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  1. I was going to explain a few of these but workload has made me forgotten to, sorry. Serpico was a popular movie back in the day and yes it resonates pretty well during the tumultuous 70's, although these day I doubt most who have them on would know what it's from or who he is anyway. The second sticker is usually found on emergency vehicle. Our healthcare system is unique in that a lot of ambulances operating on the road attending to accidents and other emergency are not the usual employed workers you'd expect but a group volunteers usually runs by charity organisation. This means there's very little typical regulation in place and the vehicle they use are provided by the volunteered drivers themselves and not fleet run by hospital or whatever. This means a lot of driver will modify their emergency vehicle to make it more personalised. This is where the sticker originated. Of course we have typical ambulances too, but those are rarer and respond only to medical emergency, heart attack and such. Not accidents. The woman removing panties? Not a clue.
  2. They drive waaaayyy better than any ordinary 1980's family saloon have any rights to. I can't wait to sort it out and use it again.
  3. SVM is quite far reaching innit
  4. I still have this thing. I was supposed to take it to a shop to sort out the air con compressor and alternator in September when the area where I store this thing got a flood warning. Do not worry though as I've preemptively moved it to the high grounds and it's perfectly safe even where I normally store it. The area is still flooded though so I can't get to it but maybe in a week or so I'll be able to. I bought some wheels for it as well. Period correct mesh in 15 inches so I can fit proper tyres on it. I have been looking for a set since forever and it's pretty much perfect. Can't wait to put them on. Not bad for 130£. Maybe when I properly get it back home I'll make a new thread...
  5. I still have this bastard thing. Covid restrictions lifted enough for me to have a chance to use it's show plate that @hairnet sort out for me. It did get quite a few looks. I haven't done much to it though. I did replace PCV components (should've done this way sooner) and the lambda light that haunted me since I bought this stupid yellow thing is gone. Success!
  6. Man, that Mazda. Electric windows, height adjustable seat, 2-litre engine. That's plush.
  7. Oh yeah. Got a Jaaag as well actually. I had this for many many years. It's AutoArt 1/18 in metal. One gripe I have is that when put together side by side the Volvo is slightly longer than the Jag, when in 1/1 the Jag should be slightly longer! Hmpf! Either AutoArt fucked up or Ottomobile fucked up. Or maybe online specs site fucked up and I need to find an XJS to verify.
  8. Still can see some bits that needs done. Although it does look what the finished article would already!
  9. Ottomobile 1/18 Resin Model. wrong colour innit m8
  10. If you'd like to do private hire and courier work in style, try to find a Proton. They're rare but they're the cheapest car that can do both of those things.
  11. That is a fair observation. But I have driven the 850 on 16 inch wheels and normal suspension and still find it pretty harsh. I have never driven them on 15 inches though so that might be acceptable. P2 and P3 rides better anyhow. That would be the better option if comfort is king.
  12. Do NOT get older Volvos. Especially the 850 and S70/V70 (P80). The later generation P2 (S60/S80/V70) are much much better riding. P3 are even more smooth. Lexus. The LS are all very smooth. The GS are only truly smooth if you go pre-2005, 1st and 2nd generation. But post-2005 are still pretty good. E-Classes of all generations I don't find to be particularly smooth to be honest. Especially after 2000. Not that they're harsh riding, but compared to some Lexi I find them to be a bit firmer.
  13. Anyone ever actually got paid to take a car? There's plenty of free cars for sure so in order to beat that I reckon that's what you need.
  14. Sold my Sapphire Cossie and got an excellent Nissan Bluebird 2.0 SLX. I think I am playing this game properly.
  15. Update. I went and bought a new relay anyway, thought maybe I should definitely rule it out better than sending 12v through it to see if it makes a contact and calling it okay. Nope. Wouldn't budge. So I called a mobile mechanic anticipating a faulty fuel pump. So he start diagnosing stuff and found that the power gets to the fuel pump no problem, and the car even starts when hot wiring the pump. So my mechanic did a test by wiring in a makeshift Nissan relay. It wouldn't fit of course but this is just a test. The car runs as it should and fuel supply stop as it should too. Guess where this is going? The original fuel pump relay is broken, of course. It dates from 1994. It would make a contact but when it gets hot it just jump back to open circuit. What I didn't expect was that the NEW fuel pump relay I've bought is also faulty and does the same exact fucking thing. I went back to the factor selling it and got a replacement, put it back in, car runs great again. I did not hot wiring the pump properly as well. That's why it didn't start before. But I am no expert in electronics. Job jobbed. I feel half stupid, but not totally unexpected.
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