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  1. I like the fact that it has managed to retain its straight six. If I had the disposable cash.. I probably would.
  2. Trying to place those wheels on the Stanza, are they Mazda RX7 or Alfa 155?
  3. A friend of mine in Switzerland has one of these to service his hotel and bar, this is due to it being in a 'White Zone' where no cars are allowed. Great way to arrive! I believe that his is fitted with a Ford V6, it does make an awesome howl!
  4. Damn that's a hard route to follow. I would love one of these, but cannot win the lotto. I'd go overlander with the chassis you have and once the mechanics are sorted will be a mega tool. Also instantly sellable to the new tarquins.
  5. The terrarium of the Renault 4 has taken new grounds. It is starting to be absolved into the environment.
  6. My old 480 Turdbot did that on the speedo to the point where it wouldn't display over 50mph due it eventually flaking off and jamming the needle.
  7. Amazing, but no speak of randomness like his wafes balls or subservient piano tuners. I'm assuming RAYMANBOY has sadly passed or is still trying to hawk a desert in a home by sounding like Rowley Birkin QC
  8. Volksy

    Bus Shite

    I know these are probably crap, but I'd really like one! http://usedcoachsales.co.uk/Vehicles/View/5487 There were a few knocking around in Leeds Metro's school bus fleet years back, but they never seemed to get much use. I always saw them parked up at the depot when passing on the train.
  9. I think the early Suzuki Alto only had a two speed box!
  10. There was also one in Florida, where a guy looking at his old neighbourhood found the remains of a vehicle on google earth. Turns out the car had been there for 22 years with the missing owner still inside. https://www.livescience.com/google-earth-submerged-car-missing-person.html
  11. I had this issue with both my 850 2.0 20v and my S70 2.5t It will eventually fire, but acts as if it has no Compression - I thought I'd popped the cambelt the first time it happened.
  12. I've bought and sold a few through here, and the term 'No warranty given or implied - or expected' is, I would have thought, a precursor to any transaction. If you expect anything more, you're on the wrong forum.
  13. Volksy

    Mercedes C180K

    It's apparently quite a fiddly job to repair the locks, the 'kit' comes with some surgical clamps (?) to hold the tiny spring when fitting. It's easier on the saloons than the coupes according to the youtube tutorial I watched the other day. No crazy clicking from the heater system on mine - as yet. It seems to have been very well maintained, so these may have already been done, I've heard that they are a common issue on these.
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