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Shite in Miniature II

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Hi all, I'm back! (again)

Am grabbing some time before Mrs_Jon awakes to show you a few more pics of my time travelling trip. As you may remember, I was bangin' around in a Buick Riviera last time:



Well, I fancied a change again, so I saw this parked up at the side of the road:


The old fella out back had it up at a nifty price, I thought. That said, I still think in 2020 money, so it probably wasn't. This was a quiet little spot, so I imagine his chip and pin machine hasn't been set up properly yet, as I had to pay cash. Consider this a pez shot though, as he filled the tank for me. Should last 175 miles or so, I reckon!



Drives quite nicely, I must say. It is quick, though! Slender axles make for good progress but the suspension is very springy.



Found this newly established business and thought I'd check it out. The owner was a bit of a nob though, so I assured him that the video market of the future would definitely back Betamax 100% of the way.




Stopped off at this appealing little joint, as I fancied something simple and unfussy - like Jamaican jerk tofu with charred pineapple and red pepper salsa, with sides of lime and chilli corn on the cob and a purple potato and kumara salad with beans and organic breads*. You know, the usual fare. Would you believe the blank expressions on their faces when I asked for such a dish? It's like I was speaking another language, or something!!



So I pulled into this establishment, as I saw the truck stop sign and we all know how these fellas like that kind of stuff, to eat on the go. But again, same response. I think it must be my accent.



Mistakenly, I tried my luck at this place but like their signs said, it was fine foods only - corn dogs and hamburgers, mostly. I'm not some la-di-da made of money bloke, so off I tore, in a pang of hanger. Sadly, the raw power ripping through those skinny axles and springy suspension caused me to fishtail across the road and smash into a resting Pinto. I was lucky to escape the ensuing inferno but sadly, the 'Vette was toast.

Thankfully, my teleportering time machine thing (check it out on the app store on your phone) meant I could zip out of this sticky scenario and zap into a car hire lot, filled with the swankiest of gas guzzling excess.




More adventures next time!


* said meal is actually what I'll be eating at work on Monday! 


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A few new things came this week

Tesco/Sainsbury's finds,the Dodge is available if anyone wants it


The accidental eBay purchase,this is a nice model,just not something I wanted.It's available for £13 posted,which is about half of what I paid 🙄


Then the one I was really looking forward to arrived from Canada


It's the base for the Matchbox Service Station which @Datsuncog got for me a few weeks ago on Tat Friday!


Pictures to follow when I've set it up.

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A few pictures of the Service Station.The BP sign needed a new base,so I used the lid from a contact lens holder for now.I already had the ramp,bought a while back just in case.Somewhere in.my flat is the Matchbox sign for the roof of the building,but can I find it? 😂20201017_125105.thumb.jpg.39198b0df12109398d3c43b269b7bf8d.jpg



And with a few cars added







I'm really pleased with this,I had one years ago,but it disappeared when I moved out of my Parent's house.

Thanks again DC !

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2 hours ago, junkyarddog said:

^^^^^Eddy is looking for the Dodge police car!


Real Eddy not smoll Eddy I hasten to add!


Yes Real Eddy is!  And would be delighted to rehome it, PM me please!  Was it alone, or were there more?  I'd like a couple more if they're available...

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5 hours ago, sierraman said:

Despite having no space for it I’m now trawling eBay for a cheap Camargue to restore. 

You'll need almost 3 acres for a Bburago Camargue

Slight* exaggeration, but still

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9 hours ago, sierraman said:

Despite having no space for it I’m now trawling eBay for a cheap Camargue to restore. 

This one is for sale on a Facebook Banger Racing model pageScreenshot_20201017-190629_Facebook.thumb.jpg.f33812979516d7a951f65ccbea0504b1.jpg

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6 hours ago, junkyarddog said:

Sweet Norev Renner!

Nice find, the models with steering are always a bit rarer too. I like the little hole by the front wheels to insert a matchstick or what have you to keep the axle straight.

Model launched in 1961 according to my Norev bible.  Actually, looks like all ondines had the steering, luxury model I suppose!

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Another example of Smoll Eddy's wheel swapping exploits is this 70's skyline.

One of my favourite castings, but let down by the wheels.


Eddy generously offered to replace them with a set he had down the lock up.


Looks much better now Smoll Eddy!!

"I likes a bit of BDSM now and then M8"

Erm......don't you mean JDM Smoll Eddy?

"You have your hobbies and I have mine M8"



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More superfun time in the post this morning... further additions to the exponentially growing Corgi 1/36 collection...



Mmm... It's the Mercedes Benz 240D with caravan, otherwise known as Gift Set 24 from the Corgi 1975 catalogue.

Now, all I really wanted was the Merc in blue, but for some reason the single vehicles listed in well-known online auctions were more expensive than this full car and caravan combo. Go figure.

I had a decent caravan before, but sold it on. Which was a pity, as this one has a busted tow hitch.


Strange that the caravan came with a numberplate, but the car never did.


Still, the Mercedes is in pretty good shape, all told. There's a few small marks on the paintwork, and a bit of wear to the chrome plated parts, but it's plenty good enough.



This happens to be a replacement for one I lost around 1990... well, I say lost. 

What happened was, my brother (in P1 at the time) announced one morning - while actually on his way out the door - that he had to bring something into school for the Blue Table.

(Dunno if that was something anyone else had to do in infants school - bring in a colour-themed item that would be grouped with others on a table for a week, and discussed at some point. I think.)

My mother, put on the spot rather, ran upstairs and grabbed the first blue thing she could find - my Corgi Mercedes 240D, which happened to be on my bedside table. Which then found itself on the Blue Table - and, almost immediately afterwards, found itself being stolen by a five-year-old delinquent called Lester.

I was raging: at the thieving little shite in my brother's class; at my mother for having lifted one of my favourite cars; at my brother for being gormless and not having remembered in advance to find something blue that wasn't mine.

Finally, thirty years later, I have my replacement.

Although, weirdly, in my memory this was a lighter shade of blue, and not metallic.

But that's okay.

Also, something that intrigued me in the listing for this one was the assurance that it "includes boot luggage". Now, I know that some earlier Corgis came with little plastic suitcases and the like, but I didn't think ones of this era came with such things. But hey, I'm all for accessories.

But on investigating...


Yeah, I'm not sure I'd call a block of wood jammed in the boot 'luggage'...

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The rule used to be never take anything to school you would mind losing. Some thieving twat nicked my Superkings Jaguar XJ6 Police Car at primary school.

We had a sort of concrete car track built into a bank, thinking back it was a big bank of screed with some roadways troweled into it, bridges made from timber and tunnels from drain trunking. I suppose we were lucky to have such a facility but on the other hand thinking back the latent light fingered nature of the wider community made it something you couldn’t actually enjoy. 

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