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  1. I was bought through this forum by myself and Hillman Imp... Needed a huge amount of welding.
  2. In no particular order: Mother V, on their Honeymoon in Scotland. My Old CF in New Zealand. Phoenix Festival, many years ago Saab 9000 in welsh wales VW Fastback in Newquay Splitty at York Dragway Clio Commercial in Meribel Pink 1303s in Leeds Fulvia in Dufftown
  3. I spent a bit of time in the States last year, and I found the difference between the west and east coast attitudes to us Brits very odd. Despite there being far more of us in California (L.A. in particular), I couldn't pass a day without hearing at least one other Brit, there was a lot more of the above attitude towards me when ordering food/coffee/petrol/beer. However in South Carolina, I found a completely open and curious attitude, which was quite endearing.
  4. Given the other couple of scruffy ones being broken on the ebay, there must be quite a few mouldering examples still around. Sadly the ones still running seem to now be attracting scene taxation.
  5. That LT, will be a straight six petrol too, M.Boll is correct about the MPG, but they do make a lovely noise. Despite possibly incurring the wrath of Billy, I wouldn't mind it like this - without the stripes..
  6. I'm pretty sure that the black '79 firebird Was a Kelloggs Frosties give away, you had to save token from packs IIRC.
  7. The next medical emergency is going to be all the babies born in about ten months time..
  8. Didn't someone from here buy that FSO, with the view on restoring it? IIRC it pretty much collapsed when moved.
  9. Volksy


    A week in with this, and it has quite endeared itself to me. It's a cracker of a drive, far better than it really should, the engine is rather grunty, lots of torques, It's had a cambelt less that 5k ago, so I don't fear using the revs at all. It handles far better than you would expect. I do think the new Bridgestones on the front and new Michelins on the back help. But these always had the rep of being quite a dynamic chassis. The steering is a revelation, not overly assisted, so it does feel like you're dealing with mechanics rather than hydraulics. It's rather comfortable and amazingly, for a wagon, doesn't squeak or rattle! Also as it looks like shit personified in vehicular form, no one messes with it on the road, which is also a bonus. The downsides are really that it only has a CD/Radio, so will try and source a cassette version of the stereo so I can use a tape adaptor for aux input, and I keep forgetting that it has a tow hitch on the back, which I'm sure actually is more a downside for the d*ck who wedged me into a parking space yesterday. It's occasionally doing the speedo fail, which these are known for, but a mate who had one explained that it's an easy fix. Condensation builds up on the circuitry behind the clocks, but some board cleaner would sort it out. All in all 11/10 for a free car, WUD RECMEND!!
  10. It's odd that this and a Volvo S40 are pretty much the same car. Volvo sold shit loads of S40s in saloon form over a large demographic , yet the Focus in this guise only appealed to more 'traditional' buyers and are rather rare as a result. My recently acquired Salty Slut Dog has impressed so far, no squeaks or rattles, everything pretty much works, and it drives far better than it should. I did some back roads in it yesterday and, much to the annoyance of the chap in his Bini CooperS, can hold it's own! Mine is the 1.8 Mk1 Wagon, in manual flavour, and its not that bad on fuel. Must be the slushbox thats sapping it.
  11. The Mk1 Seat Ibiza was available with the old pushrod 903cc Fiat motor. The Astra Mkwhatevar (first recent blobby one) came with a NA 1.6 auto. Not so bad until you realise they weigh the same as a Senator. 1.1 Peugeot 309 GE was a bit weak.
  12. Holden Torana, basically a 5.0V8 Ascona/Cavalier
  13. Dodge Omni had a 2.2 (Turbo in the GLH)
  14. Volksy


    It's a 1.8 petrol. So all the economy of the 2.0 with the power of the 1.6. Zetec though innit.
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