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  1. Great stuff, it has clearly been looked after at some point, it has four matching P Zeros on it! (Albeit rather old ...).
  2. This is from o/s rear - look okay to me? Though pictures dont show much of the bush itself...
  3. Also the local garage was fitting a second hand engine to a Rover 45 today. Chod friendly!
  4. Concerned that my car collection has a theme and gives off the wrong impression. I don't only buy British cars on purpose, honest ... 🤣
  5. Thanks - to be clear, no complaints from me about the condition, knew it wasn't going to be perfect! The key stopped working (it was working when it was first delivered, then it stopped working), tried replacing the battery and reprogramming it, but didn't fix it. So not sure what the problem is.
  6. Next time I have it in the air I'll take a look. Just spoke to mechanic and he says it needs an alignment/tracking, and this should sort out the fidgety ride. Fingers crossed. Invoice - 583 quid, which seems pretty steep for front discs and pads and control arms (fit only)! Works out at 217.26 for discs, 58.86 for pads, 1 hour (76.80) to fit pads and discs and 3 hours (!) labour (230.40) to fit control arms. Apparently they were a totally pig to undo and in fairness they were a nightmare for me on my back. Makes me feel a bit better about giving up doing them on my back on the driveway ... He also told me he can sort the hole in the Rover's sill when it inevitably fails its MOT next month, despite previously telling me they don't do welding. Good guys. Suspect either the XJ or the 75 will be up for roffle at some point in the next few months, really don't need both of them. In terms of next steps for the XJ, the current niggles are: Air con doesn't work. Replacement condensor and o-rings are in the shed. Bloody warm today and could do with it, but with kitchen renovations underway getting time and space to attempt it ain't easy. Could end up back in garage for it. Heating is a bit weak. As per last mechanic, probably needs matrix flushed. I know Richard did this before and it didn't fully fix it so not sure I want to try it again, might leave it for now. Key isn't working, not sure how to fix this. 6 CD Changer doesn't work. Not important, the cabin cd player works fine. I should give it an oil change, got stuff in the shed.
  7. This one? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/313987478443?hash=item491b1cb3ab:g:cM4AAOSwFopidjxe I think the Collecting Cars one above is nicer, imho.
  8. So I have it back. It seems the garage had it so long partly as they were trying to work out what the specialist thought was so wrong with it. I am not sure yet exactly what was done as the receptionist wasn't there to take my money and give me the invoice, but not sure it was much more than discs, pads and track rod ends. Only driven it a few miles around locally this morning and I think the vibration is gone (but will need a longer run to make sure). I didn't notice the suspension creak over speed bumps either. The ride does seem pretty fidgety at low speeds still, but not sure if that is simply what they're like? I am sure I read somewhere the air suspension is not necessarily great round town.
  9. There is what seems to be a really nice Connoisseur SE on Collecting Cars at the moment. https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/2001-rover-75-2-5-connoisseur-se Low miles, early car so pre most of Project Drive, fabulous colour combination, great service history, recent cam belt change. Wonder what it will go for, 5k? If you want a really nice 75 it is surely the one to go for.
  10. Great news. They reckon it is ready, so Monday collection and we will see!
  11. I'm sure this is objectively extremely uncool, but I really like it.
  12. https://www.carandclassic.com/car/C1453997 Nice looking tax mot and ulez exempt daily driver?
  13. We spoke about the tie rod separately (which has a conventional ball joint), so not sure entirely. Perhaps they just mean the ball joint. I've told them to crack on so let's hope it does in fact resolve the vibration.
  14. So, the Jag is FINALLY getting looked at. They reckon the vibration is caused by front discs and pads, which I am dubious of but have given them the thumbs up to crack on. They are also doing the track rod ends and what they have described as a rose joint (not a term I am familiar with). They say the calipers are fine. Estimate is 500 quid ish. Let's see if it gets it back on the road ...
  15. Love a trip to a country where chod is very much a way of life rather than a fringe hobby. Keep meaning to post up the pics of the endless chod I saw in Portugal
  16. Suspect that screw came from the building work being conducted at my own house...
  17. Yeah totally split. Annoyingly the recovery man basically refused to take me home so now im getting a 35 quid part worn (and he almost ripped the exhaust off getting it off his truck). Started to rain too, gonna be a sketchy trip home...
  18. Nope which is really frustrating as they've been great when I've dealt with them before. I spoke to them on Monday and was promised it would be looked at this week. Nothing...
  19. Lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon... Puncture! In XJ6 news, still at local garage. Into week six with him and week ten overall...
  20. 😆 I didn't think you had heard me! Did wonder what you were doing...
  21. 75 averages 19mpg on the short busy commute.
  22. Brakes seemed fine on the run into work this morning, albeit without any emergency stops, perhaps it was something minor, will keep an eye on it. 6 hours a side to weld the sills at my local garages rate of 70 quid an hour is a decent chunk of change ... plus probably another decent chunk of time to do the arch/door. If I could find someone who would be willing to weld a patch for a few hundred quid might be worth getting it through an MOT and getting another year out of it, kitchen this summer and wedding next means not a great time to buy a new car 🤣 well unless i ever get the XJ6 back on the road and reliable ...
  23. Hah there is a chap called Ginger Nutz that welds old cutlery into very cool sculptures! If you fancy a new hobby :
  24. No it really isn't that bad, sure it is sortable, really frustratingly I scraped it across the lamppost outside my house about twelve month back and it needs a rear arch and a door, coupled with the sill work and maybe brakes (and the lack of service history, and the inlet manifold being emptied and therefore the VIS motors not working) I'm not sure its worth me saving (particularly as local garages don't seem to want to weld). I also know it is pretty crusty elsewhere underneath - it got a new rear exhaust section recently, but the front exhaust section isn't looking too healthy and neither are some of the suspension components (i know the rear arms like to go). The judder is through the brake pedal. p.s. unrelated @GingerNuttz - you're not the chap that makes awesome welded sculptures out of old cutlery, are you?!
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