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  1. On a local Classic Car page a request was placed at short notice inviting older cars to partake in a display for the residents of a Care Home. The residents had been at the home without many visitors due to the current pandemic, so the carers organised a day where they could be involved in something which could bring back memories and also liven their spirits. With the Farina being one of the most recognisable British cars of the 1960's I volunteered to bring my 1964 A60 Cambridge and after a word with a mate the 1950's were represented with his very nice 1956 A40. We were welcomed with open arms by the staff at the home and brought many smiles and much nostalgia to the residents with plenty of photos of them taken with both cars during the couple of hours we were there.
  2. Had this out again over the weekend after sitting since March. Sadly I've noticed white smoke when pulling away, a drop in coolant and Pancake Mix in the Rocker Cover so looks like it's off with the Cylinder Head soon. 😔
  3. A 50's saloon has been on my want list for a long time- These Austins aren't the most desirable of them but cars from this era don't come up for sale often and there's plenty of bodged up crap around I could have wasted time and money viewing. This one I saw back in 2012 drew me to the A55- not perfect but it was a daily driver and used for touring both at home and abroad. Also had the rare optional Borg Warner Overdrive fitted.
  4. Thanks everyone for the advice on the drivers seat, I'd like to avoid a retrim so will look into how it could be repaired. I'm also monitoring ebay and the Cambridge Facebook group on the off chance a good seat from a scrapper comes up! It does have some bodywork blemishes up close however I'm not too fussed, I'd rather have an old car with some patina and imperfections than a minter that could only be used sparingly. With the B Series it should be easy to maintain and ideal for Sunday jaunts or Weekends away, avoiding Motorways if possible. Hopefully the past few years it's spent being religated for shows will become a thing of the past...
  5. Aftermarket, it was left to the owner to deicide on what make and model to fit. I have a receipt in the history file from 1998 for the refurbishment of a Radiomobile 20X Valve Radio like this one, however this is long gone and an unplugged 70's Transistor set is now in its place.
  6. I've had this just over 6 months now but have made few posts about it. Seeing as there is interest in BMC stuff on here I might as well create a thread and hope to update it as I work my way through the car. The A55 was an updated version of the A50 Cambridge introduced in 1957 and produced until 1959, with a restyled front and rear, enlarged rear window, 13" wheels and a high compression 1500 B Series engine. Finished in Tweed Grey with Cherry Red trim, it was originally registered KEE 389 and had three owners in Grimsby. The third owner bought the car in 1964 and kept it until he gave up driving in 1984, and it would have been an unusual sight even then as most had been scrapped by the early 70's. It then went up to Driffield, East Yorkshire then in 1990 it was sold at an Antiques Auction in Banbury. It was bought by someone in Streatham, South London who retained the plate and it was re-registered as OYM 743A- these were the days before age related plates were issued by the DVLA. After that it spent 7 years off the road when it was recomissioned by the next owner in nearby Tooting and then pressed into service as a daily driver. In 1998 it was sold again and went up to Stotfold, Bedfordshire and the new owner had the dateless plate KSJ 128 allocated to the car. The paper trail then goes cold but by 2006 it changed hands yet again, going to Bedford then to Biggleswade in 2010. In this time it received a respray, rechromed bumpers and headlamp trims. The two photos above were taken at a show at Knebworth House that year. Anyway that's enough of beating around the bush, last year I was chatting to a friend who is a member of the local Austin Seven Club about 1950's cars and he mentioned a member had recently passed away and his family had this A55 to dispose of. He had reversed it into his garage in 2017, had a heart attack shortly afterwards so stopped driving and it remained there since. He bought it in 2011 as his wife had MS and they needed a more modern and practical car for shows then their 1936 Seven Opal. I did see it a few times at some local events and remembered how straight the car was. I made an offer to his family which they accepted and a friend of the late owner freed the seized brakes off (only rusty drums luckily) and trailered it down to me free of charge. A couple of photos from before the lockdown. The clutch was replaced in March, we suspect the very worn old plate was the original. It's very peppy to drive and is content to sit at 60 all day, the Column Change is easy to use too. I would like to source a better driver's seat in time and replace the mainly original wiring with a new loom from Autosparks.
  7. Took the A55 Cambridge for a jaunt around the local countryside yesterday, its first decent run for a couple of months. The clutch has now been replaced (we suspect the very worn old plate was the original) and I now have a reliable Temperature Gauge thanks to a new sender unit. There's still some more jobs left to do but they can be put on hold for now until the current situation improves. I'm very pleased with the car.
  8. I has working Fuel Gauge. These are a sought after thing in Pre-Farina Cambridge circles but I was fortunate to be offered a whole Instrument Cluster taken out of an A50 in the 60's and stored in an attic since. The Temperature Gauge on these cars is arse about face, the needle starts at H and works its way up to N.
  9. 64A60

    eBay tat volume 3.

    COD Lives! https://www.classiccarsforsale.co.uk/austin/cambridge/329907 http://www.acwcc.org/Pages/30/Featured-Members-Vehicles.html
  10. I took the A55 to the (heaving) Stony Stratford Vintage gathering today. Only a 70 mile round trip on A and B roads but the longest distance I've done so far in it. Was mostly ignored by the spectators because dull 50's British saloon but I did have a chat with the neighbour of the previous (now deceased) owner and a chap who owned a identical example in 1968 and wanted a sit inside. I was also interviewed and photographed by someone from Classic Car Weekly so might be in the next issue...
  11. I had the (probably original- dated February 1958) Regulator adjusted on the Cambridge and it's now back on the road. Had a run to a local Boxing Day Gathering and hope to take it to Vintage Stony on New Year's Day. https://vintagestony.co.uk/
  12. 64A60

    Austin Maxi

    FAN 151V currently for sale, located in Uxbridge. £1550 ono https://www.classiccarsforsale.co.uk/austin/maxi/323588
  13. I've been out on a few local runs in the A55, drives well with a good column change. The Ignition Light was staying on so now laid up whilst a local retired Auto Electrician checks what appears to be the original Regulator (dated February 1958).
  14. Yes, one car I'm very reluctant to part with. Had a hankering for something older for a while now and heard about this through word of mouth after the owner passed away in January. Not a perfect example but a straight, honest old thing and a good introduction to 1950's motoring.
  15. Bought my oldest car to date- a 1958 Austin A55 Cambridge. 😀 Has been standing for about a year but is now running and driving and will hopefully be back on the road shortly.
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