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A new day is dawning mx5 98 rusty af - seating sorted

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On 17/01/2021 at 13:04, hairnet said:

so hood was put on and chap said leave it up for a week or so to let it relax as it would be tight (fnarr) at first (no yoksher or scotsman jokes please)

due to the weather didnt have chance anyway so until today

had bought a wet.dry vac to sort out the damp footwells so did that and put roof down so it was easier

was i able to put the roof back up


pull roof forward hook clips are 6-7mm from hooking - no manner of pulling pushing a farting about would get them closer - only need one to clip on and the other side would do as its told

ffs - was gonna message fella about it - 'you know you said its tight - is there a knack when it new'

but then had a look at the frame and theres the main bit above the seatbelt/b pillar and i moved that about and realised if i pulled that forwards it would do the same to the front of the hood

how do i do that - i dont have 4 hands and the old git isnt strong enuff to help and i cant ask bro in law as social distance bollox etc

so i have one of these and tried this - it only needed gentle pressure forward so thought id give it a go,.........

only had to ratchet a few clicks and it was enuff to seat the clip

fucks sake - it wont be unfolded any time soon now i know this

ps its still less rusty than @eddyramrod's caddy (joke ed)

this doesnt count as reliability issue right :D

@gm 30 sec job took half an hour this nearly happened


this was close but had a cuppa instead then went back out

as i write this its just started raining - thank fuck its sorted




Just read this and remembered when I had a new roof put on mine, I needed to be the hulk to close it! It ended up being a  2 person job the first couple of times, but the more it was used the easier it became. 

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When I put a new roof on our mk1, It was about 3 inches away. 

I phoned mazmania in knutsford, and the guy laughed. 

Loosened all the bolts at the back, and it had enough material to close. Then tighten up the bolts. 

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