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N19's fleet - Without a Cair(n) in the world...

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On 6/8/2021 at 6:45 AM, N19 said:

The return trip via the Slug Road involved a nice stretch of 70, officer, along the straight bit. Always a lovely drive. I did realise a little further on that the brakes weren't quite doing what they should... Got down into Stonehaven and you could smell them strongly. Had a low speed pootle around then parked up for a bit to let everything cool. Fortunately normal braking resumed.

Passed some other Capris... 


The last couple of days have been spent catching up with friends around Edinburgh. Tape player was getting crackly and dull, so cleaned the heads up in an Asdas carpark. Fluids checked, a dash more DOT4, ready for the trip south tomorrow. 

Also, saw a Belgian registered rhd Capri S in black in Bruntsfield, nice surprise, mutual thumbs up. 

That will be Larry’s place

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New nsf tyre on the Mondeo, to be on the safe side. And ordered up a new drive belt for it which will be fitted on Saturday, see if the A/C issue is a simple one. It won't be, because life.

The Capri has been resting since the trip away, should probably give it a run out over the weekend.

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