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On 28/10/2023 at 10:25, garethj said:

Brilliant test of 1979 4x4s here, the Renault 6 is a particular highlight, as is the Daimler Scout at the end

Over 40 years ago - and even then they were recognised as an 'unnecessary' status symbol to drive down the Kings Road...plus ça change.

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This may have been posted before but it so good I couldn't resist.. Mayhem at a (I hesitate to call it a track day) action day at Knockhill in the early Nineties, look out for the Bentley and the CX amongst all the fast Fords.

Another long form video (1.45 hrs) from Danny, prepping his racing Civic before a test day and test day, I find these entertaining and pretty insightful, possibly not everyone's bag but I like it....





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