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  1. I took the A55 to the (heaving) Stony Stratford Vintage gathering today. Only a 70 mile round trip on A and B roads but the longest distance I've done so far in it. Was mostly ignored by the spectators because dull 50's British saloon but I did have a chat with the neighbour of the previous (now deceased) owner and a chap who owned a identical example in 1968 and wanted a sit inside. I was also interviewed and photographed by someone from Classic Car Weekly so might be in the next issue...
  2. I had the (probably original- dated February 1958) Regulator adjusted on the Cambridge and it's now back on the road. Had a run to a local Boxing Day Gathering and hope to take it to Vintage Stony on New Year's Day. https://vintagestony.co.uk/
  3. 64A60

    Austin Maxi

    FAN 151V currently for sale, located in Uxbridge. £1550 ono https://www.classiccarsforsale.co.uk/austin/maxi/323588
  4. I've been out on a few local runs in the A55, drives well with a good column change. The Ignition Light was staying on so now laid up whilst a local retired Auto Electrician checks what appears to be the original Regulator (dated February 1958).
  5. Yes, one car I'm very reluctant to part with. Had a hankering for something older for a while now and heard about this through word of mouth after the owner passed away in January. Not a perfect example but a straight, honest old thing and a good introduction to 1950's motoring.
  6. Bought my oldest car to date- a 1958 Austin A55 Cambridge. 😀 Has been standing for about a year but is now running and driving and will hopefully be back on the road shortly.
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