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  1. WHS ^^, the when the trigger tooth passes the pickup the rotor arm is always at the same position when it sparks however due to mechanical advance the engine is put further behind , when the vac advance pulls the pickup plate advanced the reference that the trigger/rotor arm sees has moved around the dissy body and thusly the cap .
  2. Coil pack failure likely caused by close proximity to Stoneacre lol
  3. You've broke down literally next to my house,,,need any tools?
  4. The mechanical advance doesn't change the rotor arm to cap spark position as the rotor and ignition trigger are floating but fixed reference to each other, the vacuum advance does have a small effect on the rotor arm to cap position but it's a small range of movement.
  5. it came from the Dartford area and was only on the road for 9years before being exiled.
  6. Haha true the timing was fairly apt I must admit as it was a total state inside due to damp,creatures,organic matter etc ,care was taken when vacuuming out although that's all somewhat elementary now lol.
  7. So just before becoming seriously ill with Covid I spent a wad on a hopeless case car which turned up the day before I went rapidly downhill. I used the proton as a winch anchor and it wasn't as grounded as the skoda untill the hedge started getting involved. So its a 1982 skoda 120LSE 'top of the range!' It came with 4 siezed wheels, engine,loads of rust and a smashed windscreen which I suspect was a garage roof coming down on it. Easy job to take the screen out and clean up the glass. Loads of vacuuming later improved matters a tad. N
  8. Jikovron

    RR P38

    Mk2 rangerovers tick lots of boxs for me, however reading up on them I hear alot about the Becm being a temperamental and lesser understood totalitarian hub of the vehicles . I oft wonder about any means of doing away with the needless electrics on a low spec 2.5 manual on springs when idly pondering.
  9. I've had a few in the last 13years Volvo 340 1.4 : Water ingress to the coil stopped the engine after plowing through loads of deep water. Towelling off the coil sorted that Propshaft wriggled off the splines once, then the repair to the clutch shaft spline snapped off. Had to get a tow back the second time and borrow a 6mm Allen key of a farmer the first time Lost all the oil from the sump (carried on with it knocking and randomly loosing power Skoda 120l : engine started knocking and tried to tighten up before freeing off and clattering horribly, managed to get
  10. I mildly covet one of these, I've toyed with the idea of getting a base unit to get busy welding up but never seen anything of the correct roughness to price ratio.
  11. The youngest sister passed her driving test today first attempt, I gave her a handful of vague 'lessons' to refine her progression in traffic, and she had 2 with an actual instructor,,,very happy!!
  12. Urethane paint ftw, certainly hugely more durable than an acrylic spray can, my efforts with those years ago have been like scratch card windows haha
  13. That looks like 26Tpi up against the rule as I count 13 threads but if there is a paralax then I'm likely wrong lol
  14. I had the battery short out on mine on a roundabout in Rotherham so without thinking I ended up diving onto the fuel station forecourt whilst it was issuing out horrible opaque mist and running very oddly indeed ,I popped the bonnet lightening quick and left it for min before wedging a McDonalds fries box between them!
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