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Tickman's stuff. Tidying up


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The polo demanded more attention by snapping the spring on the other side. 

Into the workshop it went with the Insight having a little dry out after a quick trip to Manchester.


Not an old spring either.


These were in bits and have been replaced


I don't really mind using these at all


They are courtesy of @sdkrc after I did his Lexus springs quite a while ago.

After I'd put all that back together I decided to use my time more wisely and gathered the tool chests in the one area instead of virtual as far away as possible.


I then had had enough and went home leaving the Insight to get on with dry January.

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I treated myself to one of these after having a look at the one @dome has 


What an amazing piece of kit, wish I'd got it ages ago.

I changed some exhaust hangers on the Clio.



The exhaust heat shield needed removing to adjust the handbrake and it just undid with my new ratchet.


I've been doing little bits as I've gone along as it is an excellent little car. All this was in preparation for today and resulted in this.


That will do.

Underneath needs a clean up and rust proofed for the future and I'll probably refresh some of the suspension bits as I go as it all seems original from 2001.

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14 hours ago, Supernaut said:

'm curious to see what the fix for the idle is...

What is this 'fix' you mention...

Being serious the issue is wiring. MAP sensor wiring has a dodgy connection on one wire and the wiring to the idle air control valve doesn't seem to do anything really.

I need to learn and implement wiring skills!

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  • Tickman changed the title to Tickman's stuff. VAG shite

The Polo decided to put on a EPC warning light which was followed by the engine management light so it wasn't lonely at the weekend, this led to an Ask a shitter question with many answers saying the brake pedal switch.

As it is used by my better half I didn't want to pull it apart and leave it broken.

I used Amazon's handy order a part you might require and we'll will refund if you send it back service.

I've just removed the old switch and it was a bit odd with now moving smoothly so put the new part in and cleared the codes.

Seems happy but time will tell if anything else is wrong, which there obviously is as it is a VAG group car and I never buy the best example of anything because I'm an idiot.

Thank you Amazon for this very reasonably priced part, less than £9 is stupid value.PXL_20240222_102745675.thumb.jpg.2208bffdeff951618566343ac8effc09.jpg

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  • Tickman changed the title to Tickman's stuff. Back to doing bits.

Time to get on with stuff.

I order some service bits for the Clio as I've done 5,800 miles since the start of November.

I went to remove the old pollen filter but it was empty, not any more.


Next up was the air filter.


Quite simple right at the back of the engine.


I checked the spark plugs and they seemed ok


Then the oil and filter, wonder when it was last changed I doubt it was long ago 😂


The oil was very thin, it has had a refill from the Manol oil deal that was posted about on here.

That is the 'maintenance' side of things taken care of.

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As I have been racking up the miles I have been driven mad by the buzzing of the rear speakers so I decided something needed done about it.

Halfords didn't stock the correct Pioneer speakers for £30 that I had checked in store so I had to look elsewhere, Amazon came up with the new version of the same speakers for £13.94. Result!

This was the problem


This was the solution


I also fitted one of these as recommended by @loserone


I was then recommended a music player app by @juular and it has been getting a work out since.

This also got fitted from my stock of them.


I do still have to do something about the wiring issue but 🤷‍♀️

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My youngest who has the Aygo purchased from @davehedgehog31 mentioned the right indicator was becoming troublesome. This is a common thing with the switch and it needs a strip and clean which I did on her previous Peugeot 107 also purchased from @davehedgehog31 but this time she was only going to be home briefly as she is about to start her final exams so I ordered a high quality* item from eBay for about £13 and swapped it out like so





Then the clock spring comes off and the whole lot comes off when you squeeze the metal spring clip together, taking the two screws out and moving the speedometer out of the way makes it much easier and quicker.

Once done a quick reassemble and you are done.

The new switch is really cheap shit so I can sort the original one now and refit it before it's MOT is due.



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It was the Polos turn today.

Old pollen filter looked fine but I had a new one...


That should make a difference.

Then the air filter. On this car the housing is part of the engine cover with 7,000 screws holding it together. That got changed and all this detritus was disappeared as well.


The sump plug came out no bother with two copper washers and ptfe on it as well. I think it was done up quite tight!


Nothing wrong with the plug or the sump so I cleaned it all back and it was screwed back together.

The oil filter was a bit awkward as I had to take a bracket off to get it away from the engine. It was also rather tight so the new one went on hand tight with a bit of oil on the face. Glad this wasn't done on the drive as this would have made it very awkward.

I also don't have a drive!

Normal service of nothing happening should now resume for a few weeks.

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  • Tickman changed the title to Tickman's stuff. MOT time rolls around.

The MOT on the Insight was coming up so a bit of a look over the car and put a few miles on it were required. It hadn't really been used since the start of November due to the Clio's arrival.

Just over 300 miles were put on it over the last few days and the MOT was first thing this morning.


Happy with that. Now time to spend some money on it.

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Another one done.


Windscreen replaced after last year's test and the speedometer replaced due to the failure of the indicator tell tale.

Seems to be doing ok as a little car. Another one of the previous @davehedgehog31 fleet.

It belongs to my youngest, she has driven and had three cars two of which came from @davehedgehog31 and the other, a Clio, was found by the @320touring TTT App.


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  • Tickman changed the title to Tickman's stuff. Tidying up

Had a few days away visiting places in Scotland, took the Polo which did a great job of just working and I was very impressed with the economy it can give for a 1.4


Today I have been carrying on with sorting out the workshop with a bit of a reorganise and paint of the floor.

Not looking too bad


I had to move stuff about to get the nice clean space to paint so now I've this pile to sort when the floor is dry.


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Youve reminded me i keep thinking i must paint the garage floor, was going to do the standard red oxide type colour but that blue has got me thinking, easier to see dropped small parts against for sure

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3 hours ago, Stinkwheel said:

Youve reminded me i keep thinking i must paint the garage floor, was going to do the standard red oxide type colour but that blue has got me thinking, easier to see dropped small parts against for sure

The tins were in the reject part of my local Johnstone's decorators centre for less than £10 each, I believe they are nearer £80 a tin.

Happily someone didn't like the colour mixed!

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