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eBay tat volume 3.


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13 minutes ago, Soundwave said:

Have we had this yet?


No photo description available.

EllPeeGees! Super subtle install, you barely know it's th.... oh.

No photo description available.

Damn ive been beat to it.......if i hadnt just got the combo - this would have been outside Bezza Towers!!!

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This looks great, nice colours too:


Its very beige! Surprisingly there is very little rust to speak of,
It gets better:
Dashboard is a lovely shade of brown!
These colour choices are infinitely better than black or even grey which are all too common now.
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22 minutes ago, DVee8 said:


A second gen Alto is like a Rolls compared to these things. Noisy, flimsy rubbish that breaks often, and driven by either 86 year olds who are almost blind, or 16 year olds who think slapping stickers and a wing on a 5 bhp diesel microcar and then driving it as fast as possible is really cool. 

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4 hours ago, Alan_Green said:

This looks like the BP station on the Finchley Road going towards Swiss Cottage...

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17 hours ago, Soundwave said:

I wonder why? Just no market for Tempras? Looked at the MOT history, doesn't seem to be anything too horrific on there, aside from a little welding in 2018.

I would guess people are nostalgic for tipos and unos. But maybe the tempra was never common enough to get a big following. The cluster is damaged and I spent a few minutes looking around for a replacement (I would just swap out the cover) but had no luck finding a LHD one. 

I bet if it had the digital dash It would have sold by now as people would that! 

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