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Decker Dave's Decluttered Dross Dribblings


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Seeing as there's no more "big efforts" to be made on the fleet at SVM Industries (Central), I thought I'd finish the individual threads and do what everyone else does... and have a singular ramble outlet to document the forever ongoing tinkerings of the fleet.

So... fleet status:

The brakes on the modern eco* wagon have always been rough since I got it. Every service, MoT or every other visit to Voltech or Taggarts has came back with a health check showing this along with a "those brakes are a bit rough" comment. At the last MoT though, the man at Voltech came back with a much more forceful "yeah you really need to get those front brakes seen to".
Taggarts wanted £580 to do the fronts when it was in for a seat belt recall.
Voltech wanted £280ish
£165 for Brembo discs and pads from Euro Car Parts and a couple of hours in the sun...

IMG_20210706_123500.thumb.jpg.05b001d967852b785ba6e081d73d6608.jpg   IMG_20210706_123506.thumb.jpg.b68ba97b2f2f175c18cdf73434c17e20.jpg   IMG_20210706_124613.thumb.jpg.dc04e1ce5b0ebbeb609f4e7de95637ac.jpg   IMG_20210706_150124.thumb.jpg.84e4447dca8b469031311b4c32280d07.jpg

Of course trust me to not take a photo of the finished article.


The 740 has been remarkably idle lately because the 205 has been getting used so it has been sleeping in the lockup...



First big journey for the 205... Field of Dreams the other week. Obligatory Tebay shot.
Old Charter.


New rear speakers were required. Just like the front, they were a wee tate crispy.


A pair of 25 quid Pioneers were obtained from Halfords and some wee wiring adapters from ebay.

IMG_20210719_154606.thumb.jpg.1651e703a37b4a0baf7eb09af38ca490.jpg   IMG_20210719_153949.thumb.jpg.b842138e065b4acceebcd54b0351335b.jpg

Fitting required removal of trim. Oh deep joy... car interiors.

IMG_20210719_154000.thumb.jpg.619c49962c75d29d2200fb126ea46ba8.jpg   IMG_20210719_155029.thumb.jpg.1e5d35c3454fbf7e25a5f3f6fa25014a.jpg

Some of the trim, the bits that hold the bottom of the parcel shelf are fucking riveted on. A rivet gun and supplies were obtained from @blackboilersuithowever nothing seemed to work. Bolts / screws to be obtained...

IMG_20210719_155432.thumb.jpg.2254b53ed6598344a2b61b9ccc441184.jpg   IMG_20210719_155442.thumb.jpg.8c6d75c7e170f9bd3e5bc9dda8a1b120.jpg   IMG_20210719_160154.thumb.jpg.52733240b75879b9c99fc867783da0c0.jpg   IMG_20210719_160232.thumb.jpg.f4315fbfb3ad4708e681e30a7ee2f386.jpg

What else? Oh aye Mr @Talbot put some more timing in to the injection system. It gave a 4mpg improvement on the journey home from the Field of Dreams and makes high speed power more better...


I think I'll end that there for today.

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More little improvements. The boot lid trim panel was banging and rattling nearly all the time so I acquired some new clips from vehicleclips.co.uk

They are actually Ford door card clips but they fit no bother. Good thing about that site is you order what you need rather than spending twice as much on a 100+ box of assorted clips, most of which you don't use.





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  • 2 weeks later...

800+ miles for Field of Dreams 3 weeks ago.

600+ miles for FoTU last weekend.

Paranoia set in with a strange noise coming from the car. Sounds bearingy. Not a rumble but just a constant whirling noise above 25mph. Anyways stuck it in for MoT today and was issued a pass with advisories.


The tester said the boot was actually split but looked like a very fresh split and to get it changed ASAP. So I had a look at a lay by on the way home...

Looking from the front:

Roll it forward half a turn:

Baws. Both shafts were brand new last year too. J&R efforts and I was singing their praises to, I think, @Crackersat FoTU. Then again it's just the boot that's split... that could have been debris that done it.

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3 hours ago, reb said:

It's J&R shafts that I have/had on mine, the only problem I had with them is them looking like they've come from the bottom of the sea after a year.

3 year warranty on a 35 quid part. New one delivered less than 24 hours since ordering. Once I get someone with a ramp / lift I'll get the old one out and send it back for refund.

2 hours ago, Noel Tidybeard said:

can you bring the story of the Big Yellow Funbus to is conclusion please?

*unless it's still too painfiul

Please refer to this post -

Featuring this line:


Insurance paid out a decent amount so that's something. More for the 205 fund.
This is the last I will talk of this matter.



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Took the V70 to Edinburgh today and filled it up on the way back out. 60mph max on the M8 and quite a lot of time slower than that due to traffic resulted in record emm pee geez. 

Yes I know it's the trip computer but it's usually only 2-3mpg above what it actually is.


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1 hour ago, Timewaster said:

I do hope that stage 1 is Scotchlocks -> Bin.

I'll be using a bypass relay to power the lights so the scotchlocks will only be used to get a sense line to the relay and won't be carrying much current. Should* be reet*.

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30 minutes ago, davidfowler2000 said:

I'll be using a bypass relay to power the lights so the scotchlocks will only be used to get a sense line to the relay and won't be carrying much current. Should* be reet*.

Wouldn't piggyback spade terminals be better?
Insulated Piggyback Crimp Terminals Red/Blue/Yellow | 12 Volt Planet


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Just now, davidfowler2000 said:

Yes... if the connections had spades I could just replace with piggybacks. But it's all multi-plugs.

Ah. I suppose they'll be alright if inside and I presume the bypass relay will be.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Grumble grumble grumble.


Pretty much a year bob on since it was installed and less than 4000 miles on it. Oh well, new one under warranty but fitment time / cost / hassle. meh.


Oh aye and further tow bar prep...



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  • 2 weeks later...

at's yir 205 back fae the undersealers. Took it to Preserve and Protect in Johnstone and they appear to do a bang up job. Needle scale and steam clean the entire underside before spraying on a rust converter and letting it cure and only THEN doing the actual undersealing all the while taking and sending you pictures on WhatsApp. £600 they took for the job plus a bit extra for putting the towbar on.

Before pics...

1.thumb.jpeg.2bae86d18d5c9e465eb66dce2d6f651e.jpeg   2.thumb.jpeg.3ad7f4767ff274d8121cc927c7f2e8ad.jpeg   3.thumb.jpeg.e57fe55d404f2f2ab8fb0c9c1b0d363d.jpeg   4.thumb.jpeg.2fdbcaf6294da3fb3d7157af9bbf0317.jpeg   5.thumb.jpeg.dd9f4af145c94b51b82c5cf2569b66d9.jpeg   6.thumb.jpeg.ffd87b1c9028c6ddb769a83d2467d6fa.jpeg   7.thumb.jpeg.874e3a8f842713b1ad17a2610cd5d7d5.jpeg   8.thumb.jpeg.b975c024a24cb57dcaac2035d159c8e8.jpeg   9.thumb.jpeg.1487496026ec3438208db83a89c2849d.jpeg   10.thumb.jpeg.950ecc3d1dd4760eae4911833261374f.jpeg   11.thumb.jpeg.dc3baeb3248fd03c1109ae053a350c3b.jpeg   12.thumb.jpeg.4d739756342dfb23fd4fd7f55c7cebfc.jpeg   13.thumb.jpeg.1f4927866670c1e4b9e2ff96894934af.jpeg   14.thumb.jpeg.d8d623362183fcb086cc5cee2f518ba4.jpeg   15.thumb.jpeg.4e7a4ecc0ea2340079732df23ae03aa9.jpeg   16.thumb.jpeg.cb53216e42b4590522afc2a93b992212.jpeg  

During the process...

17.thumb.jpeg.e6dc153acc0e30d68a6e6acae4bc746c.jpeg   18.thumb.jpeg.0c1a9f02fee343c565dbc8acedab0ff6.jpeg   19.thumb.jpeg.434a93088e68130edd99bcdab36ba755.jpeg   20.thumb.jpeg.98f8dfe51350dfc144f7ca44ac9d8dce.jpeg

21.thumb.jpeg.5133ba558a2eb811e4cf0ec5046472f7.jpeg   22.thumb.jpeg.10f6d03d1480a6e9261e4c3e3d81a78b.jpeg   23.thumb.jpeg.ea52f67c7aa6045040a2e7eebb8aa924.jpeg   24.thumb.jpeg.5ebc723c7b439f0f67b272d4186d84a2.jpeg


25.thumb.jpeg.7e53fda31e9fe049d35fc91863d0de4d.jpeg   26.thumb.jpeg.b73b1d4bfa5b8c1312fc4829e0a67d7f.jpeg   27.thumb.jpeg.38b12b42b9268d27867906fd44563175.jpeg   28.thumb.jpeg.fb1f7cbd5adba12a6e93a073253e6b2b.jpeg   29.thumb.jpeg.d0a801e228525ec70b0040be076cbf57.jpeg   30.thumb.jpeg.f24a90979cd3910dfc0e856e881a806b.jpeg   31.thumb.jpeg.858b58f98a31fb033ee5cc74db5ca514.jpeg   32.thumb.jpeg.c4844ce29ab443bcf93b124c337991af.jpeg   33.thumb.jpeg.ad2b788ca224ae35b0977a728922c580.jpeg

I'm dealing with the towbar electrics hence why they're wrapped up in a bag at the minute. I'll make a start on that after lunch.


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