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Shite in Miniature II

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I had that Airfix cata!ogue!  Of the "Modern" cars shown , the only one I didn't have was the Sunbeam Rapier, I built at least one of everything else, and in many cases, several.  I had many of the "Vintage" types too.

I remember the Austin Maxi back seat was often warped...

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My memory of a full size Maxi is of a car that needed constant attention; turned out to be two cars welded together; and filled up with smoke from a short behind the dash.  I owned it for some of the spring and summer of 1986, when I was dating a horse-loving girl named Julie,who had a green Audi 80.  We never got to fold the seats down!

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1 hour ago, eddyramrod said:

My memory of a full size Maxi is of a car that needed constant attention; turned out to be two cars welded together; and filled up with smoke from a short behind the dash.  I owned it for some of the spring and summer of 1986, when I was dating a horse-loving girl named Julie,who had a green Audi 80.  We never got to fold the seats down!

I remember cut & shuts being a problem in the 1980s but I've never heard of Maxi being given the treatment.

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On 11/14/2020 at 7:47 AM, bunglebus said:

Could I grab that one? Don't mind slipping a few quid in the tat fund.

Daaah, sorry - it was claimed via PM on Friday!

I'll look for another one the same for you, though - I tend to just pick up any trailers I can find these days, as they're generally really cheap and people tend to have a use for them.

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Always intrigued me, being shown in the 1980 Corgi catalogue.  


The X-Ploratrons were four vehicles, each equipped with its own novelty tool: Magnifying glass ; Compass ; Mirror ; Magnet.  Cor!


There was a marketing campaign in magazines, of sorts


Can't think I ever had a friend who had one.  Didn't take off, so dropped after a year

Much more info here https://mikepigottsdiecasttoysandmodels.wordpress.com/2018/10/14/corgi-x-ploratrons/

Any one have one?  Anyone still have one?  

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Amazing to see that at least 2 models in that Airfix range are still current, I have the Escort and Herald. They're pretty detailed for the size, I really like mine. The solid plastic wheels add a touch of, eh, nostalgia.

Speaking of kits, I made a start to this which I got from Mr Lawrence.

I'm going for the black colour scheme. This also appears in the 1991 Tamiya Catalogue I got from @Datsuncog. I'm quite excited about this one as I loved the real car as a kid and sorely regret foolishly selling my lovely 1/18 Revell NSX for a tenner to a 'collector' who was only too happy to oblige. This has a similar level of detail.





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54 minutes ago, Frogchod said:

Just repainted a Buick Riviera. 

I was surprised to find a load of prisms inside. 

Shine a light in the cabin and the lights come on 😁


An Led and button cell might have to be fitted... 


Cool aren't they? But they don't work as well as the ones on the Toblerone VW van



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Part of the 99p each stash was this


Any ideas?  Not found it in any catalogue as-yet


Quite likely fantasy


But still, it's a good size, all of 6 1/2 inches long


So should it be left as-is?  It's seems the driver came to a sticky end.


Or given a make-over?


Will have to see.  Found another for sale,  Its rear number plate sticker would read 'GE1969' and the side stickers read '18 GENEVA'

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Yet another arrival for the bulging Corgi cabinet this weekend...



Mmmm, it's the C403 Chevrolet Superior Ambulance, as seen in the Corgi lineup between 1978 and 1980.

Complete with occupant.


In he goes.



Off to the hospital with you, me bucko. They'll have that aubergine out in two shakes of a lamb's tail.


Although obviously based on the Chevrolet panel van, this was a completely different casting with much more detail - the panel van had completely flat sides to facilitate stickers, while this has properly picked out doors and handles. It also has side windows, and a unique roof and rear door treatment.


I did pick one of these up at a jumble sale c.1990 - aside from heavy chipping, it was also missing the larger of the two rear doors.

For reasons that are now unclear, I thought the transparent side windows were somewhat unrealistic, and so painted over them in white enamel.

Yeah, that looked great.

I probably also went over the chassis detail in silver paint; I had a very strange idea I was super-detailing my models.


I don't even know what became of it; I may have sold it at a car boot sale ten years back, or it may have ended up in my mother's P4 classroom toybox.

Ah well. This one's in really nice condition with only a few small paint marks - I'd had my eye on a mint and boxed example, complete with paramedic figure and all, but it went and sold before I could make my mind up.

Probably just as well, as it was triple the price and anyway, I awoke this morning to a text from my bank advising I was now overdrawn and would I like to schedule a little chat to discuss finances?

I probably should, just in case the bank dude wants to buy a load of scratched Lesneys.

And I've more boxed Corgis currently in the post, so I probably should dial it back a little on the diecast auction front, for a while...


But! How could anyone resist that purposeful front end?

Scratty diecast: the cause, and solution, to many of life's problems.



(Fret not, I'm not potless - had just forgotten to move cash from one account to the other. But still, a phone message you don't wanna see on a Sunday morning... and a reminder I should probably get round to listing some of those models that have been offered out with no takers...)

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