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Megabarg Omega. Saturday draw. Roffled and out

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I'll have a random, you're only 559 miles away.



mind and add my second one in! youve only put me down for 1

And done, soz.


The bonnet doesn't want to open. It opened fine before, although there is a small piece of front grille missing hinting at previous problems.


Any advice from omega gurus before I go an force/break something?

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This raffle has as much traction as an Oldsmobile in the snow, but I'll drag it up from page 5 as it's mot time tomorrow!


It's going to fail. The question is, how badly?


I got the bonnet open thanks to the 'press down on the bonnet' tip and charged up the battery. It started before it had completed one revolution of the engine. Nice!


With the pigeon crap washed off it is looking lovely, barely a blemish on the paint work. I'll get some daytime pics asap.


Drives smooth and quiet with no knocks, bangs, clunks or squeals.


The interior is very clean, only let down by the peeling finish on the centre of the steering wheel and some of the heater control buttons.


Black leather* upholstery and wood* trim.


This isn't the car for the powerfully built middle manager. This is the company director's wheels.


Heated seats with 5 settings, mmm cosy.

Cruise control, mmm relaxing.

Digital dual climate control, mmm posh.


The V6 sounds eager and yet ... refined.


Feels more responsive than the 200bhp S60. Not sure if it's real or imagined, maybe the gearing, or maybe because the Volvo needs revs. I had forgotten how nice it is to drive, but then I only had it a week before buying four cars in a wild auction frenzy one evening, and the omega has languished in the shed ever since.



That ticket sales have been slow is probably a good thing. Fewer people to disappoint if it gets pulled. Here are the problems...


-The tyres are shagged. They're 10 years old and badly perished.

-It has locking nuts.

-There doesn't appear to be a locking nut socket. I've checked every nook and cranny.

-The airbag light is on. Seems to have been an ongoing issue going by the bill for £275 in 2013 for a the supply and fitting of a new airbag clock spring. Mentioned in subsequent mots.

-Mot advisories keep mentioning corroded brake pipes. They must be getting 'fell roosty' by now.

-I'm going to have to apply for the v5.

-The dual climate control works fine on the passenger side but blows cool on the driver's side.


We'll see what the mot man says, but there's a fair chance it will cost more than the £350 to mot it, in which case I'd be as well putting it back into hibernation until I can use it and at which point it will be worth fixing.


Whoa! Stop buying tickets! Raffle on hold!

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The mot news is in and it's a Valentine's Day BFF (big fat fail).




Not as bad as it might have been.

Tyres I knew were old although I hadn't noticed the inner edge was worn down so much.


Airbag - I'll try a diagnosis of. Wiggling the wires under the seats made no difference.


Fuel leak - I'll investigate tomorrow afternoon.


Battery secure - easy fix


A bulb and the lenses need a scrub.


I just need to decide how much to spend on tyres and determine if there's still an appetite for a roffle.

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The mot news is in and it's a Valentine's Day BFF (big fat fail).


I just need to decide how much to spend on tyres and determine if there's still an appetite for a roffle.

I’ll confess to looking up the MOT yesterday but didn’t want to steal your thunder/rain parade etc.


As for roffle, like the time I saw my first ‘proper gf’ 20 years and 2 kids later, still would.

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Plastic clip connecting the metal return fuel pipe to a short piece of plastic pipe was leaking.


The pipe was corroded into the clip so I lost the heid and broke it.

I dropped the tank and fitted some new hose between tank and pipe.post-5582-0-91862200-1551224047_thumb.jpgpost-5582-0-17867700-1551224238_thumb.jpg

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Just tyres to sort out.post-5582-0-98490300-1551224465_thumb.jpg


225/55/16 must be an unusual size as nobody had them on the shelf.


I had to get them yesterday as I was running out of time for the retest.


After a dozen phonecalls, I ended up with a choice of part worns in Stirling or the same in glenrothes. 1hr30 v 1hr15 each way, so Fife won.

Chuck's Tyres had a pair of michellins and a pair of Goodrides.

Whole afternoon spent getting these.


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So, having bought this for £350, driven it for a week, stored it in a rented shed for 18 months and now spent £230 getting a year's ticket, I'm selling it for £350. Am I doing this right?


I'll probably tax it and drive it about while this roffle gestates like a blue whale. Or a white elephant.


Things I've noticed;


The brake pedal travels a bit. Maybe a bit spongy? On a positive note, they're not fierce.


The dual climate control doesn't blow hot on the driver's side. To heat the cabin I set it to vent only and closed the driver's vents, letting the passenger side do the heating.


Bit of a hot oil smell off the engine. Apparently TADTS. There's a receipt for £308 for the fitting of a new rocker cover gasket and tube seals 8000 miles ago. I'm not convinced it worked.


After an extensive search, I found some rust on the bottom edge of the rear near side wheel arch. Pic to follow.

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1. CortinaDave

2. Maurice Marina

3. Aldo 135

4. Yes oui si

5. Tam

6. GeordieInExile

7. Yes oui si

8. Tickman

9. JohnK

10. Saabnut

11. Jim Bell (aldo135)

12. 95 quid Peugeot

13. Aldo 135

14. Sealtainn

15. Yes oui si

16. Ohdearme

17. Scaryoldcortina

18. Tickman (aldo 135)

19. 95 quid Peugeot

20. Tam

21. Ohdearme

22. Eddyramrod

23. JohnK

24. Cheezey

25. CortinaDave

26. Yes oui si

27. Nebuchenezer

28. gm

29. Ohdearme

30. Aldo 135

31. Tam

32. Carlo

33. 95 quid Peugeot

34. RobT

35. gm

36. JohnK

37. Saabnut

38. CortinaDave

39. Pegasus 79

40. Jim bell

41. GeordieInExile

42. Cheezey

43. Ohdearme

44. Sealtainn

45. Tickman (aldo 135)

46. Loserone

47. Bangernomics

48. Eddyramrod

49. Eddyramrod

50. Jim Bell (aldo 135)

51. Yes oui si

52: New pod

53. New pod

54. Pegasus 79

55. Supernaut

56. Sealtainn

57. Pauldoubleyou

58. Eddyramrod

59. Ohdearme

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      Going to roffle for a fiver a ticket, two for £8, 3 for £11
      In good working order apart from the head gasket. 
      Put the ventilated header tank cap on, take it easy and bring spare water and you will be able to drive it home. 
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      Bad bits first, as is AS tradition. The A/C really is gone. No amount of re-gassing will fix this! A few patches of rust here and there - none look bad enough for welding. A bit of rust converter and bondo and job jobbed was my plan. Laquer is starting to peel in a few places. The remote central locking doesn't always unlock the passenger side door (although it does always seem to lock it, which is odd). Tailgate has a decent dent in it. Nothing to do with me, it came free with the car. Tailgate still works fine, though.
      Good bits. Maybe it has been too long since I was last in a rear-wheel drive, but it feels to me like it pulls away from the line very nicely. The six-speed box feels nice and precise, and lets you trundle along at 70mph with the engine only doing about two and a half thousand revs (not had it long enough to really measure fuel efficiency). MOT until Feb and taxed to get you home.
      Located in Ipswich. I was thinking £9 per ticket, or two for £16, three for £21. Any takers?
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      Well after almost 11 years it time to part ways with my Cavalier as recent changes mean I'm needing a estate car now. 
      It's in tidy condition for it age and years but is no show car, though saying that I get plenty of nice comments off people about it which is nice!  Will be really sad to see it go as it's been a fantastic car to me and has always been a dependable friend. Holidays, house moves, days out, road trips buying tat or being on family taxi duty. It does it all without fuss. 
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      I've always serviced the car each year and always use a quality 15w40 oil.   In recent years it had all new shocks/ front springs and top mounts. Front Brakes and had various other parts replaced as needed to keep it ticking over. 
      Has Pas, leccy front windows and central locking. Also has working Towbar see pic bellow. 
      There so much more I can say but I'd be here all night!
      Currently awaiting some Mot repairs to sort out emissions [ replace front downpipe ] and some minor welding to the rear floor pan . It should be ready for me to collect by Friday.  Any questions just ask away. Will add some pictures over the weekend once I've got the Car back. Still Insured till the end of May and Taxed etc. 

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