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  1. Holy hell, I had that Nikko mighty ranger, just seeing it brought back the smell of warm plastic from the motor! Mine died when the front suspension broke.
  2. A chap I used to work for collected Scammells, He had an Explorer, and Crusader and a Constructor. He used to be heavily into Citroens, having been trained at the Paris Factory. When he retired, he sold everything and disappeared. As he used to smoke about 50 B&H a day, I'd be surprised if he was still around. Pretty sure this was one of his....
  3. I prefer this advert for a 245...
  4. I'm with the 'Do Not Paint' crew. Just looks like most Dyanes from my yoof!
  5. I think the Mercedes SLC is a 1:12 Otaki kit. I remember seeing one in Beatties model shop as a kid.
  6. Berlin beige as well.
  7. It's currently in Leeds, in a heavily student popularised area at the back of the Uni. Will see if it sticks around.
  8. White lights front. Red lights back. 😉
  9. Clocked this old bean today!
  10. I manage a fleet of 7 of these in hybrid petrol and older diesels, visibility is shite, but they are not that bad. They've been 100% reliable, something that couldn't be said for the A3's they replaced. The new LCD dash is pretty bad though.. I think you're criticising the demographic who buys them rather than the car itself.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3474653705917080/ Minty looking Renault 19 Chamarse, sadly has suspect OMGHGF.
  12. The dipped beam on my C180 are crap also, it doesn't even have the normal* frosted lenses. Main beam is like a death ray however.
  13. I vote for the MK1 Chrysler Neon, Designed to be built for $1000, and it really showed. Horrid cheap nasty hateful things.
  14. Infinity Q45 I believe. But may well be Nissan's version of the car.
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