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Just now, grogee said:

God only knows why there isn't a Volvo factory in Scotland. It would save a whole lot of bothersome delivery costs. 

We like Volvo's, we don't like the idea of actually having to make them though. Not when there are parks to be sat in, and Buckie to drink...


@cms206those look awffa fancy for 740 keys...

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I've done had a clear out recently; things have been... a bit shite. My fleet size has been halved, for various reasons, while the daily XC90 grenaded on January 3rd leaving me without transport.

I bullied my former apprentice into loaning me one of his fleet (a BMW 120D); when it sold, work provided me with a 1.3 diesel Corsavan. I had said I'd use the train but I couldn't start before 7am but that was fucked right out the window and they insisted.

The search started. I viewed some truely horrific specimens, from an 04 Zafira which died spectacularly on the test drive to an 07 Passat with no wheelarches, via a very tidy Mazda 6 which turned out to have no floor.

An appeal on facebook yielded a few likely candidates more or less in my meagre budget and I was set to go today to collect an 11-plate Seat Exeo estate.

That, alas, did not pan out. The deal collapsed yesterday. Panic set in... I've been without a car for eight weeks. I really need to get something. Anything.

A chance encounter turned up something that fitted the bit. The owner was willing to do a deal in budget.

The car however, was in Elgin.

So I went to Elgin, handed over more money than I've ever spent on a car in my life, and brought home the newcomer for judgement...


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      Starting out on the late collection of the micra that I won in the raffle! Early start this morning, stared the first leg of my journey with a Uber to my local bus station. 

      my driver was perfect, arrived within 5 mins and took less than 10 mins to do my trip to the bus station, where I’m now sat waiting for the national express to London  then onto Canterbury. Uber was nearly a no go as the app needed me to confirm my details, no problem apart from the app would jot accept the code. No biggie as my office is 300 yards from the bus station and I could have driven and left my car there if push come to shove. 

      it is rather wet mind. 
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      I'm just about to go to a place to purchase another financial mistake shitbox, I won't be revealing where I'm going or what I'm buying until it happens. In the meantime, let's have a fun* guessing game as to what I'm buying and from where!!!
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      Well shit, that's over 9 threats!
      A triple collection thread.  All MOTd. All possibly starting. All presumably stopping.
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      4 shiters. 440 miles. 7hrs. Live updates in 3hrs if anyone can be bothered posting

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      Well lets hope there's joy to be had somewhere.
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      <husky film trailer type voice>
      Just when you thought it was safe to look at a collection thread. Soon will follow a dramatic story of a desperate man with a quest, against all odds, to have a running car in his possession by the end of the day.  He will battle crowds of shoppers, day trippers and other hazards…
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      What actually will follow is a man heading across London on several trains and (hopefully) driving back around the M25 to put his new purchase into storage and SORNing it until 1st of July. It won’t be exciting, and it may put you to sleep after your Sunday roast.
      Poo count = 0
      antihistamine count = 1
      Extreme nasal excretions count (courtesy of @mitsisigma01) = 3
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