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Home made pick ups.


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Do ya like dags?

Practical conversion. Probably a good tow-car. I like this one.

The neighbours in your street would 'love it' too. Imagine parking this in your street in 2019, half full of logs and cut up pallets.


This is an ancient photo - but there was a very similar model up on bay of eeeeeurgghhhhh - Cumbria region. Had been used as an 'estate' vehicle but now there 's no 'need' for na MoT - blah blah blah….  sad to say - I was tempted! It was up for around £1400

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Those ‘Maestro van pickups’ would look really good if they had the roof at the ordinary ‘car’ height rather than the raised van roof over the cab.

I’ve an article from Classic Van on those Maestro Pick ups, I think one of them was done for the Forestry Comission. I’ll find out the article when I get time. No idea how to upload it.

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Maxis are significantly narrower than Landcrabs so you can't just put the front of one on the other. That Maxi ute has had an awful lot of work for no apparent reason when you could buy an 1800 ute off the shelf.


I'd say the NZ plate is the reason that this conversion occurred - partly because Kiwis like(d) a DIY challenge and partly because up until the late 1980's, cars were not easy to come by, so those that were around kept their value and damaged ones would be rebuilt if they could be. Chances are this Maxi may have been such a case, as it is registered as a Maxi, albeit it a 5 door one in blue/green!


Utes are also very useful things over here and up until a few years ago, car-based ones were just as popular as 4x4s. Here's a few other Kiwi conversions I've spotted at Horopito Motors:








This one looks pretty purposeful!





This Super Minx, not so much.





Someone tried a more modern day iteration with far less aesthetic success but 4x4 utes are mega coin here, so I can see why they gave it a go.





Here's it's grandad, much better presented and a great example of what to do with war surplus. Seen at the Transport and Toy Museum in Wanaka.

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'RAC Approved Dealer'


We recognise that when looking to buy a used vehicle you want to buy with confidence and peace of mind:



In who you are buying from

That the car is safe to buy (both mechanically and in terms of history)

So had this one been subject to their 'RAC 82 point Approved Vehicle Preparation Standard'? They appear to have overlooked something fairly important.


Currently on eBay...








Awful, just awful...what is the point?


£3295   :shock:  :shock:

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He hates everyone and everything, so there’s no shock there.


The people and things I like far outnumber the ones I don't and there are no people and only three things I really hate. Sadly the Ami Pick Up Ghosty (whom I like) is referring to is among the comparatively small number of things I don't like, but I certainly don't hate it. It's still pretty shit, though.

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No pics but there used to be a red Jag Mk2 pick-up around the Maidstone area about 25+ years ago. Thought it looked terrible even back then. Never got up close enough to see if it was well/badly done or not. 


Overall, much as I like pick-ups/Utes, from a practical POV, I struggle to see the point of the vast majority of these conversions as they lack one rather essential feature - a tailgate! 

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