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Stanky's fixerating of vehicles thread - Things fixed 16/4

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I have to say, when I started seeing photos of re-assembly, I was waiting for the one of a vital part left on the floor, or of re-dismantling in order to find something hidden in the depths.  But no, a tale of smoothness and joy, almost entirely unlike my one experience of changing a clutch (1972 Triumph Toledo, in 1982).

Well done indeed.

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Thats a good price for a luk clutch kit.

I paid that for one of euros transmech kits last year for the SIL's xsara,which worked fine for a few months but now it bites really high and acts more like an on/off switch than a clutch.


I still attend the odd Nissan Micra / Almera with a jammed gearbox,the last one was owned by a cat rescue lady and despite her local garage telling her to stop using the car she tried to get to her cat sanctuary one more time when it finally locked up solid outside a school.


When these lock up and stop the wheels turning i get the fairy liquid out and lube up my trailer ramps so i can pull them on without over straining the winch motor (get some funny looks squirting the green stuff about though).


As long as the timing chains dont stretch and throw up a cam sensor fault code then these cars run forever.


Well saved Sir.

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We then fed the new gearbox about 3 litres of 80w mineral gearbox oil which I reckon should be alright as the spec says 75w/90 so its in the middle and was cheaper than genuine Nissan stuff at £8 for 5 litres. 




Take a look at the spec sheets for an 75w-90 and an 80w. The one you put in has roughly half the viscosity index of the one you'd need:






The oil you put in your gearbox will be too thin when the transmission heats-up.

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You might not have heard of them because the Almera's daft ad campaign showed people pushing them over cliffs, I'm not altogether sure what the point of this was but it didn't say much for the cars if people found them so hard to get rid of.

Didn't the Almeira ads feature a Thaw/Waterman type combo in a Sweeny type situation?


Bloody good work on the gearbox, you get 11/10 and an Autoshite grille badge.

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Good work, Sir! I had an R-reg Almera that had done exactly the same thing, it did sound very comical I must admit.


I think I chopped it in for a Carina-E GTi - drove it 200 miles to North Wales and expected the guy to scrap it as it had said gearbox issue - much to my surprise it was kept on the road for another 3 years!

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Mucho respect for completing this in 5 hrs, I did the clutch on wifey's fiesta and was the biggest job i'd attempted. Took best part of a weekend and getting the box back on solo on my back was a nightmare, I got the shaky arms and thought I was gonna get a face full of Getrags finest until it located on the dowel

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