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Shite in Miniature II

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Cheap stuff from our version of poundland!

I think it's branded 151 or similar.

Then finished off with a coat or two of Halfords universal clear lacquer.


Cheap n cheerful.




They only ever have white, black or primer whenever I'm in there. Don't you use their lacquer?

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They only ever have white, black or primer whenever I'm in there. Don't you use their lacquer?


I don't have the patience for fiddling with an airbrush.


I don't know why I don't use the same lacquer, the Halfords stuff gives a good glossy finish.

Plus it comes in a much bigger can so lasts a while.

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Gran(dma) Torino is now complete. Or at least as complete as it's likely to get.  I tried to do a little more finessing and kept making silly mistakes so decided it was good enough for a first attempt at this scale.  I'm certainly not unhappy.  Took the photographs outside and was suprised at just how realistic it ends up looking, not perfectly of course since I haven't put a lot of effort into setting up a background or anything, but convincing at a quick glance.






The rear of the car turned out better than the front.  No number plate because I haven't found one I like that I'd want to put on, a job for another day perhaps.





Bit meh about the engine.  It's okay.  I can't get excited by that side of the kit and it perhaps shows.





The interior is the bit I enjoyed doing the most, even if the decals were a pain in the bum, especially getting the tiny silver Gran Torino script ones lined up on the door cards.





All in all, I'm satisfied.  I'm glad I went with this yellow and I'm really pleased that I stuck to the brown interior idea.  The end result is quite pleasing.




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And lastly, I just noticed this one from NoelTidybeard (apologies):



Not a bother; late Dinky Volvo is priced at £4 and is very displayable with minimal signs of wear.



attachicon.gifpost-17915-0-74441600-1550228542 crop.jpg


Dinky Police Rangie is a fiver, and not too bad other than decal wear and that the top part of the split tailgate is missing.


attachicon.gifpost-17915-0-48379100-1550228484 crop.jpg


If this seems worth a punt, I'll check on Friday and see what's what...


if the red rangie is in good order i'll take that & the ovlov please

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if the red rangie is in good order i'll take that & the ovlov please


Ah yes - the Fire Service Range Rover. Hadn't twigged that was also on the stall!




I'll check it over if it's still there on Friday - I think it's been parked a little bit too close to a conflagration at some point, as the windscreen appears to be a smidge melty. Tailgate components may or may not be there - I'll have a look and let you know how good/bad it is!

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Can I add the Hatra shovel in the last pic to my aeroplane please!     Many thanks....


Majorette SAAB plz!!!


Can you add the CLK to my box please.


Happy to square up now or later, should more market stallage be on the horizon.


All added, folks!


No rush on payment or anything; I'm hoping to bop over to St George's on Friday again - and also pay a visit to My Old Toy Box, a place in Belfast's Smithfield Market before too long. The proprietor there sells new & secondhand models - and while a lot of their old stock is MIB and consequently ££££, they also have a fair amount of unboxed stuff for a quid or two, plus other oddities (overseas magazine partworks etc - this is where I picked up the Lada and Dacia 1/43s last year).


So I'll try to facilitate a virtual hoke in there, via the wonders of modern technology, in case there's anything there that appeals.

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Courtesy of the Ramrod Collection, I've got this on my desk to build.  Because I'm making use of what was in the box it's not going to be a police car, it's going to be a High School Hot Rod.  I have a very clear vision for how this one will look.  I've been warned this kit isn't the best and the fit and finish on some parts is certainly not great, however, that should work in my favour because of how I want the end result to look.



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Well, these are the ones I can remember I spent many a happy hour in the back garden destroying..




Man from Uncle Oldsmobile - white (I know.. uber expensive)

Commer camera van - metallic blue

Lions of Longleat Land Rover - white striped

Toyota 2000 You only live Twice -white

E type convertible- chrome 


Austin Cambridge driving school - blue

Elan fixed head - blue/white

Heinkel Bubble car - orange

Adams Probe 16 - maroon

Lincoln Continental- gold

Studebaker Golden Hawk - gold

Standard Vanguard

(Lotus gift set) red trailer and Elan chassis 




Nash Rambler estate - yellow/white

BMW 2000 Ti Lux - metallic blue/white

Mercedes 220 (with lights) - metallic blue(?)

Volvo 1800S - metallic red

Aston DB6 - silver

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow  - Metallic red

Ford Corsair 2000E - silver/black roof

Ford Cortina Mk1 (2 Door) gold/white roof

Jaguar E Type - white

Maroon Vauxhall Victor - metallic red

Ford Cortina Mk2 (2 door) - white

Triumph Spitfire - mauve

Triumph Vitesse - green

Triumph 2000- white/blue roof (glider not required) 

Triumph 1300- pale blue

Mini Moke - green

Ford Zodiac Mk 1V -grey

Transit van -colour (?)

Austin 1800 - pale blue

6 Wheel Vega Major Coach - with battery indicators

Hillman Imp - red


Husky -Sunbeam Alpine - metallic brown


Corgi Rockets -Aston Martin DBS - oversize wheels metal flake blue/black bonnet


Also Spot On red Zephyr, blue Austin 1800, blue Morris Minor


Yowsa - that's quite a catalogue! But I'll keep an eye out, and alert you should any of these turn up.


I can't really criticise or condemn, as although my own 'toy scrapyard' might have been of a slightly later era, I'm still somewhat nauseated at all the Matchbox Superfasts and Corgi Juniors I put to the sword for no particular reason... two specific cars that spring to mind are a Corgi Mini Metro in Datapost racing livery (scrunched in the big Record bench vice) and a Dinky Citroen Dyane (clubbed to bits with a hammer on the driveway). Maybe I just don't want to remember any more... I'm still appalled at my uncharacteristically destructive streak, which was fortunately quite short-lived.


I also recall some slightly older kids buying up 10p cars from the toy stall at my primary school's May Festival (of course, I wanted to buy them all - but could only afford two or three) and then being appalled to find the same kids stamping on the cars out in the playground; a Corgi VW Polo in rally trim and a Dinky 'Vanpire' Ford Transit were two of the innocent victims I can still recall, and I was deeply distressed. Maybe it shocked me out of my own hooligan ways.


In later years though (i.e. in my mid-teens), I very much enjoyed building sort of scrapyard dioramas using hundreds of knackered Corgi/Matchbox/Majorette cars that I sourced from car boot sales and charity shops; the worse shape they were in, the better. This came to involve railway modelling scenic accessories, DIY chain-link fences, a yard office, workshops, signwritten yard wagons, forklifts, loose panels and stacks of tyres... all carefully arranged. Wish I'd taken a pic or two of these huge, sprawling minishite yards, but it never occurred to me at the time. Then, of course, I discovered records and girls - and not long after, beer - and that was kinda that...


Still, here's a few pics of a half-assed toy yard I put together one wet afternoon during a bout of unemployment in Brighton many, many years ago using whatever came to hand (some Johnny Lightnings from ModelZone and some wrecked Huskys from Hove YMCA).







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Even after I discovered music and girls I never stopped collecting model cars. Probably why I was single until I was 19! Thankfully I've never stopped although things slow from time to time when the activity in the 1/1 fleet gets 'interesting'. Recently though, there havs been lots for sale on here so my collecting has been brought back to life!

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I stopped from about 13 to about 29, I got distracted by beer, going out and being repellent to women but I’m back on it now.


Similar to Datsuncog I was obsessed by scrapyards as a kid, in the pre H&S days I remember my dad taking me to the scrappers to get bits for his Sierra. I was fixated with drawing scenes of scrapyards and had a number of broken stuff which I used to arrange in the form of a scrapyard.


What a shame we didn’t all know each other 25 years ago we’d have had a whale of a time!

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Eddy's J2 is almost complete.




I glued in replacement rivets right through the base to act as pins for luggage.




In the end I decided to glue a tyre on the rear peg.




I might get some OO scale luggage for the front peg.


Before and after.




With friend.



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I had grand ideas about initiating a repaint of my fleet of Ex Eddy Mercury’s but i don’t like undoing his great work so I’ve left them and enjoy them as they are. When I used to humbrol stuff I always got the stuff everywhere but Eddy you seem to have had the knack of it!

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Enjoyed having a bit of a flick through some of my old diecast catalogues earlier this evening...




Some I've had for years, some are more recent acquisitions. I should make an effort and fill in some of the gaps, as I do like seeing how castings evolved and were re-used over the years.

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Well guys, bad news. 




As my repaint stack grew, the repainting stopped. I needed more colours. A lot more colours, and I couldn't do that with spray cans. They cost too much and they take up too much space. So I spent the equivalent of eight Halfords spray cans on an airbrush setup. It's great - no paint smell, the paint cost is negligible, colours can be mixed and it's all water based so it's easy to clean. 


Here's the first car to roll through my new paint facility. Eddy's Matchbox Mazal:






There's no paint on the wheels, they're just reflections. It still needs polishing but I was too excited to leave it unassembled.  The interior is painted with Molotow liquid chrome to make it pop through the orange glass. 


So what's the bad news? You're going to be seeing a lot of this from now on! 

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Looks good, go on then, tell us which one you got?


This one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Switzer-Double-Action-Airbrush-Kit-Compressor-With-Tank-AS186-Paint-Nail-Tatoo/132166170957. Definitely get one with the tank. The compressor is fairly quiet, but with the tank it's only running every now and again. 


Looks really good that. Could pass as an original Lesney as they loved 70’s colours and chrome stuff. What paint do you use? Does it provide a durable finish?

I'm using this acrylic paint from Hobbycraft. Thinned with washer fluid and then clearcoated with ordinary spray lacquer so it's just as durable as car paint. I am intending to experiment with glossy acrylics and no lacquer. 

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That’s not bad. So I’m guessing it requires no primer as well?


Due to the absence of new Matchboxes in the U.K. anymore now they’ve seemingly wound up U.K. operations I was going to pick some old stuff up and do a few customs for Sierraman Jr. She would probably like the picking a custom colour thing as well.

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