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The dash at night

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A good example of unfussy Ford instruments. Why are so many rev counters x100 when x1000 is so much more sensible?


I remember driving Punto with a x100 rev counter once and getting totally confused between it and the speedo. I am a bit simple though, to be fair.

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My older cars have cool Smith's clocks and soft (ie: rubbish) white lighting, but I ain't got no night timey photies of them at present. Here's the Mental Murena. Note bonkers kilometrage.


PS: I am such a saddo that I sometimes go and sit in my heaps at night, as they look and (for some reason) smell groovy then.





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Late to the thread as usual:


Rover Group goodness:






Solihull 'glow-worm' lighting:





Notice how the Series II's dash lighting is much better than the 'modern' Ninety built 20 years later...


This one was tricky to get:


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Sadly the battery is flat on the GT6....




Granada looks like that when it wants to, which is quite often and totally random. Otherwise, it's a bit feeble, with the instruments buried down deep tunnels. And the smaller ones work like the lights, ie when they want and only then. I've run out of petrol a couple of times... :(

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I am quite disappointed with the wank fonts that modern manufacturers seem to be using here on the dials, they may as well be using comic sans. Also I find 20mph spacing looks a lot better than 10, less cluttered. I miss the BX and its tongue in cheek digital dash typeface, although the Subaru at least succeeds in looking mean and serious like all old Jap cars.

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Also I find 20mph spacing looks a lot better than 10, less cluttered.

I hate 20mph spacing. The problem is crowded speedos going up to 150+ when 99.9% of them will never even get near a hundred. One of the modern Astons has a horribly designed speedo, the difference on it between 20 and 30 and 40 is the width of a human hair, which must make town driving a pain in such a powerful car. What I'd like to see is an analogue speedo which only goes up to 100, after which a digital one takes over.


I like what VW do with their non linear speedos. It's in 10s up to 100, then 20s.

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