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  1. I found tyre pressures also made a difference with the electric steering rack. If they're slightly low it seems to get 'sticky' more often. Only really plays up on long journeys, I assume because short journeys don't provide time to get the heat into the gears. Edit: had missed @Schaefft's comment above.
  2. Contracts exchanged on new house. Double garage and 3 car drive. Friend heard of my issues losing my car storage last month. Contacted a friend of his friend, who has found me a nice, small, dry barn to rent 2 miles from the new house for what amounts to beer money. 6 months of the barn (will fit 2 cars) is the same as one month of the commercial car storage.
  3. @motorpunk did you have the Severn Fuels Garage at Devauden, Monmouthshire? Also I was sure we had an old thread for this. After some searching... https://autoshite.com/topic/24237-shite-places-to-buy-fuel-now-includes-thatched-petrol-station-i-kid-you-not-110718/
  4. In the meantime, here's a kind of spotted post (most of my new stuff on the Lazy Spotted Thread) from West's Wood Fair in W Sussex. Would 100% recommend going. Fantastic little event. https://westswoodfair.co.uk/ Car park shite:
  5. And some more. Cardiff: Bloody Hyundai Pony! Works event out in mid-Wales:
  6. The Scirocco has basically stayed laid up since. I spent some of this winter going round underneath with the vactan, then followed that up with a coat of some Hammerite waxoyl underseal I had on the shelf. Not ideal, but enough to keep things at bay. Anticipating that we were going to be moving I then had it transported out to a storage unit in Monmouthshire (nearer the new house). Thought I'd also taken a photo of that, but apparently not. It was to stay there for a few months and then move into the new larger garage. We're moving from a 1930s house that's been a project to a 2000s new-ish build with a double garage and drive. The hope is that we will have more time for kids and hobbies, and less time spent on house maintenance. Move is the end of this month. To make things complicated the storage unit have contacted me this week to say that they are now closing, and I need to be out the same week we're moving. So this is a bit of a callout. Anyone know of any cheap car storage units in Monmouthshire/ just over the bridge? @pilninggas I think you're over Caldicot way? And any recommendations for shite-friendly garages? Cheers!
  7. Cardiff, summer 2022: Chepstow: W Sussex: New build estate in deepest Essex: Mousehole, Cornwall:
  8. More, generally Cardiff: This Merc is parked on the road next to the epic five car drive... This feels pure Autoshite. Mouldy 405 plus S-reg Mondeo saloon. These are Tavistock, Devon. My mother-in-law was living down there, so morning walks with kiddo took in the town. This 205 was exactly what's on my wish list. This you @HMC?
  9. Sorting out 2 years of backlog of spotting photos. Some time in early 2022 my eldest decided sleeping beyond 5am was not an option. We took to pounding the mean streets of Cardiff in the early morning. These were in Chepstow, near a friend's place: And these were spotted on repeated visits to a friend in Godalming:
  10. Some time around January 2022 I had another go at chasing the rats nest of wiring behind the dash. Access is a pain in the arse, but chased out some of the connectors and found a crimp in one where it had been sandwiched (from factory?) by the gauge binnacle. This was about all I could manage around childcare, however I did find the below photos while tidying at my mothers. The Polo is the car I came home from hospital in. The Triumph is being worked on by my grandfather (in the white shop coat) and associate. They ran a mechanics and garage business in Formby, starting in the 1920s and eventually closing some time in the 1970s. Around May 2022 we decided that the Octavia was a bit long in the tooth and generally often damp or requiring niggles fixing. MrsCoprolalia was fed up with me spending my time tinkering rather than fixing the house. I had got it to a good state, but it was needing constant little bits working on and was starting to look sheddy. We listed it here: It eventually sold via eBay as a classified ad to a local girl who wanted to learn to drive in it. It looks like it lasted another MOT, and then was probably scrapped in 2023. RIP you old beast. It was replaced by a BMW 320d rep-spec B47 chain snapper. I'm semi-documenting that on here too, but in the modern section so I won't clutter this thread.
  11. Well then, time has flown. Life got in the way; having two kids, finishing renovating a 1930s house, a PhD and that old fave COVID. What's been happening at casa sweary. I'm going to gradually update this thread as I work through sorting photos. The Scirocco GTD didn't sell on here, so after the arrival of child number one I decided to slow down plans for it for a while. Occasional time was available for tinkering. One of the first jobs I did was setting a plan to stop any deterioration. Previous owners were quite keen on the old t-cut, meaning the paint is thin. In places the rust had started to come through. I therefore went round and vactan-ed any spots I could see, leading to a car that looked like it had a bad case of pox. It then sat, untouched, for about a year while I dealt with other stuff.
  12. Another vote for Yari. The missus has one from 2006 (a MK2) since ~2011. It's blown two coil packs and otherwise just needed servicing since. No DMF. No emissions gumph. Chain is getting a bit rattly at 140k, but still serviceable. Minimal rust. Basically bombproof.
  13. Page load times seem quicker on mobile. They were never slow and I doubt I would have noticed without knowing the migration was happening, but there is now no lag at all rendering a thread. Edit: what Sam/ Beko said.
  14. Congratulations on the retirement! Looking forward to plenty of project updates as you work through the collection.
  15. That massively gives me the horn. We're moving soon and it would make an excellent moving van.
  16. With that rust story and your history I'm going Jag. I think an XJ or S-type would "look old", but I don't think it's special enough. Maybe a cheap XK8?
  17. Seeing the chains being done is super reassuring for my 320d The fact you paid less than half the price for a car that's the same(ish) model with an auto, but five years older and 100k leggier is galling. More fool me for paying £14k. They do feel like all the car you would ever need.
  18. Been meaning to ask you about this. We've just had an offer accepted on a house in Chepstow, and likely to be your side of the bridge more often. Are there any decent car meets? Evenings or weekends?
  19. Ah the JBB. Where I studied medicine. Memories of monumental hangovers.
  20. Lots of big estates thrown up around Chepstow in the 90s/00s. Will have changed a lot.
  21. We are currently. The house we viewed was in Shirenewton, but we didn't actually like it. Smaller than in pictures, lower quality renovation and generally felt cramped. Viewing somewhere else in Chepstow next week. Quite fancy running a Severn Estuary shiters meet for people in Somerset/ Gloucestershire/ Monmouthshire/ Welsh valleys.
  22. Sumitomo are generally ok, but I think Falken are their premium brand. Mytyres.co.uk has Uniroyals at £100. https://www.mytyres.co.uk/rshop/tyre/Uniroyal/RainSport-5/225-55-R16-95V/R-402375
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