752 by RS, on Flickr


That ex-hearse from earlier in the thread - rather they'd left it as a hearse


46194258134_283b3ff47b_b.jpgFB_IMG_1548759546823 by RS, on Flickr

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