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  1. So 600 miles in, and it seems to be pretty good. It has the feeling of a bear waking up from hibernation, which doesn't surprise me. Bits and pieces are coming to life, with use, going over bumps etc. I've been using it for the commute, and it's quite a nice way to get about. I need to book it in for an alignment check (as it's a little vague around the tiller) plus the water pump and fan replacing. Which will be done when the local garage can fit it in. It doesn't overheat, even in very heavy city traffic, sitting around 85°. The heater is slow to get warm from cold, so a thermostat will be fitted at the same time. It seems to have the same effect as my old gold Jag, in that people let you out in traffic, and seem to find it quite endearing. On fuel it's been surprising. I mean it's no hybrid, but it doesn't seem to guzzle a huge amount! Apparently they will run on E10 quite happily (according to folks running them in the US). I've fitted a gunsight back in its rightful place. Which should help with parking. I'll just have to nose in as judging the length of it when reversing is a little difficult, as the boot is invisible.
  2. Oh. That's where the parking* dents are from. Also, title is becoming more....
  3. Also it's about the same volume as a Kia Picanuwhat. My mates 3 Series is the same length.
  4. Haha, I agree! Think the only other colour I'd like one in would be Berlin Taxi Beige
  5. It's not actually that sluggish. It should have had 188bhp when new. Some may have escaped over time. Autobox is a 4 speed old school unit. Seems to work pretty well, although it would benefit from a 5th speed or an overdrive on the Motorway.
  6. In, what I can only consider, a moment of madness, I picked up this over the weekend.... Its a W126 300SE, so straight six rather than V8, although it seems to go well enough. It seems solid structurally, with just a tiny bit of bubbling on the leading edge of the front wings. The previous owner made the car out to be much worse that it actually is. Mechanically it's going to need a water pump, which was supplied, as it has a very slight weep. It's done 127k which seems to be backed up by the MOT history. It has previously been a total loss, but has passed a VIC, so assume it was a while ago. Only evidence of damage is the front OS corner, as the bumper and trim beneath the headlight is a tad mangled. Exterior has many many car park dings, which is flagging it, to me anyway, as a probable ex London car. The bonnet has bloom in the paint. Panel gaps are all good. The interior is cloth, which I prefer, and in reasonably good shape, the rear is especially clean. There are a few bits of trim that need replacing. It's missing the gunsite, so a chineseium ebay special has been ordered. It drives pretty well, in a floaty yacht like fashion. The last 'big car' I had was a Jag XJ8, and I didn't expect this to be as comfortable or planted as that. I wasn't wrong. Things that don't: Rear Windows, They look like they probably haven't been used in a very long time, so will probably need 'unsticking'. Central Locking, This has the vacuum powered system, but also what is probably defuct aftermarket 'Toad' alarm. This needs investigating as it's a reach to the passenger door. Will I keep it? unsure. But it's been pressed into daily duties to see if I can cope with the fuel consumption, and to see if it fails to proceed.
  7. Volksy

    Rozzer Shite

    There were still a few roaming about in San Francisco, LA and Mojave when I was there earlier this year.
  8. I remember at around aged 5, we were flying to Germany with Lufthansa and the Stewardess gave my Brother and I one of those blue Siku 928s as a gift. It was the envy of my school mates as Siku weren't really available in the UK. Also got to go and sit in the cockpit! Those were the days!
  9. I'm sure someone on here had/has one of these. Seemed to swallow money at a very rapid rate, and I don't mean petrol.
  10. Wasn't it for use in the Chunnel? Looks like a mad Renault Master when clothed?
  11. Am I correct in thinking that the majority of our public transport is owned by companies in other countries. Arriva - Deutsche Bahn for example.
  12. Because they only sold about 10 of them. I think they were originally a Buick design for the states. When I worked for Vauxhall, we had one in the showroom for about 2 years with absolutely zero interest in it. They ended up pre-reg and flogging it as a used car for about 8k less than the list price. Even then it took a while to shift.
  13. My C180K Auto does between 42 - 46mpg on a motorway run. Averaged 43mpg to and from Shitefest. Most I had was a long non-stop run to Berkshire from Yorkshire at 46mpg. Gets better MPGs if I don't use cruise. I've new tyres all round, Michelins on the back, and Goodyears on the front. Would have stuck with Michelins all round (as was the originals) but no stock at the time I replaced the fronts. Mine is on the 15' wheels and standard suspension, so it's comfortable, but certainly doesn't encourage spirited driving in any sense of the word.
  14. I might* pick up one of those 155 Touring cars though....
  15. I used rental ones of these for as inter-terminal shuttles at Heathrow when they were new. Very capable, as we were moving kids and their luggage between terminals, the fact that you can reconfigure the seats in seconds was invaluable. They all drove well (must have had over 20 in different specs) but the TDci was a little gutless low down when laden up. Comfy, and easy to jump in and out of. I was doing 200+ miles a day without leaving the airport roads. It's better that they have normal doors, rather than sliders also.
  16. Yes, defo coming. Both nights. No breakfast. Cheers!
  17. What happens at the other end of the track? I assume they have a run off, rather than a massive accident.....
  18. I still have a scar/hole in my knee from keeling on the dropleg of that trailer when I was about 10
  19. It was this vehicle that made me join this forum. So wanted to buy it when it came up for sale, but the galloping rot put me off. Did it end up in Germany or somewhere?
  20. Yeh, Only minor fails on the MOT, If I needed a car, I'd consider this.
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