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Talk you never want to hear on viewing a car...


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4 minutes ago, sierraman said:

‘Will do 90 in third...’

The first 24 valve senator I bought on eBay back in 2010 reminds me of this. Only it was automatic, and the seller took me out in it to prove it. 

“you don’t need to mate, I know how quick they are”


”but watch this!” 

the worst part about it, there was no fuel in it, and he took it to a fuel station and put a fiver in it……. Fucking melt. Just hand over the keys and let me get on with my 150 mile journey home. 

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14 minutes ago, Split_Pin said:

"....but its never bothered me".


This is the one I've personally seen / heard the most.

Upon enquiring about a vehicle, the seller says [major system or feature] doesn't work "...but it doesn't bother me"


Get in the sea!

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25 minutes ago, Soundwave said:

Oh and the time-worn "It's in good nick for the year". It's either in good nick or it isn't, and the fact you needed to specify "for the year" leads me to believe the latter.

Similarly, the classic "age related marks".

Just show me some decent pictures of the bodywork showing any damage, please. 

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6 minutes ago, MikeR said:

Another person is coming to see it soon ..

I will let him have it then ..

Went home ..

This, all day long. 

Another is asking specific questions about a vehicle to get the reply 'I've had loads of interest'.  I didn't ask you how much interest you'd had, you turnip.

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"If it doesn't sell for £<amount>, I'll scrap it instead."

So, if you don't get £2k for your £1500-at-best car, you'll sell it for £400 to the scrappers?  Yes, that'll certainly teach potential buyers a lesson. Stop being such a dildo.

This is sort of understandable in the sub £500 category (remember those days?) where the difference between sale and scrap is very little, but otherwise you're just being a plank.

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Anyone been to see a car where the owner is selling because they've replaced it with another car, and the replacement car they proudly point out is so rough it makes you wonder how bad the car they're selling must be?

1 minute ago, Soundwave said:

"If it doesn't sell for £<amount>, I'll scrap it instead."

I always read that as 'if I don't get my own way then I'll throw my toys out the pram'

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