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New car day


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3rd and final collection of the day is from here 😁


For these 😁


2 nights of Nothing But Thieves next week!!!

I did my best to avoid the bloody LEZ zones in Glasgow and keep out of all the bus lanes that have sprung up. Time will tell if I've been successful but I think I'll be taking Al's suggestion next time I need to go into the city centre, dumping the car in a park and ride and pretending I'm a teenager again, getting on the tube. 

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2 hours ago, Noel Tidybeard said:

sad fact- type-r zorst is mostly the same as diseasal one backbox excepted

Is there any benefit to that? Does it sound nice?

1 hour ago, bezzabsa said:

whats the space like in these? always loads about for sale - especially the dizzel ones!!!!

I would say it's just right. The seats are very comfy but sculpted enough to be supportive. Al is probably going to complain that the handbrake is too far over to the right and digs in to his leg but that's probably coz his legs are 34 inches long....The roof line is quite low but the boot is massive and it's quite compact to park.

20 minutes ago, Ghosty said:

2.2s can be mapped to be Type R fast.

Forgot to ask - how well do they stand up to mapping? Do they need any upgrades for longevity? 

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The Civic diesel we bought from Billy Medhurst of this parish continues to give good service. Son has been all over the country in it and I believe might be going north of the border in it next week. They are a funny little car though. Sort of a Fiesta size car with a Mondeo size engine. Daughter from Dubai used it over the summer and really liked it. Hope it works out well for you. 

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Great little cars these. 

I've had a couple of DTEC accords remapped and I was pleased with the difference. I think the CTDI is basically the same engine with less gubbins. 

They respond well to mapping with the weak spot being the dual mass flywheel in the CTDI. Honda did an upgrade at some point (certainly by when the DTEC was introduced) but can't remember exactly when.

Thought the DMF was going in my accord but turned out to be the master cylinder which was only available from Honda 😕. Thankfully there was a refurb kit available for £50 😎.

Remap on my first was Avon tuning, Elite on this one.

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9 hours ago, Noel Tidybeard said:

**anorak mode activated**

headlight washers means EX spec


hid lights

sat nag? shout if you need/want later disc


p.s 4 yes 4, count them, zorst pipes 😁

Ah, not quite... My lowly sport had all of the above too bar Sat Nav (but no fog lights).

Something to look out for on these with the HID/washers is the levelling sensor, particularly the rear, mounted on the passenger side. They operate with a little metallic arm and ball joints either side. The ball joints start to corrode and seize up. And the mounting bracket they all attach to are pigs for rotting. And it all gets a bit snappy.


And it's not as simple as 'Just get a new one'. It's very much a 'Has to come from Japan m8' special and you're looking at a very, very long wait and the thick end of £400 come MOT time. I strongly suspect a lot of them have ended up in the scrapyard because of something so silly.

Or..... you can be very creative, dismantle the thing, make new brackets and a new arm up with threaded bar and ball joints, total cost of repair, about £9 😂

They are so close to being utterly brilliant cars, but the ride is grating. Incredibly practical, tons of hidey holes, magic rear seats etc.... if you haven't yet,  go look how deep the glovebox is 😂

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11 hours ago, Flat4 said:

2nd collection, courtesy of @Split_Pin 😊


Thank you very much for these, to help look after our wee newbie 😊

i’ll bet you a shiney £1 that fuel filter never gets fitted - it was in the boot of the red civic i bought off sri05 so that’s at least three of us shiters that never got round to using it :) 

great cars though, i’ve had three and would definitely have another.

and i’m glad your collection mission turned out better than my shambles yesterday !


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5 hours ago, 5speedracer said:

Drove a couple of these when new and found in the dark a following car's headlights bobbing above and below the spoiler drove me nuts.

I must have my seat adjusted differently to yours coz I found the spoiler was mostly very good at blocking the glare.

5 hours ago, mercedade said:

They can accommodate very, very long legged drivers weirdly easily.

If you're short with short legs, it's been known to be a stretch for the pedals even with the seat fully forward.

Great cars

I feel like the dash is very far away.

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