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  1. Volksy

    Sao Penza

    This has cheered up a very depressing Monday. Great work!
  2. Caliper should be an easy enough swap. Although when I did the pads on mine there was a pretty shocking amount of rust on everything. The caliper bolts just crumbled.
  3. My '55 pov spec Jazz has Aux, hidden under a little cover below the fag lighter. Didn't notice it for ages
  4. An Ex of mine had an F plate one of those. delightful car, well it was, until mid blowy - with her feet on the dash he hit the Mormflake bridge in Crewe. On a camping trip, a week before, my mate had been dancing to Doves with his feet against the screen, Saved her life.. Apparently she just dissipated down the bonnet. Then stood up and requested a lift home.
  5. They handle and brake pretty well these.. especially when a Lizard pops out of the dash vent.... ~Dont ask me how i know..
  6. I still have all of it.
  7. Volksy

    Renault 14 Madness

    I wonder if one is possibly from the chap who used to be a prolific poster on here, who disappeared when he discovered females.
  8. Hot wheels did some that revealed damage when hit by another car, IIRC I've at least one, which was a pick up truck, they did a sports car that had a resemblance to a RX7, and a caprice with side damage. I bet not many survive with all their paint!
  9. Exhausts generally snap just before the rear silencer.
  10. Had this a couple of years back on the Jazz, all sorted with no issues thankfully.
  11. Is the car in the shed a VW type 3 fastback?
  12. Had a couple. 1987 D plate GLD 5dr. Nicknamed 'Angry Pierre' as it was faded red and used to shake like a b*stard at anything over 50mph. Bought for £70 and ran as my daily for nearly two years including a daily commute from Alsager to Chester. It was an absolute pillar of reliability throughout this with no maintenance whatsoever. Recently had a 1988 CTi 1.6. Loved this car, picked up cheap, as the owner had emigrated. Went like the clappers and handled well too. A house move to a place with no parking and a job that took me away from home for periods meant that it had to go.
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