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Tales of eccentrism motoring 2012 onwards ,rag tag engineering

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On 12/13/2020 at 11:22 AM, Tickman said:

I've just been through the 8 months of your thread and there are far too few replies to such excellent content which must be why I hadn't seen all the progress this year had brought.

Hopefully the weather won't deter you too much.

Agreed. Great reading all in. Not sure how I missed so much of this to be honest.

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So just before becoming seriously ill with Covid I spent a wad on a hopeless case car which turned up the day before I went rapidly downhill.


I used the proton  as a winch anchor and it wasn't as grounded as the skoda untill the hedge started getting involved.

So its a 1982 skoda 120LSE 'top of the range!' It came with  4 siezed wheels, engine,loads of rust and a smashed windscreen which I suspect was a garage roof coming down on it. 



Easy job to take the screen out and clean up the glass.


Loads of vacuuming later improved matters a tad.


Not the original 120 high compression engine, ti's a s110r engine which is a 1.1 but 60bhp instead of 58

It turned after some judicious force.


30years sat still, straight in the scrap pile.


I had to strip the shoes and brake pads out to free off the wheels, amazingly the calipers aren't siezed.20210205_135559.thumb.jpg.f4def625d49d155c1eec533cc6539b0e.jpg20210205_175720.thumb.jpg.83b8b2dd8db0b7d742d5fbfe1deb061f.jpg

There is shit loads of work in this but I reckon a good honest no frills weld up and recommision will see it grace the black top once more.


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Haha true the timing was fairly apt I must admit as it was a total state inside due to damp,creatures,organic matter etc ,care was taken when vacuuming out although that's all somewhat elementary now lol.

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How on earth have i only just found this gem of a thread?

I am in awe of the awesomeness of what has been going on over the years in your garden.

Long may it continue ,the use of great skills lavished on forgotten heaps


I just wish i had 1% of the drive/skill and numption to play this game

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