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Autoshites *official* WANTED/OFFERED thread...

Lord Sterling

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On the Convoy they like to hang out of the bonnet too. (They used to break themselves as well as the interior BL door handles on the 'buses I used to drive) Think the only difference is the L-piece on the underside. The visible top is the same.

They're identical ldvs never machined the bonnet holes well so was always a bugger to fit or they popped under pressure. We were advised in main dealers to file the paint off the bonnet holes. Yeah cause ldvs don't have enough rot issues


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I have got the Ex Fat-Pirate Rover 75 V6 Auto Connisseur with the bonked engine. I want it to sort out the issues I have with my own 75 V6 Auto SE Club Touring, so I want to hold onto the ABS stuff as my light is on and heater stuff as I only get luke warm air, but the rest is up for grabs.


Modest prices as this forum has always been good to me and I am just trying to recoup my collection costs from Hamshire. Sets and pairs of things are better and the more you have the lower the prices can be.


The car is in my field near to Buckingham and it is a take it off yourself situation.


Borniteldentity has requested a few bits so what do you want?







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I'm in Aylesbury so no problem! I'll get back to you because I don't know when my next day off work will be and I work down in Denham. Very interested, but don't hold it if someone else wants it!


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Ok, at the moment I am only offering it on this forum as it was the generosity of this forum I have it.

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Not sure if this is for car parts but I have for free a lot of bits off a mk5 Astra Sri 2.2.


I bought the car for the engine only really but after taking a quick look at it she's a really solid bus, seems to have a few Sri exclusive parts on it such as skirts,spoilers, bumpers etc.


Most mechanicals will be removed, reason being a vaux lots of bits double up with my zafira so I'll try and keep most of those bits at least.


I want nothing at all for the parts but the car will be scrapped pretty soon after the engines out, I'm happy to remove and store a few bits if anybody wants them, car is black and seems pretty rust free.


Might keep a few others going as they seem to have done ok over the years longevity wise.


Message me on here would be easiest.

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Shite tool chest that has been badly spray painted yellow on the top box with overspray on the bottom - £25


Clarke freestanding parts washer - £70 (enough paraffin to fill it free if you want it but it's used)


12T hydraulic press - £60 (they're £82 on eBay)


Old but useful workshop oil drainer with a pneumatic pump for draining - £40


Headlight beam tester with rails - ancient Hella brand no longer certified for MOT - £30


Home made workbench - 2m long worktop with wooden frame and vice - FREE to collector


SGS Engineering engine crane (1T) and engine stand - £100


AVDI/FVDI (ABRITES COMMANDER) - key programming, diagnostics etc - £250


Lexia/Diagbox/PP2000 - £60


Delphi DS150 diagnostics (USB port faulty, Bluetooth still works fine) - £30


Buy all of the diagnostic gear and I'll throw in the laptop with the software on for all of them!

Engine crane/stand, toolbox and FVDI are gone.

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