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  1. I've been searching high and low for a daihatsu 1.0 L251 towbar as it means a possible 940kg payload carrying capacity over and above me sat in the car, where for example a ford transit custom starts at 600kg ! (Admitted they tow a great deal more)
  2. As the buggy is basically unsaleable and worthless I thought I might aswell tinker on with it as and when, the steering was thought to be a massively faff but actually the saxo rack and quadrants etc all play nicely with each other. The quadrant is a brake pedal as it has a nice pivot point. the rack mount was welded to the chassis rails to initially position the rack with a view that the drag link follows the average arc of the suspension links. Steering column is the saxo up joint, a piece of lawnmower and a m12 bolt with a flange welded on. The steering quadrant pivot g
  3. I've rebuilt loads of these carbs, the castings are like plasticine under fastener loads, the main bodies I skim the faces where the metering blocks and float Chambers get heat and a medley of G clamps to straighten them, mind the gaskets are so thick and accommodating its more of a transfered OCD from weber carbs etc !
  4. Is it reasonably effortless with the power?, i imagine something like a theoretical 310bhp Vauxhall Chevette would have an unpredictable potential cataclysm of a wide open throttle with jeopardy arriving variably depending on the road conditions where comparitively the focus is maybe accurate and repeatable in its behaviour
  5. 85 is not too shabby, my s100 powered estelle will eventually do about 80 but it takes at least a minute or a mile to get there!
  6. Well worth getting the crapola jobs out the way whilst the mojo is strong, nowt worse than loosing the initial excitement just as you poke a hole in something obscured by loads of awkward to remove chaff
  7. Mopars are the thinking man's Americana, and the 60s is my favorite era before they stopped being able to effortlessly fry the 'tires' 😆
  8. I pulled the hulk into the work arena and was straight away distracted by picking off the vinyl roof and rubbing shitty old glue off the pillars etc, ideally it wants a roof skin but it looks like the one it had will do for now. The car is the wrong way round really as the front is looking terrible compared to the back so ideally hiding that would have been preferable So with this I want to fly through the core of the shell before dealing with the usual accessible outer rot so the interior was first to be evicted. along with the soaking wet sound mat and bitumen coat
  9. Those and also pottery lane industrial complex are impossible to get into , there was one up behind the Harley Davidson dealer that was spoken for well in advance of the tenant vacating as the landlord had a long list of people waiting to get into his units, 280 per month for a 4 car space with maybe 2 out front. Breaking cars would overspill small places drastically quickly unless you can legitamately tip the unsaleable bulky shit as fast as it accumulated and as you say quickly needs to fall in line with depollution and waste licencing hurdles.
  10. Industrial property seems to be slowly shifting towards reduction in affordable smaller units and the large scale building of huge industrial complexes for distribution etc, demand for small places is always on the increase as the population grows, and additionally land banked for its future development value is often left empty for speed of selling etc such is the way of post industrialist retail dominated Britain. I've noticed that here in Chesterfield a select few managed to secure tracts of land for buttons when the A61 was developed in 1985 and so their land is always 100% occupied
  11. Just a small update, I was scanning around for bargains to complete this and eventually found 8x4 OSB sheet to go up and then subsequently a garage roof that had recently been removed so all in I'm about £230 into it which will go up a smidge due to guttering ,strip light and outdoor socket. Always a fan of the tiny wheel flatbed It snowed heavily whilst I slapped on the preservative but I persevered due to just wanting it done! The osb flew up no bother and similarly the underlay and steel was no issue to shorten a smidge and the stiffness of the metal made it feel very f
  12. This is my favourite exchange, a £50 quid engine being enquired about with the hope that I'll deliver it 320 miles or post it for free
  13. Aye i can't go anywhere now there are facebook groups for old car spotting, i get alot of screen shots sent to me after every trip further afield! First task today was to joint the crossbar sections properly, 2 M8 studs into 20mm bar and really thick washers did the trick although as seen I didn't line up the side hole properly on the first go, middled it on the second though , the gap is there purely as the timber wants that angle and even 1600kg of M8 compression won't persuade it! I felt the need to run the router around to give a slither of sophistication and class to go
  14. Aye good question, likely will lay flags down as the whole deal is sort of temporary, long term a single and a half garage will take its place so can't really pour concrete down yet.
  15. Social distanced visitors are always welcome as I'm outside as much as the weather allows, which is partly the reason for the carport haha!
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