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  1. I'm 'almost' with you on that one. It's just the face that lets it down. In particular, the headlight to grille ratio just doesn't work. Managed to make it look wide mouthed and beady eyed. It wasn't even like they got it that wrong. on late models with the outer edge of the grille body coloured and the badge central rather than chrome with it perched on the top edge, it almost manages to pull it off. He did one excellent thing on Youtube, which was basically wheeler dealers without the trading. Taking over a semi abandoned project and getting it finished. Was meant to be a pilot, but 5 years ago now, clearly more effort to make than he wanted to put in/never got picked up in the way he wanted.
  2. I'd have thought the best car you could get for 4k would at least come with working suspension.
  3. They're doing it again to me, massive, massive premium added to a quote for a car that's local and popped up for sale cheap v an identical one further away and more expensive. £580 for the expensive one 300 miles away, £755 for the local one. Same year, same model, trim, engine, colour... identical. There should be no difference, it's the same car yet constantly i find there is. All the animals are equal but some are more equal that others. It's quite clear they know what is for sale and what it's priced at, the online sales portals pings the MID and some kind of 'cheap car' premium is added on backstage. 'Oh this car is well priced v market average = you'll be more careless with it, or if you save money here, you'll have a bit more to give us, kerching'. I.e they're just gouging cunts. I've also had this work the exact opposite way as well, car that's pretty rare these days, no real current day market data for what it's worth, sees a car deemed 'overpriced' as a result = massive drop in premium, i assume because like the cheap car tax they add on, they see something overpriced as it presumably going to be some kind of pristine example that's going to be babied and will give a fairly reasonable quote. But heaven forbid you get a bargain....
  4. Twinned?, Try triplets Seems to be a common thing around here, aside from a neighbour who used to have several L200's and now has a few Zafiras (None colour matching for full twinnage, sadly), There's a house nearby with 3 identical Mitsubishi outlanders and i'm waiting for the holy grail.... the 4 yellow Jeep Renegades all parked in close proximity.
  5. Mrcento

    More tax

    Pretty much this. Much like the ULEZ bollocks, it has absolutely fuck all to do with emissions and just a case of getting cars of a certain age out of the hands of people that are already struggling to get by, whilst not really doing anything to harm those with enough money to not give a fuck either way.... in fact, they'll be happy to pay for the privilege on things like LEZs because they can drive in with whatever they like knowing they'll be sat in less traffic and will find it easier to get parked. Win/Win for them. Tax is just the LEZ where they haven't found a way to ban you, yet, so will forcibly try to get you to give up the car by making an economically sensible, reliable car financially unviable. The extra, extra cynical side of me as well thinks it's yet another cultural shift into forcing the population into debt/finance, because that also keeps their heads down, working until they drop just to keep what they have, but don't really 'own'.
  6. For me personally, online and for just the normal sorts of cars, the Meerkats (comparethemarket) is usually the cheapest. Normally if i put the same details into confused, gocompare, the same insurers are coming back with quotes £50-80 a year more. (They have the access to other cars section, NCB on other cars etc, so it opens that door as well). I have also had some success with quotegoat on some more specialised/modified things. When i get a 'LOL NOPE' price via the normal sites (sometimes because it has a couple of mods/non standard wheels or something), running a quote through that nearly always seems to virtually half what the run of the mill places are willing to quote. Pretty sure that's where i got a quote on a Discovery with a ton of mods for £530 as a 2nd car, when as a main car it was £900, and via the standard sites, £1700.
  7. Mrcento


    That's exactly what i was going to post. Rather kill the tank like that than have it go pop on the motorway, spew all the coolant out at speed then find out you'd cooked it a few seconds too late.
  8. I'll add a +1 to Japanese cars, the small gain there 'may' be in reliability is more than cancelled out by the complexity and expense of repairing most of them. Far too much 'Has to come from Japan M8' bits on cars that were even fucking built by them in the UK. As a result, i shit you not, things like Civics and CRV's have multiple near unobtanium parts on them that end up more expensive to replace than the equivalent part on a Lamborghini. And that's with the Lambo tax added on top of the VAG base price of the part. And also, for whatever reason, Japanese manufacturers cannot, for the life of them, make brake calipers. Every single MOT = another siezed caliper somewhere.
  9. I have a few belters.... The Mk1 Focus is overrated. It just came at what had been a bit of a low point for Ford in that sector with the Escort, and was so bold design wise that the improvements it brought was overhyped. Don't get me wrong, decent car, but fuck me, all this talk about how incredible they are to drive is bizarre. Nice, certainly up at the sharp end for its class at the time, but does nothing outstandingly. You'd think it moved the game on lightyears, it didn't. It wasn't even the best handling car in the class around that generation. The Peugeot 306 (actually from a generation before the Focus) was. And it had a better ride to boot. The Focus was always just that little bit too firm at low speed. It was sharp, but really wasn't much beyond standard FWD fare. And the engines were... largely, garbage. The 1.4 petrol was a boat anchor. The 1.6 was better but ran out of puff too readily for the revvy nature, the 1.8 was quite flat at low RPM and too thirsty around town. The original Diesel was the 1.8 td, again, outdated and too agricultural. Miles and miles off the French and VW offerings of the time.
  10. Absolutely. (And that makes total sense) But try adding both cars on the one multicar policy. 'That'll be £2000 a year, £800 for car 1 and £1200 for car 2'. Without fail. Separate polices declaring a 2nd or 3rd car is the way to go. I mean, if you were really devious, you could just buy a really cheap to insure runaround to stick the main policy on, buy the car you want but they are giving you a 'WTF LOL NO' price on then insure that as a 2nd car for near half the cost and probably end up saving about £400 all in AND have a 2nd car to use, effectively insured for nothing....
  11. This, i've found, makes the single biggest different on an individual cars price. I've found even on something with a ton of mods, if it's a 2nd or 3rd car, the price collapses, to the point 'buy more cars' almost becomes sound financial advice. Was looking at a Discovery recently, £990 was the cheapest quote i could get anywhere (it had mods). That was on a singular 'This is my only car, i have 5 years NCB for use on this policy' quote. However if i bought another car (Was considering a Skoda that came up for sale near me), put the NCB on that, took out a 2nd policy with no NCB mentioning i have another car with 5 yrs NCB, that £990 quote suddenly collapsed to £500. And given the Skoda was going to be around £600 to insure, it effectively meant i would have been getting to insure a 2nd car for £100 over just having the Disco on its own.
  12. This is one where i'm sure the data exists, but i'd LOVE to actually see how it was profiled. In particular for the age groups of unemployed. The above makes 100% sense logically, however, where are they as a demographic all going that regularly to increase that risk profile significantly?, They're not going to work so there's 2 drives a day (likely during rush hours) commuting instantly off the table, Family, friends etc you'd assume would mostly be working so constant socialising is unlikely, they probably don't have the money for fuel to be on the road most hours of the day touring about sightseeing. You're pretty much looking at somebody going to the shops like a normal person (perhaps even at less risky times), visiting people at the same times and regularity as an employed person, maybe (hopefully) going to the odd job interview, most likely at non peak times. And all that is minus them being physically and mentally frazzled by 40+hr weeks, where by the same logic, an employed person may well be more likely for a concentration lapse just through sheer tiredness or thoughts drifting to things that are happening at work that day etc. I suspect it's purely a predictability thing. Insurance favour people they deem 'responsible'. That own a house, that have a wife, that have a kid or 2, that have a solid job, a consistency in life and routine. Far easier to assess someone like that than somebody with no ties that 'could' just decide to go 'Fuck it i'm bored, i have nothing to lose, quite fancy a KFC and reversing my KA off the top of a multistory car park today, what else is a Tuesday afternoon for anyway?'. Where as Joe, the married bank clerk with 2 kids has to at least wait until the evening for such extravagance... 😉 Know that feeling. I'm in a weird situation of being freelance in my industry, and work has its ups and downs, patchy spells, never really know if i'm going to be snowed under doing health damaging hours and knocking back work, or i'm going to have the driest of dry spells waiting for the next gig to come along. Such is the industry i'm in. Have applied for some things here and there purely because some consistency at least for a while would be nice, jobs i could do standing on my head to a good standard and have tons of transferable skills for, and like that it's pretty much 'Nope' or along the lines of 'Oh sorry, you've been self employed, you're overqualified for the role, this isn't a management position, we need people to work in a team and report to somebody' Like...bitch, what do you think being freelance is? The person giving you work IS the boss, my entire role is doing that work and REPORTING TO THE 'BOSS' who hired my services and is paying me at the end of it. Yknow... like you do, at your company, and like the people for the 'team' you want to assemble will be doing?, Always just code for 'Shit. we hire this dude and he's anywhere near that competent, he'll make me look redundant'. It's nothing you are doing wrong at all. It's all box ticking and if you don't tick the box word for word with no thinking required by the appointed Tickee, then it's tough to get anything other than a straight no.
  13. Yup, as above, all you need to say is basically 'Hello, i saw your facebook post about the Invacar and mention your dads example was in the Ali G film, as it happens, i bought that very car a couple of years ago and it is currently off undergoing restoration, just thought you'd like to know it still exists, If you happened to have any pics or info on it, i'd love to hear about it and see them and of course, once REV is back on the road, i'd be delighted to show you around it. etc etc.
  14. You could pretty much fill this whole thread just with Vauxhall trim levels. Particular highlights though are ENJOY and EXCITE! Especially when paired with a 1.0 or 1.2 in a Corsa. True story, i know a guy that has fuck all interest in cars, him and his wife had a kid, decided to learn to drive purely for convenience of getting the baby around, he bought one of these purely because it was AN car and cheap. He got rid of it because it was 'too grey'. How fucking dull does a car have to be that a guy who doesn't even like cars and only wanted an A-B tool found it 'Too grey'? Think he ended up replacing it with a Kia Rio.
  15. I find the opposite tbh, there's a sweet spot RE the valuations. And i actually find if anything, it's still better to overvalue (within reason, take the piss and they will bump the price up as well) than undervalue. But ultimately, be realistic with it. They aren't daft. Undervalue it, they think it's a pile of shit you'll not care about and Mad Max it into kids and old ladies crossing the road and they will, without fail, stick another 30-40% on the premium. A slightly over valued car in comparison looks like a babied example someone might take more care over, pride and joy etc. I've found recently they do seem to be more in tune with the market than anyone realises and even seem to know when each car is up for sale + how much for. My working theory is all the online sale portals where reg or vin numbers are uploaded put a marker on the car for values. Low priced sales trigger some kind of 'cheap car, hit them hard' tax on top of the standard price. Cheap examples of the same cars always return a far, far higher quote then expensive examples of the same car at dealers, and one that isn't for sale (i.e a neighbours car) always returns a lower quote still.
  16. Was the same for me until fairly recently (Some places are still just the year, some want the month as well, which is understandable given the window there could be if getting a quote in January and someone passed in a December, could effectively 'steal' 11 months experience on paper), but it's definitely starting to become common they want exact pass dates for quotes.
  17. I get that, but on the exact date of passing a test for example, can't agree. Might make sense for somebody that has only passed a few years ago etc, but If someone was going to lie about that, they'd lie about the year (or be a bit cheeky with the month to make 14 into 15 etc), But the exact date for somebody that has 15 years + is just taking the piss. Especially given i'm happy to supply my license number (which IMO is one thing i thing should be a requirement), where they can easily check all that up at the same time they can see if someone is telling the truth RE there's no points, bans etc. As for the employment side, yeah 😂 I mean, they 'could' just have been seeing how it affected the quote, but i doubt a real 'company director' would care. Caught 😂
  18. They are throwing shit at the wall and seeing what clauses stick with the ombudsman when somebody that falls foul of one of them challenges them on it. It's not even just clauses within the policies that they're taking the absolute piss, it's the questions they're starting to ask on quotes. The exact day you passed your test etc, Mate, i've had a license for 17 years, 18 in August, by all means, ask the month, but does it really made a difference if i passed my test on the 17th or 18th of the month?, What next, the exact fucking time of your test so they can skim an extra £20 a year off you if you didn't pass it during a rush hour slot? They're about 3 months away from demanding to know how many sexual partners you'd had in life. Whole industry is wildly overreaching with data and totally out of control.
  19. The manufacturers options things isn't going to be enforceable. Standard spec often changes even on trim levels over a model run. What are they now trying to say?, Alloy wheel design option 2, 5 spoke, is now no longer considered OEM because the 6 spoke option 1 was the standard fit?, Even though option 2 was standard on the same model on another trim level or in another month on that one?, How can it not be considered OEM when it was offered, supplied and fitted by the manufacturer and could be driven out a dealership like that? Standard is, and always will be as the manufacturer sold it in looks, performance and functionality'.
  20. The thing is (and i am on LBF's side on this one, i genuinely don't mind it), I do sort of get why there are a few members that get annoyed with invacar posts in other threads. Easy to avoid threads that aren't your cup of tea, but if you're doing that and reading a thread on, say, a Sierra, you probably don't want to read about Invacars on that one. As said, doesn't bother me, sometimes it's appropriate for whatever came up etc, but for people that are fed up of it, i get why they'd be frustrated they can't avoid it. But that doesn't mean they should be going at Dez personally, let along coming onto his thread that they should be avoiding if the whole Invacar thing bothers them and continuing it further. And i do have a lot of sympathy for him in there, because seen it several times that he's almost been baited to comment on something, then flamed when he has. That isn't on.
  21. A lot of Renaults of that era were. I was in a service department (Trying to get a safety recall sorted) and there was an old guy that had a Laguna i think it was, collecting his car. He'd taken it in for 2 bulbs, total cost was £191 For 2 fucking bulbs and the labour. Mate had the arse Megane, which was the one that was a PITA for the same reasons. but found it was comically easy to rip the front end apart, Was basically 2 bolts and you could just brute force the whole front bumper off in under 30 seconds. You could then do the bulbs from under the crash structure rather than removing all the guards and going in through the wheel arch.
  22. Yeah the 6cyl E36's are better on fuel than people expect. My old 328i could get low 30's on a run without even trying, Pretty sure mid, maybe even low end of the high 30's were easily achievable if it was babied down the motorway and never overtook anyone. So unstressed at that speed. It's around town where it gets a bit thristy (Wasn't uncommon to see 18mpg on mine around town, but generally if driven very gently it was more like 22mpg, which still isn't really that terrible for a 2.8L straight 6)
  23. Had a little look at others for sale.... know what, i actually think you've done well there. As said before, might not be exactly as you thought, but where the prices are on them..... I don't think it's overpriced. £3600 i think you said minus the delivery?, If i was throwing around 4k at a Sierra, i don't think i could get one better than yours. Yeah, i could get one, but it'd be higher mileage, be far less solid, Have a weedier engine or an interior mostly fit for the skip and needing redone. In fact, it'd be pretty east to spend more like 5k and still have a far worse example. It's relatively solid, and even with the bits needing done outside, the interior absolutely wins it on the value stakes. I reckon that'll easily be 5-6k+ worth with relatively little work.
  24. Fwiw, i reckon that looks a very, very solid base to work with. Scabby in places but nothing too alarming in there. Truthfully, it's way better than i'd have feared it'd be! Understand it might not be exactly what you hoped for, so it stings a bit, but pretty sure you'll find it still works out fairly well in the end.
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