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I feel as though I have somehow stumbled across the internet version of the sitcom that continually plays out inside my skull.

I have a liking for various old shite, which obviously includes cars, but also have an unhealthy habit for steel road bikes that have been secreted to the attic, basement and into various cupboards around the house. Well, I say bikes but when interrogated on just how many I have they are of course just 'frames' which isn't a bike at all - merely a component. I think I have around forty, but that must be kept quiet 😳

As for cars, I've had a liking for German things (VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes) apart from a Triumph Spitfire when I was an impoverished (still am) student. Red, tatty roof, dubious welding, no service history, all your possessions in the boot, footwell, on the passenger seat and rammed into the space behind the seats. Great car - every journey an adventure because it's the 'will I make it' feeling in your tummy that makes you feel alive. Also had fatter carbs and a straight through exhaust so it was much faster than a standard spitty and sounded the nuts, however in reality it probably still had the performance of an asthmatic sloth.

I have also had issues with buying cars when really, really hungover and that has led to a few sad moments in my life. However, on the upside I am the current custodian of a VW T4 Multivan that is thinking about eating itself, an E46 330i sport touring (manual box),  a Golf GTi mk1 with a 16v conversion, a Golf GTi mk2 with a 2 litre conversion waiting to go in, and a 190e in 16v form. There's also a BSA B40 that belonged to my grandad bless his mental soul.

So everything sounds fairly rosy, but I do seem to be rather good at buying stuff but then never actually getting around to finishing it and getting it drivable again. To be honest, I think I need more skills and a kick up the arse.







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