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  1. Okay, proper update! Pic before I put the bonnet back on because why not: How the steering rack boot was sitting: Which means it was just flopping so this could happen: Lots of road under there, so that's a prime candidate for a wet carpet on a wet day. After much much sodding about (it was so fiddly as it's a perfect fit) I got the groove in the plastic into the metal bit and it's very secure and sealed; Feet are warmer now too. Happy days. Carpets put back in after that which is always nice. Had a trip out to my dads to transform
  2. All seems well. Bonnet back on, there was an earth that fell off of the negative terminal that we replaced yesterday but it was still dicking about as it was an awkward angle. Ended up cleaning up a wing bolt and securing it to that, seems fine and much more secure. Only goes to a relay. Carpets in, cleaned out a bit. Now the 405 is on the drive awaiting welding, other halves Corsa on the nice bit that doesn't get covered in bird poop - BX blocking them in and something much more appropriately sized in the garage. Ooh, I also fixed the steering boot thing that I think was cau
  3. That would all be well and good - if it hadn't been bodged several million times already it seems! Very little of the bit we worked on was original wire. Feel free to PM for any advice - they are wonderful cars and very special in my eyes. The suspension, interior, the style - it's all really quite theatrical. Starting it up to move it backward out of the garage for some room after it's been sitting since....whenever it was laid up - couple months in the cold with no movement or charge? After some wiggling of the wires and a hammer tap of the relay as it was stuck, a double cycle
  4. I can make it start and run but I'd rather not drive it super far to be honest! Really appreciate that @CaptainBoom. I'm very much a soldering novice and also colour blind so sometimes tracing wires is a bit hard for me! I'll whatsapp you.
  5. Imma vote yellow. For obvious reasons. S'all good man.
  6. Is that stock ride height? Looks so high?!
  7. It's more the case of the live that powers two relays and an injection pump goes into the firewall and to somewhere, which I think is where the issue lies, and there is some wiring under the battery tray. I'm just not confident
  8. Pls help. Before I sell the fucking thing out of exasperation.
  9. Dibs on the new one in exchange for dibs on my 405 estate?
  10. One more try. This is just sitting in the garage now - too many things on the go!
  11. Weird engine sizes these days wig me out. 1.5L? Odd. That's huge too.
  12. You make such a valid point regarding being a new member ect. Semi relevant post I made a while ago - chopped to be relevant to this: I have many, many things to say but I really just don't have the energy. Every car forum, club or group I've ever joined has the same loop. Seems good at first > get into it and contribute > turns out it's super clicky and most don't like alternative opinions > petty arguments > I leave and go and do my own thing on my own and don't share it. Sometimes it's just easier. Shame that this seems to be going the same way. I love sharing
  13. I love this! I was watching it on eBay - was going to put a bid on just for the plate to be honest but it got a bit rich for my blood. Dibs (after the people that have (I assume) beat me to it) when it comes up for sale! Well bought and MOT'd.
  14. Might be worth leaving a note on their window @DoctorRetro if you haven't already - some people really don't realise how dangerous it is even when a garage tells them....equally - I don't know what sort of people they are Shame there isn't an online form to report stuff like that - suppose the local cop shop would be the place to go. On one hand, it's their funeral, but on the other hand it could also be the funeral of a mother and her newborn child who they smash into. A weird moral dilemma.
  15. This is the encouragement I need. I also has a 306, albeit an XRdt! This is a very good point....although it seems the bushes are £9 each and I can get a brand new OEM set of shocks for £40 - unless you have a link?
  16. Okay - MOT update - sadly it was a fail but sort of expected. Basically clean up the callipers (didn't realise it was binding as I've not really been able to test it - but I noticed on the drive there as that's the longest it's been driven) Needs two rear shocks Little more welding that I knew about - the MOT was more of a "lets see" exercise - it's on the passenger sill - a bit on the drivers side, inner rear passenger arch a tiny bit and some underneath My welder wasn't too worried about it when we did the top mounts and had a look - but he had a chat to the
  17. Haha, maybe! Think I'll just leave it to naturally do its thing! The spots I drained on the rear quarter and now dry and barely hanging on! Gave the interior a good disinfect with some wipes too and put a cheap dehumidifier box crystal thing in it to get any remaining smell out (hopefully). Smells way better than it did, rear footwell is dry too. Small victories. Fixed the air leak today too with some bending, cables ties and gorilla tape. I'll replace the pipe in time - just means now it starts on the button every time.
  18. Welding day today! Looks like it was done pretty averagely back in 2011 originally then touched up in 2015 in not the best fashion, before pictures here as previously posted - it was cracking and you could see the floor through it.. Passenger side was pretty toast so that was ground down, cut out and redone: What came out fairly easily: Why not just use one piece....anyhow: It was ground down a little more after that too - but welded up: That top bit was folded in after too - don't worry! Painted with some paint that also has the reverse rus
  19. Apparantly in the case of the XUD 90C and above is head gasket damage territory, and the middle of the gauge isn't the optimal temperature. Quite misleading. Thermostat opens at 83.
  20. Pretty much, took a minute or so but it got there quite quickly. Hard to get the angle when the exhaust points downwards though! I spilt most of the stuff that was in the ubend (it's very hard to pour as you said) before I could see if it changed back - I believe it does though!
  21. Me too! I was a bit suspicious and thought I'd better test that it's not just blue water before getting too pleased....
  22. The moment you've all been waiting for....bump bum baaaaaaaaa: Sealed with tape for extra bungness - this is the colour it was when poured, and the colour it stayed for 20 minutes of testing. Thermostat opened twice, zero change. It looks like it was just air after all - so I'm cautiously optimistic - no sign of any rouge exhaust gases or pressure! As it was just sitting on the drive and a bit cold outside I put my coat over the grille and gave it some consistent throttle to warm it right up, after a lot of testing the idle was happily here stable: And dropped a litt
  23. Funny you say that as the history spreadsheet said it had a new drivers door mirror in 1998, again in 2000, some mirror trim later in 2000, mirror trim painted in 2001 after a front bumper repair after someone knocked it, offside door mirror and trim in 2006, nearside one in 2010 and another in 2011. Weird. What do the mirror inserts look like? That's very kind of you. The general consensus of the hissing seems to be run it for a few miles and don't worry if it's all fine. Suppose I'll get it welded and find out! The Head gasket tester from @Stanky arrived yesterday - going to be doi
  24. The chap just e-mailed me over a long excel spreadsheet of work done to this car since he got it in 1995 on 26k or so, with mileage entries each time. It has everything from wipers, bulbs, tyres to cam belts (of which its head two), services, relays....very impressive. It's also had a head gasket once in its life already. Constant services when they should be done. I'll have a deeper dive later on. Bodes very well though, looks like it's been taken care of. Last Cambelt was in 2006 at 125k or so - that's on the list if it lives for sure. The last entry is that a local Pug main deale
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