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  1. Since last month there is no need to display insurance vignette. ANPR exists and Les flicks carry an ipad type thing.
  2. Be aware that there are a few public holidays this month. Next Wednesday and Thursday France will be more closed than usual. 19/20th are also holidays. We take our holidays seriously here, very few, if any, shops will be open. As it should be 😁 Hammers and spanners here in Normandy if needed. A long way off your course though...
  3. Here in Frogshire rego docs must be with you. I've gotten away with photocopies. Still remember Les flicks being mildly miffed when they asked for rego and insurance and I just pointed at my C6 which happened to be in flames at the time 🥴
  4. I second Rock auto... Order Sunday and you'll have the bits by Thursday 😊 Oh, and pre pay import duties at checkout to avoid FedEx handling charges and daft made up customs charges.
  5. It's just thawed out here... more snow predicted tonight ☃️
  6. Pickup is staying here. 5 minutes of Welsh weather and it'd rust away.
  7. It's been a while 😐 But today I've paid the registration fees. Main hold up was the VIN being incorrect on the V5 😫 Lots of extra photos, documents and finally an explanation of GM VIN numbers showing what the actual serial number is. Should have the new log book in the next few days 😄 It's been so long that the insurance company reduced cover to minimum, new log book will reinstate proper cover.
  8. Is that a Gruau? Mine is a Durrisotti
  9. Home at last... Fecking glad to see the back of the M6/40/23/25 😫 and the 62mph middle lane dawdlers. That's the white cliffs of Dieppe... 130 kmh all the way home from here 😁
  10. I'm on my way 😄 Through customs, now waiting to be boarded. The joys of UK traffic await me 😕
  11. I'm now officially on holiday Midnight ferry tomorrow, arrive 5am 😝 One stop in Lambourn , then oop north ish and left a bit... ETA 3ish on Friday. Deffo be an early ish night on Friday... I will have pastis with me ....purely as a sleeping aid... bring a glass/mug/empty beer bottle if you fancy a snifter Count me in for air museum.
  12. By coincidence * I've managed to wrangle the time to attend 😁 Friday and Saturday nights camping no breakfasts Unfortunately the buick, caddy and C15 pickup are staying here 😞
  13. Another parcel has arrived from Rockauto. 😁 Amongst the part was a cam position sensor. Obviously the cam position sensor is conveniently placed under the dizzy rotor... Basterd fiddly to remove 😫😫 Check engine light is now out 😁 Hopefully get a few more mpgs too.
  14. Headlight bodge worked 😁 Controle Technique has been achieved. Usual two year one for now. Next one will be for five years as it'll be registered as a classic. At least I hope so, I'm still waiting on rego docs 🤔
  15. Headlights are indeed RHD. Bulb orientation has been doctored... Hopefully good enough to please CT tester. On the plus side, the rear lights are fine for EU use 😁
  16. Cadillac registration is still ongoing... Failed CT on tyres and headlights, loads of advisories... Three big boxes of goodies have arrived from Rockauto. Discs, pads, all filters, plugs, dizzy cap, bearings etc etc. All will be fitted over the next few weeks. The Buick hasn't been forgotten, I think I sorted the flat battery issue. I've been for a waft in it today. I think prefer it to the Caddy 🤔
  17. Spotted this at a car show this weekend. Despite the well know Graue specialist vehicle builders sticker it was obviously made with a can opener and a few sheets of plywood. I've no idea how it gets past CT here 🙄
  18. It's been a while since I moved house. Only just got around to unpacking some models Added some lighting to one of my cabinets too. Some new additions as well 😁 Having just inflicted a 1:1 1992 cadillac eldorado upon myself, collecting all 12 marks of eldorado is my new obsession 🤔
  19. 1976 Found stuffed between floorboards today.
  20. First hurdle achieved 😁 I've been in contact with a customs official who actually lives in the real world and understands there's grey between the black and white of the rules. With a little* forgery an import certificate should arrive soon 😁 Just got to pay 77 euros. Next is an application to FFVE (frogshire national classic car association) for an attestation. After that it's the dreaded ANTS (frogshire DVla)
  21. That Merc was a bag o shite. It made unhealthy creaking and groaning noises as it was loaded. Slow as feck, down to 30kph on the hills. Probably more forward thrust from the clouds of black smoke from the exhaust...
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