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  1. The mot tester might not be so keen on the moss coverage as it's still fairly soft slime, however I've presented much worse so will see how that goes. The skoda was indeed the daily car for years on the commute to Barnsley so it will have been me, it's nearly gone round the clock even having done 90,000 in my stewardship. Thanks for the kind words DC
  2. There is no risk of it being a glossy minter,2/3 of the 'fleet' are embattled survivors! The proton is hopefully getting an mot in early springtime after maybe 4 years sat dormant! Sometimes looking at this view it's no wonder I do other things instead of diving in with money and time haha
  3. Also on the agenda is to revive the Dolomite, historically it's been through 2 1500cc engines,a 3.5 and a 3.9 before returning to a 3.5 with a myriad of fueling systems, so that's been off the road for about 3 years iirc and I've sold the engine and box since then, my thinking now is to give it a sizeable weld marathon, tidy the paint, sort water ingress issues and fit an engine/box of some description. Derelict but structurally great still. Strip down commences, the carpet is mullered by rat shit and oil etc so bin! so the floor is fairly good for a dolomite, I've to finish welding the rear suspension mounting but the structure is substantial enough that I can cut loads out without having to consider much bracing. the C pillar was ruined by water ingress behind the vinyl but it's a simple fix at least. overall I'm hoping to get it decently solid, passable presentable and leak free before I look at a power source.
  4. So the ignis has done around 3000miles since the gearbox was rebuilt and it seems decently quiet so in happy with that, when I took it for an mot the emissions were borderline high lambda but passing in all other areas so I drained the old fuel via a pair of scissors to hot wire the pump relay and the fuel rail feed pipe into a can then added cataclean and super unleaded, once sorted i took it on the long way round to the station ensuring to thrash it through the rev range and light as much of the degraded 190k mile cat as much as possible. whichever the solution it passed no issue although next year might see a new catalytic converter. No issues on that car, apart from wanting a cosmetic go over and maybe a front oxy sensor to put the eml light off properly. 5amp scissors! Box casing joint has to be clean as hell to maintain bearing preload etc. Could really do with all my other cars resisting rust like this one! Also on the agenda is repairing my crashed daihatsu charade gradually over time as it's a handy backup, jobs required seem to be: Bonnet,bumper,slam panel,bumper reinforcer,both headlights and various plastic clips off ebay. None crash related parts are the bottom balljoints,some exhaust pipe joint tidying,sill end welding,wheelbearings and maybe discs and pads. No real effort to remove this, just 10 spotwelds and some m8 bolts. Luckily the wings were spared damage and the chassis rails were untouched as the car it hit was also fully on the brakes so smashed up the weak areas above the bumper. A scrap facelift donated the panel work which was all the same underneath as it happens. The wheelbearings are quite a pricey set bit I noted that some daihatsus use the same bearing with different circlips so I ordered some sirion ones for pocket change as I can reuse the circlips out of this hub since carefully teasing them out. The bottom arms however are a pain to invest in at 80quid a side!
  5. The historic class is dependant on the 8 points system, of which 5 must come from an intact monocoque bodyshell, brakes are not part of the points system so there is a free for all there. The only thing lost is mot exemption bit that's hardly a big deal. The K will defo fit with sump mods, fwd-rwd plumbing changes and as you point out a caterham starter motor provisioned onto the adapter plate. Imo the K and the lada gearbox would be a happy marriage 4 or 5 speedwise as they aren't particularly weak and obviously it would work with the speedometer and propshaft etc. Will watch with interest!
  6. Its Hartley lane , but unless I'm barking up the wrong tree I think it's the same.
  7. The beehive road is a half decent little stretch and isnt too back through to Backworth although my favourite by far is the road between Stamfordham and the B6318 military road with it's none stop left rights and short acceleration straights, obviously nowhere near anywhere of use in this instance.
  8. This is the worst restrictor I've found in these so far, 5 8mm holes through an inch thick bung, meaning it's an 85bhp engine, the 136bhp version has a 32mm venturi through a phenolic plated and the 155bhp power house has FULL flow!
  9. Haha true ,,at least no one physically dies of boredom or I'd be responsible for a few casualties.
  10. Gearing and power curves may impact the calculation a fair bit. if the original engine is past its peak power at 50mph it may be that the drag has risen enough to come to a crossroads with the falling power output or that the engine is simply brick walled against max continuous rpm.
  11. Some silencing ftw, p4 headers though, they were only 4 and 6 cylinder? P5,6,SD1 have a varied range of rear exit,centre and dual down pipe manifolds respectively , also p38 RR come with compact stainless steel manifolds that can exit forwards or rearwards or indeed cut up and refangled so to speak. Edit: p38 ones spotted! Just as an aside K series manifolds use the same diameter SS pipework and are ideal for when the form desired wants more bends and such.
  12. If the engine is a 9.35:1 efi then its 160bhp/205lb/ft and aslong as the exhaust isnt restricted too badly then it should still be those figures given the rebuild 91bhp would be a 8.13:1 twin carb engine with carb restrictions only fitted to LR101s That kit looks to be a custom hub with proprietary disc and c5 caliper , I imagine any brake disc will have to be mounted on the rear face rather than sandwich between the hub and wheel https://www.apecbraking.co.uk/Catalogue.aspx The above catalogue let's you search by dimensions HTH
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