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  1. I looked at that about 10 years ago when it was dragged out of a garage in Yeadon. It was pretty ropey then. Shame it's not got the love since.
  2. I liked those Mareas, being the 1.8 16v 4pot it means that timing belt replacement should be pretty easy, as the 2.0 20v 5pots advised that you pretty much had to drop the engine to do it.
  3. Nice find. I used to service these when they were new. They had a recall for the rear subframe bushes (on that mileage, they may not have been done) which is a simple job, as they fit over the top rather than being pressed in. If it clonks from the back end they need doing. Noisy gearboxes were their downfall, with them failing at a remarkably young age. But other than that they were pretty trouble free. My only gripe was the steering on non PAS ones, they feel as if they have a 27 turns lock to lock.
  4. That was my favourite toy as a kid. Will keep my eye out for another set!
  5. Are those 'Starpods' the same as the ones in use at Heathrow T5's 'Pod Parking'? They run on a designated track between the terminal and the car park. https://www.heathrow.com/transport-and-directions/heathrow-parking/heathrow-pod-parking-terminal-5
  6. I'll defo have to keep my eyes peeled for one of those!
  7. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/559513539320067/ Cheap Caravelles. Only one pic though.
  8. If you get a chance, read "Another Fine Mess" by Tim Moore, which is pretty much this.
  9. The Hotwheels Minitrek for me if it's still available!
  10. The Merc only went and passed the MOT, with no advisories either! Get in!
  11. Just picked my rental up. V6 petrol, which is the norm here, but odd in a pickup by UK standards.
  12. Volksy

    Ford timelord

    Could someone not have retained the logbook and VIN plates and are just keeping them 'current' with the hope of cashing in in later years?
  13. My old man rented cars for the drive to and from Heathrow for the family trips abroad. Being from Yorkshire, he always rented the smallest car, hoping for an upgrade when the family and luggage wouldn't fit. One time Hertz brought round a Mk1 Fiesta, and their was no chance of everything going in. He whinged and kicked up a fuss, and they brought round a 127 as an alternative... He grumbled away as he tried to load up the cases, and low and behold they all fitted. I guess the Fiat had a deeper boot as the spare was under the bonnet. He was so impressed, he went out and bought one to replace my Mums 1980 Mini City the following week.
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