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Absolute horse shit™

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Engine in this looks a spitter of the one in 'my little pony' X2


Cool gives me another vehicle to search for when trying to locate engine service parts. Do you think even the radiators would be the same as the one I have at the moment is not exactly in tip top condition.

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Ok now I think I have gone a bit Vulgalour! No one likes a dirty head unit do they?



Annoyingly the radio frequency markings have completely come off and I only washed it with warm soapy water! Maybe I could print a sticker on clear plastic to fix it but chances of me doing that are slim, oh well.

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Today's tinkering consisted of beginning to fit a switch.


I was going to buy a switch but found this starter button unit that I bought years ago to fit to my old Viva but never bothered, it will donate the aircraft style toggle switch and warning light so whenever I operate the switch I can imagine that I am arming my 20mm cannon.


I considered mounting the switch here but it didn't quite fit with the protective cover.


I decided here would be better, handbrake lever looking rather manky, must clean it soon!


It may sound silly but I didn't want to molest the original blanking plate so I fished around for some plastic and came across an old bank card, I was going to wrap it electrical tape to disguise it but may leave it as is. It should be ok when secured with a dab of super glue, that is as far as I got because my drill bits are at my mother's house so I will finish it off next weekend.


I also reached a decision on do not wash and have decided the Proton will never be cleaned in my ownership, if I did wash it then the mismatched bonnet and bumper would instantly become an annoyance rather than a feature and I can't be bothered to source another bonnet etc. The only things I will be cleaning are glass, interior, lights and the engine bay.

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The purpose of the mystery switch is revealed! Thanks for making this possible must go to MorrisItalSLX for pointing out the existence of this item in DW's original thread, UK Spec Proton on Facebook who ordered it for me as the original seller would not ship it outside Malaysia and DollyWobbler himself for saving the car and running the rofffle that allowed me to win such a great car.





It came with a blue bulb but I also tried it with a regular bulb and an LED bulb, in order below it goes blue, normal, LED and I prefer the LED the best and it looks even better in real life than on camera.






This is quite possibly the coolest accessory I have ever bought for a car :) and worth every penny.


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why bother with the switch - if coming on with the sidelights was fine for a Woosley* then its good enough for an proton



*too much wheeler dealers


Blue light makes it illegal, best have an off option if plod/MOT are around.

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