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Lazy spotters thread

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23 hours ago, davocano said:

One of these went through the Historics auction in September; just imagine being sat in there on a long trip as a '70s child.... blissful.



Why did they put two number plates on these? 

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We're in Nice for a few days. Within the first two tram stops outside the airport I saw a Renault 4 van and a dead looking XM and I thought I'm in for a good time. But I've not seen too much since but here's a few. IMG_20191007_115917.thumb.jpg.51c160eb2e81657333b9572cb28eef59.jpg







Opel Corsa, Steffi Graf edition! IMG_20191007_093059.thumb.jpg.b0c1ffd50127f1199682668bf0816e6a.jpgIMG_20191007_093105.thumb.jpg.03ad95a2f9437e358c151d651b91bdef.jpg

British registered Ka. May have been abandoned here. 




Must be bonus points for this shirley? 


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Then we took the train down to Cannes this afternoon. 

Definitely not shite, but very Cannes. 

IMG_20191007_152537.thumb.jpg.54e647eb3fb81c6fe4ecce1423a05e96.jpgBoth Russian registered. 

Rather annoyingly the whole seafront was fenced off with lots of works going on which is a bit shit when you visit a seaside town. But I'll forgive them because.... 



Only a Renault fucking Rambler!!!!




I win don't I? Nobody's gonna top that. 

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2 hours ago, somewhatfoolish said:

So the number is visible with the tail gate down carrying a long load.

Ahhh.... I think I see it now. Cheers. I’m guessing that lower part rolls 90 degrees outward to make the other plate visible..... 

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A few more from the south of France. A couple of these were in Monaco, see if you can guess which ones. Today we went to Grasse, a bit more down to earth. IMG_20191009_134352.thumb.jpg.6e704f7a3310bae9b4714e707b4b835c.jpg




Mk1 Clio with Grasse Council logo under the mirror. Nice to see they get their moneys worth out of their vehicles. Also saw a Saxo the same. 




Mk1 Twingo is the national car of France. If you saw one in the UK you'd take a photo, in France you wouldn't bat an eyelid but I just took this one because it had a nice backdrop. 




And, at last, a proper old French car. 



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Aye a Renault trafic Eriba car. It looks in poor condition and hasn’t been taxed since 2017. No mot since 2016. Not even on Sorn. Looks abandoned on this site but I doubt the owners of the site would allow it to be here if it was. Interesting 

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