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  1. Knowing vulgalour like I do? Nope. 😋
  2. Always check the cracks in your hoes. You never know where they've been.
  3. Possibly! I took a quick look and the unit itself appears to be okay and the connectors are fine. I've also been told it may be the wiring under the bumper at fault, which would cause all of the sensors to stop working. I'll take a look when I remove the rear bumper, I have to remove it to repair some rust on the rear nearside arch anyway. Otherwise I'll get that code reader you listed (£130 isn't a bad price for a good reader) and see what codes get thrown up.
  4. I recently picked up an L322, 2006 supercharged jobbie, love it and it goes like stink but I'm having the long BEEEEEEP problem too with the parking sensors not working. Problem is.. I don't have a code reader. What code reader do you use with yours? I had a quick look on fleabay but they range from £5 pieces of crap all the way up to £400 all singing all dancing makes you a cuppa in the morning kits.
  5. I parked my new Range Rover L322 on the drive when vulg came back from the shops in the BX. Everyone else has been lovely with comments about how nice the 322 is, but what was the first thing vulg said to me? "Get that MONSTROSITY out of the way so I can park my BX." Me:🥺 But I moved. Because BX.
  6. I keep them open all the time, can't fail if they never move! 😂 ... seriously my AC is broken to hell.
  7. Just open the windows. 🤗 *hurriedly drives away in the P38, stalling every four seconds amidst a cacophony of dashboard beeps*
  8. .... so why do you need three cars? No offence mate but you already know exactly how this will end. You will likely keep the one with the most "street cred" which is usually the one that turns out to be completely fucked and/or rotten. Then start the cycle all over again. Fix the R8 and get rid of the other dead-weights. For the cost of what you're spending on the other vehicles you could get the R8 completely resprayed whatever colour you wanted. I thought that was the plan? I don't understand your thinking here, at all. You've already paid for a fuel tank. Fit it. I did thousands of pounds worth of work to that car FOR FREE and will be... annoyed... if you simply dump it for the sake of a coil and a bit of vibration from a lower engine mount. It's a lovely car with a completely sorted engine and a professional shop-quality HGF repair. The 1.4 K series is insanely cheap to run, cheap to tax, and not a terrible slouch. I will try to source the correct coil and the lower engine mount bushes for you. Pretty sure last time I did one of those mounts I could find the bushes sold separately. I was going to source them for Angyl but he stopped using the car then decided to sell it so I didn't bother following through with it. Although you are on your own regarding the cat, you can get one made from anywhere that makes exhausts for likely the same price, it's just a standard cat with different flanges TIG'ed on.
  9. Me and volksangyl won't be attending unfortunately, sorry guys, we're honestly both just too exhausted to do anything this weekend other than lay around and drool on the floor due to the heat and being massively over-worked. Neither of us feel like driving anywhere. Shitty excuse but them's the reasons.
  10. It's on a Sunday, 28th, so tough I'm dragging you there. Besides it's the last time I can show off the Supra before its tax runs out and I shelve it because oh lawd I have so much work to do on the suspension and bodywork.
  11. I'd be really worried about that, as my mum's dead.
  12. Awesome progress mate. Genuinely mean that. I wouldn't have the patience. I'm surprised you got anything done today, I've spent this mini-heatwave laying in my bedroom trying not to die from a combination of heat and sneezing my brains out through my nose.
  13. Echoing the above, if the subframe is solid just wire brush it (on a drill to make it quicker) and throw some paint on that bad boy then slap it back in.
  14. You answered your own question. I helpfully underlined it for you.
  15. Considering what your car looks like in a rear view mirror, I'm going to start calling it "the floaty menacer".
  16. I live with vulg so have seen some of the "requests" he gets first hand. It's made me question if the collective IQ of the general population even gets up to double figures.
  17. Ooo I didn't think of that! Thanks for the tip, I'll try that tomorrow. Also going to try using a block of wood and the power steering to force it off (and not caring if I bend the drag link because it's getting replaced anyway) and using a bottle jack and some wood to do the same. I have a few bodges.. er I mean "professional techniques".. I can try at any rate.
  18. Not "scrap it", but while searching for Supra parts for my Mk3 I came across this gem. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Supra-mk3/263984301598 £12,345 ... for a fucked, barry-boy'ed-up-the-arse, poor abused Mk3. Take the 1 off the front of that price and it'd be more realistic, but still too high.
  19. It's bouncy like "my rear dampers have failed" bouncy would be on traditional strut suspension. Not horrible though, don't get me wrong, it's only unpleasant if you're going over speed bumps or such and then it feels like it's bouncing for about fifteen minutes.
  20. The 2.5 DSE is slow as hell, but I did find out something interesting about that side of things. If you have a later one with the EGR valve, it also has a MAF sensor just after the air filter which not only operates the EGR valve but also helps calculate fuelling. Earlier DSE's without the EGR had a manifold air pressure sensor for fuelling calculation instead, which the EGR model lacks (as MAF's are more accurate). If the air filter hasn't been changed regularly, the MAF is likely not working properly. HOWEVER. This MAF has no feedback for operation to the BeCM, so you will get no error message when it fails or if it's failed already. After realising how unbelievably slow my DSE was after getting it back on the road, and learning about the above, I unplugged my MAF. Pulls like a bloody train now. Obviously not a proper fix, it needs a new MAF, but my god it's slow as a god damn snail with a knackered MAF plugged in. Must be stuck right at the bottom of the fuelling curve. With the MAF unplugged the BeCM defaults to pre-programmed curves.
  21. I love my P38 2.5 DSE, even if it is currently on a spring conversion fitted by Stevie Wonder's dog. Beep alarm fault beep EAS Manual beep sunroof not set beep bonnet open beep gearbox fault beep beep BEEP BEEP BEEP.
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