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  1. The only estate I've ever had so far, hoping to get it sorted for the road and tidy up old welding work, its my favourite spec for one of these : blue, late and 1700 flavour
  2. LOADS of time later The skoda has been worked on at the new unit This shell was a floppy mess, it sagged on the trailer bringing it down , so had to manipulate it back into shape ive always wanted to stiffen up the sill and A pillar to do away with the weak horrible standard solution where the front doors are endlessly sagging the B pillar got its own pedestal to tie onto and its still got enough flex to work perfectly fine and then spend hours tieing abit of B pillar to the A pillar as its the same hinge pattern but thicker metal rotten tunnel was next up, a local place folded up this for £35 which was an epic bargain, saved loads of time messing about but still had to cut out and weld in all the threaded plates for various things on the tunnel Hours later its all welded in, mega strong now as I specified 1.5mm steel
  3. I had the exact same thing happen to mine , an lt77s which had the r380 gears with the intermediate type synchro rings, the oil ran low over a few months and it gradually got noisier The Input shaft had the same blue tinge so I binned it all as I didn't want a potential tooth weakness just waiting to show up catastrophically , not only did they get mega hot but also the casing had a blue haze around the bearing! , ended up fitting an sd1 2.4 diesel gearbox in its place which also leaked oil so investigating transit 2.4 gearboxes currently as they have normal ratios compared to the 2.5 Di
  4. Farkin ell all I have to do is blink and the content sweeps into the thread, that padsaw is absolutely at home in Wallsend
  5. Not surprised the powertrain mounts are crying now you've got that straight though box on it, Just an SU carb to fit next eh
  6. Have you got a dyno print for that M8
  7. Winning at life as always, the only way this could have been better is if it was an old imp alt found under the floorboards cobbled on with chopped angle iron and imperial fasteners,
  8. This was a tangential diversion similarly at the time of my covid strike down and probably the precursor to the council getting vexed off their boxes This car arrived at the same time as the Skoda in March of 21 with a loose plan that it would divulge parts or be a swap for something else So the car was a total mess, the A pillars were completely gone and the chassis rails had detached from the inner wings such that the front was mainly held on by the gearbox crossmember! just to reduce the aesthetic harm I propped it up and popped the roof skin out. First task was to get into the engine, free off a couple of valves, rebuild the carbs and clean it up. it amazingly ran very nicely, no smoke and sounded smooth Carefully picked it apart and everything apart from the front half of the shell found a new home one way or the other The engine amongst other bits went to Texas in a mere 300kg all up crate, what I didn't realise however was that international shipping calls for special treated timber/plywood not old pallets like the first box I crafted!! Damn things
  9. Ive got OM numbers engine horn , literally the best engine for all vehicles
  10. The piston bore of these calipers never need sleeved as the piston and square O ring are the sole elements of sealing contact, as long as the seal groove is in decent shape the bore only has to be cleared of corrosion and general dirt and any burs to allow free and fairly loose passage of the piston when dropped in without a seal fitted In the past I've taken to heating them and using 2 flat screwdrivers to gently pry up via the piston dust shield lip to gradually start exercising the piston back and forth, it's usually either corrosion formation on the upper bore above the main seal but sometimes the seal bonds to the piston which can involve such joy as welding a nut to the piston to draw it out with a threaded bar etc.
  11. Should have lit up those landsails down to the canvas like a well skidded grifter and driven in ATS with the tread flapping like nothing happened 😄
  12. Keep the original registration number Your vehicle must have 8 or more points from the table below if you want to keep the original registration number. 5 of these points must come from having the original or new and unmodified chassis, monocoque bodyshell or frame. Part Points Chassis, monocoque bodyshell (body and chassis as one unit) or frame - original or new and unmodified (direct from manufacturer) 5 Suspension (front and back) - original 2 Axles (both) - original 2 Transmission - original 2 Steering assembly - original 2 Engine - original 1 Source the mot exemption is lost alot easier than the historic identity if the car, just an engine swap could do that What is unclear though is if you change a lower spec part for a standard one off a higher spec car , like a 2300 magnum axle in place of a 1256 one,,hard to judge if they're both 'standard' parts
  13. Its rust prevention capability seems to be amazing , I painted some rusty sheet in the garden and nothing is coming through with just one badly applied coat months later The downside though seems to be that it doesn't adhere very well so the metal has to be really rough before application to key it on otherwise it behaves like a scratch card It does seem to be overpaintable but is said to not be a primer or a paint so I think the primary application is touch up of static galvanized framework in the main The main benefit is that it's got an unlimited shelf life !
  14. So the Skoda has been a slow burner but again this has been spread over the whole year roughly As can be noted the front end was a total mess, it just fell to bits without any disassembly , a few kicks saw it all fall out. And indeed the metal just kept being cut away till it was looking completely bollocked the donor floor needed some work after it was blasted The boot floor and rails fitted OK due to coming from a similar year car, the press tools where changed a fair bit as the steel thickness and pressings were continuously updated through the estelle production run particularly the mk1 and super estelles surprisingly that was a straight forward task and getting it in wasn't all that bad By this stage the technique was in place, yes there's no ribs but no shits were given due to cost considerations , flat sheet is cheap! I used a copious amount of Zinga zinc coating , bloody expensive given it was 53quid for 750ml All that rammel needs copied/repaired and fitted back in, but need to build up enthusiasm again really the questionable 80s bumper was in bits so I thought I'd see if fibre glass was a worthy option and it is , if you buy the correct resin for the catalyst, I had to redo the whole deal but got there the 2nd time! So that's roughly up to date, 12months condensed down as per the proton
  15. So a year or so passes by and plenty has gone on for better and worse. Proton: 10,000 miles this year! The driveshaft seemed to be out of balance so I added some jubilee weights ,,however since balancing the wheels there is some residual minor vibration at 70 odd mph (knackered cv boot noted) I made a cheeky towbar of which I should have just bought one than mess about adapting one that looked about right Bonnet catch failed at high enough speed to snap one hinge and wrap the bonnet around the passenger A pillar,,all OK except the windscreen which was subsequently replaced The engine was feeling abit off so I found the engine light feed and wired it into the dash , but that was revealing nowt! I reckoned the fuel pump was struggling to feed the bigger engine, so swapped that for the gti unit however that didn't help either, and similarly the fuel regulator was passing at expected pressure so by then I was abit stumped So checked the cam timing which revealed almost a tooth out, but oddly not a whole tooth. So a loose crank bolt allowed the keyway to fret away the key, ended up welding it and filing it back into shape, fixed! next up was the rather long ignored cv and rack boot, only took about 20mins or so for a change brake pipes were looking incredibly poor so they got replaced, it involved a whole host of tools, strong language and a 3m length of 5mm bore clear poly pipe. I noticed instantly when this blew out all its oil as the car felt skittish when cornering to the right, so I phoned about for new ones but most places claimed their suppliers didn't have them, yet one tried KYB directly who had stock of them, so swapped both sides as the better of the 2 dampers was in poor condition also the window wouldn't wind on either side due to the tabs rotting off the glass grab thing so just tacked them back together , makes a big difference being able to open windows without them falling out of the runners The next engine,,at some stage anon, plenty to plan to get that in given its a VW engine That's a sort of abridged year behind d the wheel of that car, it's basically been a decent all round thing, enjoyable and easy to drive with reasonable reliability all in.
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