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  1. It finally got an exhaust. Noisy.
  2. Yeah mine's totally worth 900 quid. Look at how much they go for, see?
  3. No worries, I indeed don't have any issue with static wearing the superb shirt. Although a lot of people do say that the pattern is shocking.
  4. Bloody hell, that took longer than expected. So, what exactly are we looking at? The car actually comes equipped with TD04HL-16T Turbo already. Punting that will net some pretty good cash back in the kitty. Nothing wrong with it exactly but an upgrade is an upgrade. What goes back on is the TD04HL-13T from later smol pressure model S70/S60. But it has been upgraded with billet compressor wheel and uprated wastegate spring. Along with higher flowing exhaust port and rebuilt kit. The S60R exhaust manifold was put on instead of t
  5. What could this mean... 🤔
  6. The influence of SVM expanded far beyond Scotland. 🧱
  7. Heyyyy. I spotted this Volvo on a visit to the very far north recently. I believe it was in Glasgae. Definitely. 100%. Can't be anywhere else.
  8. FYI, MG6 in various other market are compatible up to E85. Is there any difference between those markets and the UK one? Who knows!
  9. Yeah, good observation. Indeed it is not intended for the town to be guess. Maybe I should add some specific clues to the answers? 1 this L300 is specific to the Philippines, still being sold today. 2 intended answer indeed is only Myanmar. I do specifically remembers it to be Mandalay though so I added that. 3 easy, interesting enough it is right in front of the BMW Museum in Munich. 4 also easy Mexico. 5 can be inferred as Eastern Russia, where many crap old JDM cars are also being driving on the right. Vladivostok in this case. 6 crap old Prius is
  10. Yap, this thread flopped and died of death. But I still got to give the correct answer. 1 Philippines 2 Mandalay, Myanmar 3 Munich, Germany 4 Baja California, Mexico 5 Vladivostok, Russia 6 Mongolia 7 South Africa 8 Gibraltar 9 Argentina 10 Stockholm, Sweden
  11. I hope most of you are aware of what Geoguessr is. It's basically a game where you're randomly plop down on Google Streetview and you have to guess where you are. This is Geoguessr, but with cars. I've attached 10 pictures of cars I've captured on Google Streetview, you have to answer in which country these picture are taken (bonus e-point for which city it is). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. I'll pro
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