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  1. 7.36 RON for the 95 one, at the 100 one I'm not gutsy enough to look. Diesel is 7.54 for regular and 7.9 for super, LPG is 3.39 and adblue is 5.69 if I see it correctly.
  2. Would have loved some, but other than ASX and Colt there's no much choice over here.
  3. No, Korean. Not the one that has "democratic" in the name, the one that rather is. Yes, one pond is almost 6 RON. Now I'm hungry again! But behold what I've got for myself. It's my third:
  4. And finally the answer to the question: did I struck a deal? Yes. Yes I did. One week left of ITP (Romanian MOT), 19 years old, one of the only 4 for sale on OLX, and a bit too expensive for what it is. 7900 RON. The colour code is SK. As soon as I'll stop in a petrol station I'll take a picture.
  5. What's Buzău like? This is not a mine, it's going from the platform to the station: But outside the station you see this: Elsewhere in the city there's this: Yes, the yellow one is a Dacia 1300, older than 40 years and in daily use by the look of it. Here's a newer one:
  6. Rural Romania, as seen from the train:
  7. I'm in, we're on time apparently. The train is completely booked. 4 Romanian cars, made at Astra Arad. Have no idea of the year. The locomotive is one made at Electroputere Craiova, I think sometimes in the '60s or '70s. There was enough time for a slice of cheese pizza (7 RON) and a one litre bottle of water (8.5 RON), and even a cigarette. Now I'll be cramped for close to 100 minutes. And we're on the way:
  8. Train station achieved, a half an hour early. Weather is starting to act up again. My train does not have an advertised platform yet. It's IC571, going to Galați. I won't go all the way unless I fall asleep. Well, time to get some snacks, water,and maybe a cigarette.
  9. Second achieved in 6 minutes. Way more crowded, and so is the metro car. I had to change the metro line for the one going to the București Nord railway station. No pic of the metro train, it's the same type of Bombardier.
  10. We're on! First station achieved after a brisk 5 minutes walk. It's windy, so the train is coming. Here it is.
  11. Bonus many internet points for recognizing the car.
  12. It's still safe around here, at least as long as the battle next door is still not decided in that way. And even if worst case possible happens, a flight out is still pretty cheap and trains run mostly on time.
  13. Yes. Yes it is. So it's collecshun day. Still some hours to kill before leaving, so I'm still working. But let's go trough the checklist: Breakfast: coffee and cigarettes Poo count: let's not go there. Lunch: in an hour or so. Weather: nice British weather we're having, a storm was here last night and more rain and heavy winds are expected. Distance to car: google maps says 127 kilometers by car. Mode of transport: multiple. Destination: Buzău.
  14. It's the people on trains, not the train itself. Don't ask how I know... I:m in the middle of students going back to school after the weekend
  15. 🤪 Just the one I wanted to suggest! It's part of the same company as Hotel Sinaia across the street, the rooms are furnished the same, but it scores 2 starts and not 4 due to the fact it's an old really nice building,and as such the corridors are not at the width requirement for 3 stars. And it didn't had en suite bathrooms for all the rooms, but now it does, it's just that the rooms are smaller and the bathroom is not big enough. Then again, at a bit over half the price of the one across the street, you can't complain. The main road makes a 90 degrees right turn going from București towards Brașov right around Cerbul (that's the name, not "Cerbal", and it means "The Stag"). Over the road before the turn is Sinaia Hotel, over the road after the turn is the central park of the city, and next to it the Casino. Just two hints: in the bus station in the park you'll find a non-stop shop, if you need a pack of cigarettes/biscuits/gum or some wine/beer at 0 dark hundred hours, and going towards Brașov right after Cerbul hotel (you'll pass it coming from the station) is a nice coffee shop with some lovely cakes.
  16. Spring is rainy in the mountains, expect nice British weather (7-15 degrees, and most likely rain daily). It's 860 meter above sea level, where I took the picture is around 60 meters above the sea level. Look for yourself, tomorrow, as the cams are live. Circle trough more of them, you'll see it's mostly spruce, pine and fir threes (the webcams are from the road, to see the traffic, and from the slopes): https://www.infoalpin.ro/live/webcam-sinaia-trafic-dn1/ If you'll be staying at Sinaia hotel, and like it quiet, change your accomodations. It's the one hotel I know of that has a dance club, and at night you can hear the music from across the street.
  17. Now that you mention it, not when I bought them. But it says 28.05.2005 on the boxes. Sounds good to me!
  18. Those are in the "before" state, the blue one looks kind of sad now.
  19. Over the weekend I was in Mangalia, on the sea side, southern part. Since the Bulgarian border was not far off, and cigarettes are way cheaper over there, went for a stock-up. In the little village shop they also had these: I'm halfway trough the first, eating it one slice at a time, and not the whole in one sitting. Should this be a grump?
  20. No! Those are for when you say "I might go left, but then again maybe right. I will turn! Eventually."
  21. Your app says 7 and 1 for tomorrow, mine says 7 and -1. Hope yours is more accurate, will switch to it if so. Thank you! BTW, my pic is from a village just outside Giurgiu.
  22. Yours look a bit hotter. Where that pic was taken, the forecast for tomorrow reads a maximum of 7 degrees, and -1 the following night ... I've just seen it, the last hiccup of winter. I hope I'll have some fruits from the ones in bloom, and it won't kill all my newly planted trees
  23. Spring. Here to stay. Looking forwards to sunshine for two months, and then to scorching heat.
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