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Bavarian Unicorn Collection Thread - Manual 540i Touring


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It's Sunday morning, the alarm rang at 6:30 and I'm on the train to Peterborough to view a car so rare that I'm not even sure whether the price I initially agreed on is reasonable or not. It will certainly be one of the cheapest to have come up for public sale in recent years.

The train ride should be straight forward as no train changes are necessary.


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7 minutes ago, sdkrc said:

Is it the blue 7 series with blue interior? 

If it's the E38 that was posted in the eBay tat thread recently, that's not even close in numbers to today's rarity. Funnily enough it wouldn't be anything special just looking at it from the outside. In fact it's in a state most would it consider as an old banger. Today's collection that is.

6 minutes ago, grizz said:



Any purchase starting with a train ticket is going to be good. 

And especially one way tickets.


So next pic eagerly awaited…..


been 10 minutes 

York achieved. Another hour to go.


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13 minutes ago, timolloyd said:

An E36 that hasn’t been used for drifting or the track?

Even rarer. Unfortunately the car did get hit by the dumb mods stick and will probably need the noisy backbox replaced but I'm happy as long as the original cats are still there.

Seller can't pick me up from the train station due to baby duties but offered to refund the taxi ride, which is generous. Or maybe he's just desperate to get rid of the car and wants to leave a good impression. Time to get a sandwich.

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Thanks everyone, a few hours later and Im back up North. The car is epic and while it definitely needs going through a bunch of things (eventually) you cannot help but grin knowing what you are driving. And despite my original fear of it being too noisy the backbox actually makes it sound pretty epic, without any of the dreaded drone when you don't want it. More in the fleet thread!


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