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Tales of eccentrism motoring 2012 onwards ,rag tag engineering


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^^^^^ the man from delmonte says YES you can have his protons wheel garments, where shall i post said items?


ok well abit of mot checks by picture and its looking ok except it might need the back axle off for welding where its rusted thin locally other than that typical siezed carry on




not mot related but nice to see abit of previous preventative maintenance going down



wheeltrim carefully removed reveals another wheel trim



a quick wheelbearing/rubber boots and pipes feel revealed all is well , only the OS caliper appears to be siezed which i guess is either the carrier slide or the pads



cills are basically sound apart from the rear ends both sides



beam and floor pan is all good apart from the afformentioned trailing arm , abit of cheeky waxoyl or whatever adorns the tin




rear structure is unaffected by corrosion however the pressed steel bumpers are showing muchos issues with bubbling



had to reshuffle the cabinet and relegate the van to gardening leave either way both will get done amongst the 1000 house renovation things needing doing haha

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Now which wall will I sit on when I visit? :(


Take off the newly found hub cap. There may be a further addition beneath. China doll-stylee.


As for the stubborn fasteners and their ilk, I recommend kicking off like a child and stotting tools about. Claim that it is not possible.

That'll fix it.

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Keep them centre hubcaps! Look much better!


Those Savvy's look really nice!


I found the wiring connectors on these were pretty weak. I remember driving back from work with no lights because the alternator died. I found a wire had come free from the connector!


Have you found a use for that Teflon coated dashboard shelf yet? My dad actually made a wooden shelf which he varnished and laid on top. The edge wedged under the dash so no need for woodscrews, otherwise he would've done so. Wish I had a photo of that! The shitest modification I've ever seen.

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great purchase / save.

I have the shitsubishi lancer version of this which I love driving. And doubt I would ever sell it unless somat major went wrong. As dull as they come but still enjoy the drive. I had a gold Lancer that used to belong to MikeD of this parish which is coming up for sale again (yes I might buy it back)

If you need any spares let me know as a lot are interchangeable.



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haha nice one on the proton heaven picture ^^^^ and indeed the kind words , i suspect i may require a rear beam and pez  cam driven pump however ive not properly looked at the rot properly yet as its really difficult to jack up and gain enough to get a full sight on the thin/rotten trailing arm etc seems like there is nothing strong eough to jack off and the wheels dissapear into the archs if lifting via the suspension arms 

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when the car is pressed into service ive no doubt a period neoprene grip mat will get chucked on the slippery pointless shelf,,back in 92 what would it have been for,,a walkman or a massive old phone

Pension book probaly.

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^^very true the bloke who owned the car bought it 20years ago so would have been 77 even then and well into pensionable age !


did some welding this eve while the rain holds off and its a massively bizzare shaped sill with strange contours all over




and discovered the trailing arms have massive holes in them which would be ok but i'm loath to remove the axle to weld plate on them but wouldnt be able to lay a decent weld upside down i supect



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Had another little inroad into attempting an mot, needless to say it managed to fail on various sharp edges, the rack boot being in the passenger footwell both rear tyres and the sill needing to be seam welded all the way round etc


anyhow i got a boot from the local unipart and whacked that on the rack,,,massively fiddly to do and easy to cut the universal diameters off in such a way it tears the boot in a very counter productive fashion but it was sorted properly anyway 

brake hose replacement went ok but the old hose took a large portion of the threads out of the caliper so the new one is borderline stripped, will replace both 


welding was sorted but the wind basically turned the bead into crap so thats needing redone lol


back tyres wanted swapping but i noted that these days tyres are expensive all over the shop ,,£15 for one out the scrap yard and 15quid for fitting elsewhere or 25quid for a partworn fitted up or 46quid for a budget making it £50 min this i decided wouldnt do so went all 1930's on it



a decent crowbar is a must aong with a hefty loaded wheel ,,and for the best lols dont deflate the tyre 



letting down the jack breaks away the bead with consumate ease



must be carefull not to ruin the sealing flap on the bead so only unload the tyre via the well closest to the rim edge



back comes off the same but its abit more tricky because either the tyre or the rim gets in the way



new tyre eyeing up the rim, i used a cheeky blast of double T for pro's and it did rather help




Getting the tyre to inflate can be really tricky i found that it may just seal enough to set the bead away but mainly ive had to pull one bead on as much as possibly by hand looking much like a primate trying to spacehop the wheel then useing the old tyre i lay the wheel on it and press the rim down to rest th bead against the rim and that doesnt fail 


cost of tyres doing it that way, £30 two years ago haha

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That's a nice way to break the bead, I hadn't thought of that. I use my Transit jack (in conjunction with the Transit) to do it. Somebody told me recently that you can put a spade on the bead and jump on it but I haven't tried that theory out yet.


To seat the bead I throw the wheel down hard on one side then the other, then stand it up and put my knee on it while pumping furiously trivia.gif. I use a £5.00 bicycle track pump from Lidl, it provides more airflow than a footpump and it is easier to pump furiously with

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Well forwarding a few weeks sees the car moteed after a massive run of issues ,mainly it cutting out in all the wrong places roundabouts ,junctions et al and also the brake hose leaked on the retest, so long story short the car went for an mot 6 times 2 of which it got towed home by my mateys rapid which incidently we found had a towing eye behind the aftermarket tail pipe,,and when my skoda towed it mine seemingly didnt even have one at all being a pre 83 car ratchet strap and a solid bar ftw!


the hose was salvages by levering it out the caliper,,peeling out the thread spring left behind and chopping it down to good thread and copper washering it


carb meant fitting a leccy pump and blocking the return hose and even with that it still fuel starved little did i know it had a minute filter in the float chamber inlet which couldnt be removed so while being in a macdonalds carpark and limited in tools i stabbed it through which worked but promptly flooded the engine ,which it has done sporadicaly since returning it to stock,,float perforated maybe


anyhow,,done 2000 miles in it , and even did a recent honeymoon away up north yorks in which it behaved ok ! exhaust breakage aside



this let go at around midnight but fortunatly wasnt too antisocial unless using load




i went offroad, in the peak district sect 59 baiting


then chronologically got married,,and went honeymooning to the 'heartbeat' village which was really geared up for the older generation imo and it had a few rotten anglias and a whole swarm of sheep littering the roads



went to Whitby town which incidently didnt have any chippys that did 'waxa mint' food more like acceptable but not making the best of the sea air, more importantly however after circling the carpark i found the best space to keep the paintjob intact with a car on equal terms to my own ;)



the moors genuinely are a beautiful place to drive around the scale of the place is huge and the wildlife is massively abundant aside from the medievel forest clearing the landscape is fantasticly barren yet colourful


this diesel engine was found at random 1/2 a mile south of the village and drove a waterpump which also serve to cool the engine , sadly it was seized but apeared to be a method of pulling water up to troughs in the fields from a river ,although having said that the head height might have even been a little beyond atmospheric on the suction side at aprox 20meters


Rosedale Chimney Bank the steepest in Britain,,,what a ridiculous road , 1 in 3 and a severely performance damped hillstart that entailed, note i had wor wifey hold the brake pedal down because in 1st it wouldnt hold at all and the HB was limiting



loads of these about also,,seemed to not like being heckled by passers by



all the river fords i encountered were abit feeble or none existant this time of year



a great many of these gravel carparks in the north yorks bush

affording great views and lack of tractive ability





this has a float,,which doesnt float anymore, revarnishing or take out the 4g13 for a saab turbo engine ? (unlikely the latter due to it being the only runner atm haha

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Now that is an Autoshite honeymoon machine!


Do you mind if I picture Laura passing pallet strapping retrieved from a nearby bin, to your outstretched legs, to be constructed into a temporary exhaust hanger? Both suitably clad in wedding attire, naturally.


Tis great to see the old tank on the road. I still say SR20. :winking:


Once again Ron, congratulations to you and the missus, and apologies I couldn t make it.


Check your phone... I wanna ask you about power runs in Boldon.

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 PROTON time!!


Well ive fixed the carb so it now runs like black beauty soley fed iams horse food


 i decided as such the engine deserves a timing belt and so despite the well thought out japanese technology the malaysian style had got too much say about the crank bolt removal proceedure 


anyhow i approached wor wifes waxa car and piled tools round it



engine mount off as it was in the way,,jack under the sump



waterpump pulley removed via 4 m6 bolts, new alt belt promptly bought as it was a zomghgf liability i noted



7 m6 bolts away and we reveal the old belt with had crazing on the shiny outer surface so glad im swapping it sooner than later



this was brill but the bolt was so tight the clutch slipped rather than undo ,,and the starter motor was more keen on pulling my arms off than cracking its grip



after an epic amount of loud mouth expletive rant i drilled through the bellhousing and used a tyre lever on the ring gear



pulling the pulley tried taking the belt sprocket with it,,4 m6 bolts attaching those needlessly together i found

any how undid the tensioner, pulled the belt tight and redid the tensioner up , then marked up the belt and sprockets so the transfer the marks to the new belt

crank wont move by itself ,,and if the cam moves its no hardship to move it back lol so imo the locking tools are pointless



belt whipped off and the cam did move under spring pressure (roller followers on these tinkers so very free turning) marks transfered to the new belt and it was no issure to refit


i always turn the engine by hand a good 10 revs to settle the belt on light tension then tighen it up with a little extra then give it a test run to check it is ok before refitting everything up



next on the jobs list is cv joints , not crucial but they clack a little

exhaust flexi blowing so now needs one welding in place

sill end on the other side needs a minor weld

inner arch tubs at the rear are holed through

maybe will do a clutch swap , but the trouble is though regarding jobs that big a 4g63 evo engine from 1-3 all fit the bellhousing and nearside mount no problem with either a none turbo flywheel or clutch cover relieving,,,this is a temptation especialy alongside the current (but none working) 8 cylinder dolomite and k series estelle fleet haha

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Well another few months and tolerance to the snag list grew thin, i hate the sound of a blowing zorst flexi ,,its so stereotypical banger along with such things as the parking dent in the bumper and minor cosmetic rust that it becomes unacceptable in the normal society framework to exist


i decided that i fancied getting at least the former 2 jobs done at least would be a good start to any winter weather that may well arrive

so i started with blasting off the back bumper, nothing corroded so an easy job only hindered by my back aching from excessive standing bent over the back panel :/ i knocked out the little dent in the quarter which i felt detracted from its svelte italian lines




next off was to service the mill upfront with pricey oil and filters,,plugs and leads for extra mpg, smoothness, streetcred, power, latent value

it took ages to fit up the leads as they initially seemed massively wrong for the engine length wise


next up the blowing flexi, this meant the usual jack it right up ,,remove the down pipe,,trapse up to the lockup and cut of the old flexi with a china town hacksaw ,,come back and set up the welder to find that i had no welding mask and the welder not being very easy going feed wise no worries i think ever the optimist, i shall improvise with ,,,,,,


dont try taping bin bags to safety glass's,,you cant see anything beyond white flashes etc



6x2 wood offcuts are brill for ^^^^



eventually with patience and guess welding it go sorted

fitted it back up and its almost completely silent inside below 4000 rpm or so


also i appear to have a metro ,,which also had a blowing center section,,now i could have welded it in situe,,or replaced the center section,,but i elected to just go out and buy it all new,,then it fits together easily and i only had to hacksaw the remains of the old one in 2 to get it out,

as always it started with jacking it right up to jaunty angles


undoing the old one,,which tbf wasnt that bad but with it being so cheap i thought it not worth the hassle patching up


sorted,,raspy bass noises no more !




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