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  1. I had a partially blown head gasket on the skoda which progressed into a fully annihilated HGF which made it self known when the cylinder was hydro locked,,hmm well I couldn't ignore that further now that the car wasnt useable. 30mins and the head was off and yep, number 4 had burnt away the fire ring in 300miles! Before cleaning the liner tops and block, I drained the block to avoid dragging shitty coolant all over it,,,or at least I removed the metal plug to uncover the silt plug! Jabbed the silt and poured water in till it came out the block clear. Cle
  2. Aye toast by the sounds as the part of the cam that controls end float is quite alot of thrust bearing to mill away
  3. Which engine does it have? , a VVC would be a simpler fix than a solid cam imo as the cams run on seperate bearings to the pullies where conversely a solid cam is a different kettle of fish as the cam carrier is matched to the head and realistically cannot be swapped for a different one.
  4. I care for practical reasons as my cash doesnt go far, but if I had disposable income then i would only be concerned to not to be flagrantly wasting it .my daihatsu did 63mpg combined, the ignis 1300 does 50 and the other halfs celerio will reliably do 68-70 generally so always an exciting time on the road for us!!
  5. I can sit easy on my ludicrously comfortable corner sofa, and enjoy my pear cider whilst no longer whittling pine now that engine has stopped being a massive fauntleroy fondant.
  6. This is probably the same result someone would get after giving a 12+ science kit to my children,,, or my work colleagues ?
  7. Aye it harks back to me being a full on jikov fan back in the day, it's like they copied a weber and improved it mainly in terms of the spindle bores lasting forever and having a decent fuel enrichment circuit instead of a crappy choke flap etc 15years on it's less fundamental but they have their place still.
  8. More activity has occurred on the doom buggy and its getting a tad OTT in the sense that there is so much hardware getting thrown at it to barely move it on although it's no hardship really. This crossmember with the cul de sac is to mount the front Jack shaft. As it turns out more oft than not that simple quick ideas in the mind are very much a battle in practice. Mocked it all in position and was reasonably happy with it although the chain is longer than I'd like. I welded that in once the alignment was correct and then could turn attention to the
  9. One theory I came up with about the above 0 needle gauges was to give an air of prestige as the cable is likely to drive the magnet drum slightly erractically when starting from rest where its possibly smoothed out by the time the eddy current overpowers the clock spring, something very noticeable in my skoda given the cable is 9foot long !!
  10. The machine shop did grind the thrust faces, and unfortunately only a +10 is available for a pre 71 1300 engine which realistically would have been absolutely fine if the crank journal radiused fillets werent ground bigger than stock and thus unknowingly at the time of build binding on the center main bearing however as you say a post 71 1300-1500 use a larger thrust bearing available in all of the sizes!
  11. These have really deep box section chassis rails but it's still a surprise that it's not a chassis cab given the extra work in sectioning out the van shell and presumably abit of structural box section to replace the lost strength, imo personally speaking these are the definition of a mechanically well specced work horse.
  12. I used to rent a garage of that guy, he mentioned something about wanting the economy and reliability of a ford td of which fair play it serves his purpose although presumably it's going around on a questionable mot exemption now lol Imo anything goes regarding cars, they're just machinery that is an enjoyable hobby to the owner via added arbitrary layers of psychological dimensions, the only time it could be a community lead ethos is if they all have a stake in it via active efforts to assist in its factory like preservation otherwise progress is progress agreeable or otherwise for me.
  13. Lots of hopeless activity on the go! I played car tetris to get the estelle out for a shake down run which involved moving the back of the proton on a trolley jack and the same again to move the dolomite into the hedge more.it's still a tough shell but really wants mig action fairly soon as it wont be for long. I taped up the sharp edges on the 120 and gave it a gentle bimble locally clocking up 150miles over the last week, seemingly everything was great untill it started pinking like mad,,, that's probably the shitty iron head up to it's old crack producing tricks a
  14. https://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/192989/1971-fiat-saloon-lada-concours Thought I recognised this,pandapops old car!
  15. Phwoar nice work on rectifying what I bloody missed, It should be a cracking power plant by now so looking forward to hearing the standard motor company muscle!!
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