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We're off to see the Skizzer, PT 2.

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Well, it's away for an MOT the now,


Expecting a fail - brakes felt long ( likely need rebled after the new rear cylinder )


Front left indicators have a life of their own too.


If it doesn't want too much doing I may just get the garage to sort as we're pretty tired now!



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Or the master cylinder has failed, or the servo has failed.  If you can, get a look inside the servo to see if it's full of fluid.  If it's really bad, it leaks into the car.  Indicators are probably just lack of use more than anything, though do check how wobbly the bulbs are in the holders, VWs of this era in my limited experience seem to be oversensitive to one slightly loose bulb cocking up the whole circuit on that side of the car.  Foil tape is usually a suitable solution.

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oh dear?  


Do not drive until repaired (dangerous defects):

  • Nearside Rear Stop lamp(s) remains on when the brakes are released (4.3.2 (a) (iii))
  • Offside Rear Stop lamp(s) remains on when the brakes are released (4.3.2 (a) (iii))

Repair immediately (major defects):

  • Offside Front Direction indicator not working (4.4.1 (a) (ii))
  • Offside Rear Registration plate lamp inoperative in the case of a single lamp or all lamps (4.7.1 ( B) (ii))
  • Offside Rear Brake cable damaged (1.1.15 (a))
  • Exhaust emissions - engine idle speed too high ( (e))
  • Rear Electrical wiring insecure and connectors likely to become disconnected in the boot (4.11 (a) (ii))

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In the time it took me to put away the toys we’d been playing with while awaiting the verdict (Lotus, Rover) Neil and JP had fixed about half the fail list.


The brake lights needed a bit more adjustment on the new brake light switch we fitted this morning; the indicators and number plate light responded to some contact cleaning and wiggling about of bulbs. We’ve done LOTS of contact cleaning on the lights. The insecure wiring is just because we’d left the covers off the tail lights and a bit of interior trim is out, it’s a 2 minute fix.


The idle speed has already calmed down somewhat; the K-Jetronic seems to get happier the more it runs so lots of laps of the shed farm may be enough to sort that.


The handbrake cable shouldn’t be that hard but we’ve all had enough of the rear brakes for a while. Rebuilding the offside rear drum was very little fun. That job may well get outsourced.


Overall Paul the MOT said it was very good, with no body corrosion and all in good order underneath. The brakes just need bleeding, they were fine until we replaced a wheel cylinder. It actually drives pretty sweetly.


The Brothers Touring have now headed north in the Mercedes of much vegness as they are on a deadline and we can’t get a re-test sorted in time. It’s very nearly there though.

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Good effort gents. MR2 and exploder shenanigans mean I know exactly how you feel. Take stock, take beer and live to fight another day.


Tonight I'll be mostly drinking beer and watching roadkill, for tomorrow we attempt to build an exhaust

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Ok, where to start..


Despite the Merc wobbles on the way down, we were up and attem on the Thursday AM. After a hello to Keith, it was time to set to work:


Starting off big - wiper replacement



Then, almost as an afterthought, I decided to get the wipers to work - there are 3 likely failure points:


The motor:

Easily enough removed - covers off the wiper arms.

10mm bolts off then remove the arms.

The n remove the covers to reveal the 24mm retaining nuts.post-17572-0-88473800-1552741775_thumb.jpg


With them removed, only one 10mm bolt and the electrical connector in the scuttle stands between you and this :



This had the mechanism stripped off the motor (1x 10mm nut on the motor shaft, 3x 10mm bolts holding the mechanism to the motor body).




Everything was cleaned and lubricated before refitting.


Next up was the wiper stalk. The original one on the car had the MFA computer connections too, but even second hand ones are £60+.


I opted to go with a brand new non MFA stalk.


First up, the centre part of the steering wheel needs removed - including the horn pads.




Then loosen the retaining but, but don't remove it (this avoids punching yourself in the face when you pull it to get it off.




With the wheel off, the 2 stalks are held in by 3 screws, easily enough removed.



Much jiggling of connectors was required to remove the stalks.




I left the old MFA stalk hanging down as it wasn't in the way, and I couldnt be bothered trying to chase the MFA wiring up through the dash.


The 3rd failure point was the intermittent wipers relay - this hadn't arrived so nothing was done with it.


Everything reassembled, and the motor worked as expected - a good start!

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Thereafter, it was a blizzard of checking MOT elements and chasing poor earths.


Having been outside for 10years, we didn't have far to look for corrosion on connectors causing interesting* conductivity.


This was interspersed with supplies trips of both kinds -


The local shop had Irn Bru



And the return trip from Hellfrauds had a Porsche 924 spot



I don't have any pictures from the afternoon, but just imagine 2 scotsmen firing expletives ( especially when a leaking rear wheel cylinder was found)


We ended the day with a list of parts needed, and the urge for curry.

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The Friday morning was a mix of part clections and wearing at rear drum brakes and brake light switches.


Before a hearty lunch shortly after dropping the car off for MOT.


The failures boiled down to some earthing issues, a handbrake cable and trying to over it to idle properly, but time was against us.


Despite the heroic efforts of Skizzer and my Bro, we had no choice but to return the golf to the shed, and prepare to head back north.


Further plans are in consideration for getting the car MOT'd and up here so I hope to have more news shortly.

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A splendid few days of travel and tinkering had, cheers to Mr Skizzer for the shots in the XJ-S, SD1 and Lotus, as well as the jaunt in the Vauxhall.


The wee golf is fairly solid, just really needs a little bit of recommissioning, which has been on the whole, done.


Looking forward to seeing it all done!


Due to the tight schedule, i didn't really take any pics.


Sent from my PRA-LX1 using Tapatalk

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I was planning on spending some time in the shed today looking at the idle speed and other car things but kicked off Saturday by pulling a muscle in my back. So all I managed was collecting a Mercedes expansion tank cap and watching the rugby.


(Bloody good rugby though. #GrandSlam #CalcuttaCup #NotTooTiredEddie)

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Bad news is it runs like crap on the road - it won’t rev so maxes out at 30mph in third and struggles to get up even baby hills in second.

I suspect the K-Jetronic is still finding new and creative ways to be set up wrong, or a fuel blockage or something.  Alex the garagiste (good guy) and I both assumed fresh fuel would transform it but it didn’t.

It also started giving me an oil pressure warning light and buzzer - but there was oil showing ok on the dipstick and we’d changed the oil  a few weeks ago so I suspect that was another electrical gremlin as it comes out of hibernation.

So it’s gone back to the garage for more fixerage.

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