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  1. Sorry, missed that - agreed would tell them to shove their car allowance. I wonder if their logic is "you'd pay x if we didn't give you allowance for something non-premium, so here is 200 quid a month to upgrade your non-premium car to a premium car".
  2. They only want to do so for the car they are paying for, though ... ?
  3. It almost looks a deliberate design decision.
  4. I guess it's the obvious candidates, something cheap simple and bulletproof, a K13 Micra or the like.
  5. Would you get classic insurance for 8k a year? Plus usually classic insurance needs a main car. I suspect once you factor in reduced maintenance costs, something modern you have to pay tax on will be cheaper to run for those sorts of miles than something 40+ years old, and will leave you a lot less likely to be standing at the side of the road when you're meant to be at work.
  6. I had a Fiat Tipo hire car a few years ago, and it was surprisingly competent, spongy dashboard aside. They are dirt cheap for a relatively new car as well.
  7. I had a Tipo hire car once and quite liked it.
  8. The AS compression doesn't do them much favours!
  9. Got my wedding photos back last night, and some cracking ones of the TVR:
  10. Just caught up, epic collection thread. Good luck, sounds like you'll need it ... !
  11. A pretty nice looking sensibly priced 75 on FB. Good colour combo.
  12. Saw an F40 on the M25 which I thought was pretty cool, presumably leaving Festival Italia at Brands Hatch. What are they, 1.5 - 2m quid? There was quite a lot of cool stuff on the M25 yesterday, actually.
  13. I did drive along the A21 around then so suspect it was me! Roof on due to the showers but good to stretch its legs for the first time in a few weeks 🙂
  14. Best of luck. Looks like we are neighbours, Brent Road is just the other side of Oxleas Wood from me! I'm assuming you'll be collecting something ULEZ compliant...
  15. It was bloody hot on the way back from the wedding, that was for sure. 500 miles, mid 30s heat, humid, traffic jams (4.5hr took 8 on the 2nd day), no a/c, engine at 96c and radiating through the cabin. It was like a sauna. Roof off didn't help much, then i had to put it on for thunderstorms... I've never sweated so much. It got so hot I thought the boot changed shape and couldn't get it closed before departure - over an hour swearing and sweating till I realised something on the back shelf was pushing the window back. That was fun... Apparently retrofitting a/c is 3k which can't be justified for a handful of days of a year.
  16. I forgot to update this with the MG4. I like it more than I thought I would. Feels well screwed together, nice place to be inside doesn't feel too budget, and much better to drive than it has any right to - quick, well balanced, steering is light but direct, and as rwd can play with the throttle on corners and even encourage mini slides with overly aggressive throttle application. Only criticism is the slow and buggy infotainment with things buried in sub menus. Oh and the TVR has been sitting unloved covered in pollen since its 1000 mile round trip heroics, so gave it a shine up. I did take it out last night and the oil sensor light flickered a bit under heavy acceleration intermittently and gave some weird and obviously wrong readings on start up after a stop. Given it had had two pressure senders in the last twelve months for the same issue, and two specialists doing hot pressure tests and confirming engine strong, and it drives fine - must be some sort of electrical fault? Earthing? No idea ...
  17. Apparently the original TVR flip paint is 1000 quid a litre. This aftermarket stuff is 582 quid after VAT: https://www.specialistpaints.com/products/tvr-reflex-charcoal?variant=31736523358266
  18. Love it. Please roffle it at some point, I want it to pair with the similarly coloured TVR 😃 (Yes the paint can't really be colour matched...stone chips are the bane of my life)
  19. Thanks @Cookiesouwest nice to meet you, easy transaction and safe trip home
  20. We made it! 430 miles and a lot of fuel, and was flawless. (The exhaust did fall off the hanger leaving the venue yesterday, but we were able to get it back on 🤣)
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