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Megabarg Omega. Saturday draw. Roffled and out

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After the death of my disco, I've been on a desperate search for a frugal diesel estate or van. So when a 2.6 v6 saloon became available locally, I had to jump on such a perfect fit for my needs.


It ticks none of the boxes except the most important one - the want box.


I've joined the omg omega gang.





It's black, has leather, auto and is waftastic. I love it.


Only things letting it down are the airbag light, scruffy steering wheel and a couple of tyres by Kamikaze.


There is a hot smell after a drive which I think is the front brakes.


It's very clean.


Finest motoring for blue label money.

Mot until May next year with loads of history.

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I had taken a wad out of the bank for new car purchasing and still had a fair bit left over after the morning omega buyage.

So off I set this afternoon with wife and child promising them a nice lunch in St Andrews. By coincidence* there was a subaru in St Andrews I wanted to buy so why not kill two birds?


Unfortunately, lunch took too long and th r scooby was gone before I got to it.


Who cares? The omega was wafting along nicely and I was enjoying the run. Wifey, who had taken against the car from the off was complaining of a different waft. She reckoned there was a stale ciggy smell and started breathing through a tissue!


During lunch and on finding out the subaru was gone, I started correspondence with a volvo seller in Dundee. A fool and his money are soon parted and this fool was in a hurry.

We stopped off to see the v70 d5 on the way home. It seemed good and I might go back down for it during the week.

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Mrs PBK always, always says the cars smell of something or other. This is despite me valeting the things to the best of my ability. I can never detect any smells. Must be like those neighbours who complain about my cars but never ever say anything to me, only her. Funny that.

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Part of me kind of regrets selling my Omega, as it was a very nice example.


Then I realise I have just as much (if not more) waft in the Xantia, with a non-Vauxhall interior (no, really. I actually cringed every time I got into it) and twice the OMGMPGs. :D


However, it was a good steer and made a nice noise. Part of me wonders if it had been a manual... would I have kept it? Probably. I found the autobox on mine shite. It was far, far too keen to kick down all the time and rev its tits off.

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I found the autobox on mine shite. It was far, far too keen to kick down all the time and rev its tits off.

Sounds like I bought your old car. This one hangs on to the low gears much longer than it needs.

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Top motoring!


I've had two-an S reg 2.5 auto estate bought at 3 years old (when I was younger and stupider)-kept it for nearly 10 years. Replaced it with a T reg 3.0 Elite estate (lasted 2 years). The 2.5 always smelled a bit hot/oily-I had the rocker gaskets replaced and it did improve. Used both to tow the tin tent. The elite estate had an instantaneous consumption read out-lowest I got it was towing the caravan up the Heads of the Valley towards Merthyr-foot down at 60mph-7MPG.


Only got rid of the Elite because the Mrs used it around the doors and it was too juicy. Even had heated rear seats!


Omega owners forum a very helpful bunch!


Very, very underrated cars!



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Thats Noice!!


Whats happened to the steering wheel? The interior looks lovely except for the centre part of the wheel.  Can you replace it without getting airbagged?


Still, that is a bargain and these are good looking motors.



Not sure how it's happened but the black coating has peeled off the steering wheel. I'm tempted to scrape the rest of it off and spray it black paint! Probably a bad idea.


The headlight lenses are letting down too. Does the toothpaste fix work?

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Not sure how it's happened but the black coating has peeled off the steering wheel. I'm tempted to scrape the rest of it off and spray it black paint! Probably a bad idea.


The headlight lenses are letting down too. Does the toothpaste fix work?


Try that tube of metal polish stuff (forgotten the name) and a new sponge (not an old soft worn out one)

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I used kitchen 'cream cleaner' on the Kia's  headlights and that worked a treat.


I loved 'my' Omega (it was company car) and had years out of it merrily blasting around at someone else's expense! I have NEVER been a fan of Vauxhalls and yet the few I have had have been great: Omega, Cavalier estate, Astra they just never seem to seep into my emotional core so I don't feel the love, but that Omega, even though I didn't 'love'it was a lovely car, was high spec (and everything worked and always did!) auto and was smooth and reasonably rapid but the fuel consumption wasn't great... but I wasn't paying! :)

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Looks a nice one, I'm breaking a mint 2.6 at the minute and can supply a steering wheel airbag for cheaps , hot smell may be the rocker cover leaking into the plug wells a very common issue. I know these inside out if you need any tips , I've had 6 and broke up a dozen at least

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Covering coming off the steering wheel?  TADTS.  They have the same 'soft touch' covering on bits of the door cards too and that peels off.  I found the Omega disappointing because they feel nice and solid and aren't a terrible looking thing.  Inside they're cramped and dark, uninspiring and everything is just far too chunky.  To drive they have the feel of a car designed to be admired by ham-fisted middle managers that haven't the budget to stretch to an entry level BMW... my apologies if you're a ham-fisted middle manager.

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This is sitting gathering bird shit in my shed. Has been since I bought it. Any interest here?


An mot will obviously help so I'll pluck up some arsedness and put it in for one.


If I get a years mot, how does £400 sound?

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    • By BeEP
      I’ve been meaning to start a thread about my cars since I started posting on here, but never quite got round to it. Until now.  Although a number have appeared in odd posts across other threads I’ll try to collate updates, comings and goings in here from now on.  Even if no-one else is interested it will serve as a record of what I’ve been wasting my time on.
      My cars, with one exception, fall into two camps.  There are five BL/Rover products, all of which come March I will have owned for 10 years or more.  In order of acquisition:
      1964 Austin 1100.  Bought in 2005 for £950, which remains the most I’ve spent on a car!  Fitted with MG1100 engine and uprated cam,  Continuously MOT’d and in light use during my ownership.

      1972 Austin 1800 automatic, bought in 2006.  A Bristol car all its life (I lived there from 96-09), it was originally Wild Moss but resprayed (I believe by the original dealer) Mallard green, as it was seriously old stock at the time.  Had hand controls from new as the first owner was paralysed, it retains all the under-bonnet gubbins for this, with the battery moved to the boot.  Off road since 2010 awaiting an engine rebuild.

      1973 Austin 1100 2 door deluxe (just like SiC’s).  Rescued in 2006 from long term storage in a hanger at Bristol airport.  Limeflower with matching interior.  My everyday car from 2007 to 2010, and at various times since.  Needs bodywork, and the suspension celebrated obtaining its last MOT in 2017 by popping a pipe over the rear subframe a day later!

      1990 Maestro diesel van.  Ex South Western Electricity Board (hence the orange colour).  Bought in 2009 to help with move from Bristol to Norfolk, it was my main transport for most of the time from 2010-16, when it finally produced a MOT failure list which needed proper attention.  New sills, wheelarches and floor sections later it’s now solid underneath, and waiting for similar attention on top.  MOTd but rarely used.

      1975 Austin Allegro 1300 estate (series 1).  Bought in March 2009 from its sole previous owner and used until the MOT ran out that August.  Slumbered until 2015 when much bodywork was done and has been back on the road since early 2016, averaging  a couple of thousand miles per year.

      Now for the past few years I’ve rotated my everyday car fairly frequently (by which I mean every couple of months or so); however last April I stumbled across my 1996 Punto 55SX.  It’s got under my skin and is going nowhere, although it might have the odd month off whilst I try something else

      So that’s my basic fleet, but since deciding that 20 years working in the defence industry, with 4 hours per day commuting for the last seven of those was quite enough I’ve bought and sold the odd car to make a bit of money.  My criteria are that they must be something which interests me, or cheap and local!  Some have been seen or even sold on here (V70 T5 last year for example) but at the end of 2018 my sales stock was precisely zero.  Something had to be done.  Last Wednesday this arrived (as seen in News24 thread):

      1997 Punto 60S.  Needs a wheel cylinder for MOT but really needs the clutch release bearing replacing (and possibly the operating arm) before it’s sellable.  A friend has offered to help with this as I’ve never split an end-on gearbox before (I refer you to my collection of gearbox in sump cars above, which I am quite happy to take apart).
      Then on Friday this appeared:

      Vovlo 850 2.5 20v automatic in top of the range CD spec.  Cheap as the electric front seat was supposed not to work (the movement part, not the heater).  As the battery was flat on arrival I charged that before playing with it, and the seat works perfectly! There was a problem as someone's had the switch pack off before, so maybe disconnecting the battery resets the memory box through which it all works.  I'm sure one of our more learned Volvo brethren will be along shortly with an explanation.   Once I’d cleaned copious amounts of seagull poo off it I found a very nice car with an incredibly sweet sounding engine.  MOTd to November, I’d planned to have a bit of fun with this but a family member’s phase 2 V70 died spectacularly last week so she will be taking ownership next Monday
      And to bring us up to date this morning I brought this home:

      Very local and very cheap, owned by a 95 year old lady who gave up driving last year.  It’s a 1.2 SXi semi-auto thing; I can’t see it needing much for a MOT which will occur the week after next.  Just need to find a battery that will fit in the stupid under-scuttle location as I’m not buying a new one before the MOT result is known!
      Have a final pic of the three shades of blue together

      Apologies for such a lengthy post; I will try to update as cars come, go or are put up for sale, and if I get time I’ll add photos of some of the many BL vehicles I’ve owned (although being a luddite means I don’t have digital photos of the majority).
    • By NorthernMonkey
      I’m not sure if there’d be much interest in a roffle for a topless mills o’matic swede at this time of year but before I stick it down at the barn for winter, I thought I’d mention it on here...
      Its a 2006 9-3 1.8t with just under 90k miles and a good service history. It has been Mrs NMs summer chariot of choice but has now been stood down by a Berlingo diesel...the backup plan is to park it up over winter before prepping it up for sale in the spring where it would get advertised for its market value but due to the impending arrival of another toy, if someone on here wants to win it for the frankly ludicrous sum of £12.00, then step right up!!
      Good bits...
      All electrics, roof etc in good order, decent tires all round, plenty of MOT, working air con, polishes up nicely, will come with new discs and pads on the front.
      Not so good bits...
      Silly tax bracket so £48 a month to tax, occasional lambda fault which pops on EML....will reset and stay off for a month or two, slight bit of pogweasleing on the n/s front bumper where it’s had a smart repair in the past.
      Only got a few pictures to hand at the minute but if there’s any interest, I’ll stick some more up in the next day or so.
      Roffle tickets as it is are £12 each or two for £20 and the car is located near Burnley, Lancashire.
      Form an orderly queue.... 🙂

    • By bangernomics
      Roffle is go.  
      1 for £16 or 2 for £30.
      4 SamR380
      7 Jollyfkr2
      12 AstonMartin
      15 Primeradoner
      18 Doug
      22 Loserone
      25 Mitsisigma01
      26 BlackBoilerSuit
      28 Barefoot
      30 DozeyDustman
      33 Doug (Aston Martin)
      37 DaveQ
      38 Norbert
      42 Doug (AstonMartin)
      43 Jollyfkr2
      46 Aston Martin
      47 Loserone
      48 Primeradoner
      51 BlackBoilerSuit
      55 StrangeAngel




      Choice of top boxes either the white old one or the massive modern one for Uber eats work.
    • By dozeydustman
      Just about an hour ago I went to start my car up, had Mrs Dustman with me, to go and pick Miss Dustman up from work. Turned over fine but took a while to fire up.
      Steering felt heavy. Thought maybe as it's currently -5 + wind chill it's just cold & the fluid is thick.
      Started reversing out my bay then I was greeted with:
      "DING DONG" - ABS fault.
      "DING DONG" - ESP fault
      "DING DONG" - headlamp auto levelling not working, contact service.
      I shut the car down straight away and we went in Mrs D's Corolla.
      Alternator is less than 2 months old, it's a recon unit from Alternator Man in Portsmouth. Hoping the cold isn't killing the battery and it's taking the 'nator out with it (battery passed the drop test last time the no-charge warning came up). Looks like a session with the multimeter after work tomorrow.....
    • By TheDoctor
      Going to roffle for a fiver a ticket, two for £8, 3 for £11
      In good working order apart from the head gasket. 
      Put the ventilated header tank cap on, take it easy and bring spare water and you will be able to drive it home. 
      It doesn't overheat, just pressure in the cooling system. Cylinder compression is good. 
      MOT April 2020

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