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'just bloody scrap it' - the eBay 'fuck me, what were they thinking' thread

messerschmitt owner

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OK - I'm fed up with the ebay tat thread being populated with bastardised shite of the worst kind. Can we try and pop it all here.


If you say, 'fuck me, what were they thinking' as you're viewing a vehicle for sale, it deserves to be here.


Here's my contribution for vehicles that are simply too shite to describe.


Fuck me! What were they thinking?





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Dunno wot you mean, Campbell - I can't see a single thing wrong* with that...  :)

it's got a blooming gear lever that would make it look like you were fiddling with yourself everytime you changed gear!


It is pogferret purple!


it's a single-seat tricycle!


it's shite!


it's not got any less shite in the last five minutes


I am going to have nightmares over it!


Nope, still shite. And I still think, 'What were they thinking?'


There's eight reasons ...


He could redeem himself by extending the gear lever and adding a dildo to it - oops, what am I thinking, the prick would be driving it!

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Anyone with a trike tends to get a bit upset if you use that word to describe their steed, so I've found.

with a gear lever like that, the designer of this tricycle is a knob jockey.


It's a tricycle - says so on the v5 of a three wheeler.


it's still an abomination!

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Oh, I didn't realise it's on the V5, must remember that next time I'm running from a big hairy biker...


Usual practice with the gear lever seems to be to turn it 90 degrees so it's sticking out the side. It is indeed an abomination though, even if someone bought it, painted it up, got all the chrome done, change those pitted forks etc. at the end of the day it would still be an abomination.


I remember seeing a lot like that in the 80's, early 90's, cut the back end of a car off, stick a bike front end on. I remember doing a toy run where there were a couple, one Cortina with a straight 4 and one Granny with a V6, they'd even left the back halves of the roofs on, must have been like driving a parachute.

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What gets me about these clowns is that you & I would think maybe a little prep would help.......

"OK, got to get shot of this pile of pony, let's spend an hour or so with a pressure washer/hose to clean the crap off, some cutters to remove the plantlife & tidy it up a bit so at least it looks a fraction plausable to the gullable".

But no, they just take a couple of photos and add a bunch of flowery BS that a slum estate agent would be proud of and expect folk to swarm to their door. Half-witted mooks.


Particularly loved the "Was going to turn it into a racecar" one - epic.

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Good spot! That's like a rusty, shitter version of Where's Wally


Perhaps he fell through the rusty boot floor, and due to the sharp oxidised metal jabbing into his calves he can now no longer free himself, instead resigning himself to being ultimately crushed and recycled into baked beans.

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So many questions with that one but just three will suffice:


1) if you wanted an engine for a trike, why would you start with a Ford V6?

2) is the seller saying it needs an sva test but it will never get one because it is 'illeagle' ?

3) Why was its proposed name the 'Toilet Bike'? Did it include include the old Elsan from the dead caravan which comprises the 'free trailer'?


OK, I know that's four but the toilet thing intrigues me!

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