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  1. Hankook V12 Evo2 Tyre Review: The roadholding of this car is now limited not by it's tyre grip or suspension, but rather by the ability of my arse being able to stay on the driver's seat. In other news, I replaced the wiper blades.
  2. My modern Corolla (2011) is about the same size as the Carina E!
  3. I do often wonder why battery elsewhere in the world can last for decade. I've never personally seen a battery that lasted longer than 4. My modern Mazda 2 needed new battery after 2 years.
  4. Panasonic 60B24L generic lead acid. 48amp 420cca. The old battery was 46B24L which is 45amp and 325cca. It's funny how the old battery conked out exactly 3 years after it was purchased. (Prev. owners kept all the records) Almost as if it's a time bomb. 😆
  5. Having a day with nothing to do (yay!) so decided to finally make a long awaited visit to Jesada. Left overnight, the bastard thing wouldn't crank at all. Getting a jump from my other modern got it running to the nearby shop. After getting this initial charge by driving a bit the car would crank just fine. Surprise it with new battery then. 50 quid. I decided this was a bad omen and returned home immediately.
  6. 💯 The filter is easy here because on 4A-GE FWD application its at the front. And my exhaust manifold has no heat shield so you can reach it with no problem. No need for acrobatics. Wheel nuts are cheap generic item indeed! My wheels are 7x15 ET35. Hankook is okay depending on whether you can get them at competitive price (which for my region it is very affordable, they're still nearly 180 quid but RE003 is twice that, for whatever reason oil and tyres are expensive here). Its regional thing bla bla This has 4 extra Vs for the twink though.😋 Brown thing is... another Corolla! (Two generation prior).
  7. Time for new set of tyres. Still using Hankook but instead of shitty V2 Concept2 I went for V12 Evo2. 195/50R15. Old tyres lasted only 2 years and sub 30,000km, but maybe I abuse them too much. I wonder how long these 320 treadwear would last compared to the old 500. I can certainly report that the grip level is so much improved. Corners that the old tyres would gave up and send the back of the car to say hi at 100km/h, the new one does not even squeal. I can throw the car into any corners with confidence that I didn't have before. Almost like it's a completely different car! 😁 Tyres really are the best upgrade you can do to even old shite.
  8. I doubt the shipping cost would be much cheaper if it has to travel 1,200km here first! However, if the CV Boots are really the same as L200 Mira, it's readily available for not much money at all. Edit: From quick research I found that shipping would be about 4 times the cost of the CV boots itself (which is 20 quid). So unless there's an epic halfway across the world shitely mission I don't think it's viable. Other suggestions in this thread would work though!
  9. I'll try to get to the curator, the hope isn't high though as I don't think the place actually have a proper one. In the meantime, have this picture I discovered from 2013.
  10. The cars are already unlocked, it's just that if I try to open them they'll throw me out of the place. 😆 Those with vin on the inside will be okay though I think.
  11. I don't think I can get the VIN plates. But I certainly can get most detailed pictures as soon as I've got a day to spare. I've been thinking about making another visit for quite a while now anyway. The exhibit have been rotated though so there might not be all of them on display. I'll try to get as much as I can!
  12. My tyre valve stem covers were blue.. Instead of sourcing a black or grey one which takes time I just hand painted them black so it looks correct right when I wanted it and not a day or two later. I also use sharpie to blacked out my dashcam plastic chrome bits.
  13. Based on a mix and match E-Class and S-Class components. Available with basically the AMG 3.6 Inline 6 until 2014! It's very much like owning a W124 made entirely of cheap aftermarket parts.
  14. It's an advert for Yokohama tyres. 😆
  15. Fuck. Having my first FTP during the morning commute. The car starts to slowly overheating. By slowly, I mean, the first tell tale was slightly lower oil pressure due to heat before the temperature gauge began moving up. Made worse by traffic jam. I caught it very quickly and drive it to a safe location. No damage done to the engine, but clearly there was a fault. There's still plenty of water in it. This was morning commute so I called my dad for a backup vehicle and local Corolla enthusiast for a tow. Together they found that the fan wasn't moving and directly wired it in for testing and for my dad to drive home. Still not quite sure what happened at this point but it did got home without overheating again. After I got back, I took it to the mechanic specialised in these (we have mechanic specialised in E90 Corolla, believe it or not). And he found out the fan relay contacts are a bit corroded proving bad contact. So just the jiggling made them come back anyway. A bit more cleaning confirmed that the fan is more than okay. I felt quite stupid, but then again I've never had this happened before.
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