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On 7/17/2022 at 5:51 PM, Yoss said:

So there were hundreds of buses there but I only took a few pictures. 

These two stood out for a show in the south of England. 


I thought the blue one was a Leopard from a distance but it wears an AEC badge. 


I assume it is some sort of psuedo Kelvin livery. It carries Airdrie legal lettering so it is a very long way from home. 


Especially for something with standard bus seats. 


yoss, its a sec reliance witth alexander o falkirk bodywork, it never actually saw service as a service bus going new to the rittb (road industry transport training group) at livingston, it came into preservation in the late 80's and is part o the glasgow collection at bridgeton, had it up to aviemore back in 96 and it fair moves, hills are no issues for the aec engine...... glasoow website https://gvvt.org/

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