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  1. The Shaken sticker doesn't say it expired in 2016, it says it expired in Heisei 16 which is 2004. The circle sticker isn't the Shaken either, that's the square one in the middle. The circle is actually called Tenken-seibi and is actually a non-mandatory inspection perform by garages and dealerships, but it's so widespread that it's rare to see a car without it (self inspected). The Shaken sticker changed in Jan 2004 to become smaller and more detailed. I guess right before this car was exported. You pretty much got the last of the classic Shaken. That one doesn't show the year, the colour itself rotates every 4 years which determines when it expired. My source maybe incorrect but if it's green it expired in 2001, if it's blue it's probably 2003. P.S. Meiji 16 was 1883, Showa 16 was 1941 and Reiwa 16 would be 2034. There was no Taisho 16 because the emperor lasted only 14 and a half years. Most Japanese probably can do conversion in their head!
  2. I had that exact headunit in my Mazda 626. It is far better than it has any rights to be but it was getting bit flaky before I sold the car. I used the SD card slot for 80's tunes and the sound quality is about right.
  3. One of the HT lead just pop out slightly so it wasn't making good contact when it gets hot. I pull and push it back in and it's fine. Got me home safe and sound without any issue. Did 700km today and it took FOURTEEN HOURS.
  5. Yesterday Renault launched the new Scenic. It's now a Crossover EV.
  6. This car works so well the only thing I can contribute is some cool pic. I have done literally nothing to it since the last update but driving. The Japanese certainly knew how to make a car.
  7. Toyota Crown only went to having Monocoque in 1991. Then they kept making body-on-frame variant until 1999!
  8. I love these. It is one of my dream car. I wish I'd bought a nice saloon version when the price hasn't risen so much. They're so dorky it turns right back into cool.
  9. Exactly this. And if you think the V70 P3 was bad, the current V90 is even worse. Yes they've become stylish as hell, but sacrificing actual usefulness. The current V60 is a MASSIVE car compared to the 850 and even 700/900 series, but you wouldn't know from sitting in it and seeing the load space. When Volvo designed the 850 they talked about designing Delta Link rear suspension which allows for lower boot space, reducing the wheel well size to the minimum, putting mechanical bits way out front etc. all to improve inside space. They definitely don't do that anymore, which kinda defeats the point. And unless they bring back literal box on wheels it won't get any better.
  10. Time for me to contribute to this thread. This here is our current most common taxi. The legally "taxi meter". Colourful Corollas with the most well known one being yellow/green, that signifies it being a private taxi and not other hue which is corporate taxi. They all have strict age limit of 9 years and was recently (during pandemic) raised to 12 years with extra yearly inspection required. Most of them ended up completely shagged by about year 8. There are also other rules such as body dimensions and engine capacity of 1,500cc or over (or recently introduced kilowatt level for EVs). etc.etc. Something interesting that spurred me to make this post appeared on FB Marketplace recently for £1,700. These are "non metered taxi". As the name implied they're not equipped with meter and you have to haggle the fare with it's driver. They have absolutely no age limit and can be in service as long as you can keep it maintained and pass inspection. Not only that, the engine displacement and dimensions rule doesn't apply to this either. This is actually how taxis used to be in the good old days. "Taxi meter" only appeared in vast quantity in the early 1990's. The continued existence of such vehicle is only because the licence has been grandfathered from long ago. It used to be that licence for these also can be transferred to newer car, which means they're not all old tats, but that loophole has been closed for a few years now. Although the licence for these cannot be transferred to another car anymore, it still can be transfer to a new owner. Anyone can go out and buy this late 80's Corolla and if they have commercial permit they can drive it as a taxi. Even then the reality is they're endangered species and they won't breed (even in captivity). The number on the road is lessen with every passing year. Not only because the regulation have changed, but many people don't even realise that these are legal taxis so not many people hail them. If I had fuckton of money, time and resource it is my dream to buy one, get commercial permit, and occasionally picking up fares of those who are curious. But there are many other things I'd rather do before anyway...
  11. Renault 25 gearbox wouldn't be of much use as the output shaft send power to the sides!
  12. I just read that Peter Horbury has passed away. RIP. He's well known for making Volvo less square, with the creation of Volvo ECC concept back in 1992, which then became the P2 range of cars. That design language continues to evolve without completely changing every 5 years like BMWs. IMHO Volvos are still great looking for moderns and it's thanks to the guy. Lesser known fact is that he also had a hand in the design of the 850, with Jan Wilsgaard being head of design then (and it being the last car he did before handing it over to Horbury).
  13. Apparently all Volvos from something like 1979 is compatible with E10, the only manufacturer for that to be the case. Also considering SAAB is famous for making lot of horsepower on E85, it's probably Sweden thing like being alcoholic. Although I'm of the opinion that if the car is pushing 20+ years of age it's probably not unusual for rubber materials to deteriorate. Always a good idea to check fuel lines and other components regularly on old cars even if you always lob E5 in or whatever. Even more so if your car says it's compatible because that's not a guarantee the components will last forever.
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