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  1. Drove it 160km today to it's permanent new home. Waiting for covid shit to get better so hairnet can come here.
  2. Yup. They'll be together for exactly one night (in Bangkok). Come to think of it that might as well have been an Abba song. Well, Bb.
  3. Genuine Motorsport badge: 30 quid. No. Duct tape and permanent marker: free. Yes. Hilarity: priceless.
  4. Hey how did you take a picture of my ca... oh wait. Doesn't work here I'm afraid. Lambda light is due to LPG addition. Added Garfield. Aerosol the exhaust tip black.
  5. Yes, this is the dash at night from my latest acquisition. Courtesy of a friend.
  6. Make that a huge fat yes. The interior has diagnostic port hole behind the coin holder but when you remove the cover you'll be greeted with absolutely nothing. ?
  7. I meant it could have the 2435cc engine block from the AWD model (also shared with V70, C70 and FWD 2.5T), many of which are available from Japan. Not that is has AWD system. Or it could just be the later 2522cc engine which is even more common. ? It doesn't have the proper T-5 2319cc engine though.
  8. 35-litre donut spare wheel well tank. Practicality is still king. ? And it's currently using 20% ethanol fuel just to complete the alternative fuel solution bingo.
  9. I'm not quite sure if it's an AWD 2.4 or later 2.5. Goes like stink is what I know. I apologise for considering any rear suspension system where I can just replace fewer than 8 bushings to be Torsion Beam. ? Also. Pez shot. But hey. There's more. Gas shot. FUEL OF THE FUTURE.
  10. So now that the dust have settled, what have I actually bought? It's a Volvo 850 GLE. This means that it was the base of the base. N/A and very little option comparative to other more affluent model. But it still got climate control, central locking, electric seats, airbag and many more. But that's besides the point now because it hasn't really been a GLE for years. Especially now that the engine is from a T-5 Turbo model. The T-5R model really is more like an appearance package than a real special edition anyway. The only dif
  11. Just to be clear to anyone questioning about it's authenticity. I will not tolerate that kind of thinking in my thread. As far as I'm concerned it identifies as a T-5R. Even the badge says so.
  12. Collected! Home and absolutely knackered. 2 hours to do 50km. This is what it's like living in Bangkok. It's already dark so this will be the only picture for now. The drive home was glorious. I think the previous owner was a fan of Minion though that's why it's painted yellow I dunno.
  13. I nearly bought an S16 once! ?
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