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  1. It was this vehicle that made me join this forum. So wanted to buy it when it came up for sale, but the galloping rot put me off. Did it end up in Germany or somewhere?
  2. Yeh, Only minor fails on the MOT, If I needed a car, I'd consider this.
  3. Ooh. I'll have to get one of these. On a recent Hawaii trip, I rented one not dissimilar!
  4. These popped up on my Faecesbook feed, Hurtan - Spanish coachbuilder, based on Chrysler Group cars, but mainly on the Jeep/PT Cruiser.... Some MX5 based horrors as well.....
  5. Looks like a truck version of the Lancia Thesis!
  6. Royal Mail = Shit FTFY
  7. Looks like the bottom ball joint has let go.. Date tested 1 September 2022 PASS Mileage 77,230 miles Test location View test location MOT test number 3402 8646 8348 Expiry date 1 September 2023 Monitor and repair if necessary (advisories): Nearside Front Suspension arm ball joint has slight play (5.3.4 (a) (i))
  8. MOT expired November 2013 - Jeez has it been nearly ten years! I still had the 205 CTi I think at the time!
  9. I'm pretty sure that fuse box and electrical gremlins killed @HillmanImps one of these. I know he had it at various specialists* who then killed it more.
  10. Thema looks like the Ferrari engined 8:32!
  11. Heh, Those photos will be on every clikbait advert..... This guy paid £1 for this old warehouse, and look what he found when they opened the doors.......
  12. Yes, the store can call the parking company or the landowner/facilities management company to cancel tickets. On private car parks - which I manage a few - the landowner/manager has the authority to do this.
  13. That's awesome. I have the same issue with one of the brand new Michelins I put on the back of mine less that 3 months ago!
  14. Heh. With those, the car will think it's doing about 30mph more than it is!
  15. What's going on with the tyres on it! They look tiny!
  16. Yeh, I'd say it's possibly one of the best - despite the mileage. Sadly I don't have £2600!
  17. Japanese Import.... Hence the spec, and condition. 1993 and Imported 2017 - So lasted in Japan for a long time - Given their draconian roadworthiness laws, I'm not surprised at the condition!
  18. You can turn off read receipts from the settings menu. Means the sender wont receive the 'blue tick' read sign. Although you wont be able to see if they have read yours either...... Someone I used to see got all angsty if I'd been online after their message had been sent and I hadn't read or responded to it. You can also be selective with who can see when you are online or 'last seen'. Which can be handy....
  19. The C Class went in for a new OSF spring this morning. 11th hour - 14day retest was due tomorrow, as due to the easter break, my local garage couldn't fit it in before today. Needed a drop link too, as the fixings were seized solid. Fair play to them, they said they could have battled with it, but the labour cost to do that outweighed the cost of the new part and 5 mins with an airsaw. Repairs, including parts, came in at just over £250.00 As Merc springs are the stuff of nightmares, I was happy to pass the job on to someone else. Tame MOT centre were not to busy, so hightailed it down for a retest. Apart from an advisory for a loose heatshield - we're clear for another year.
  20. Yes. It was a Newlander non walkthrough, so it still had the back of the cab. It had only done 30,000 miles. The camper body was ruined though. Mr H.Imp and I pulled it apart with our bare hands in about half an hour! It ended up with the pick up bed of a fire damaged Toyota Dyna which fitted perfectly - I guess they were based on this chassis. Friends had already done a full European Tour in it prior to it being given to me. But it was in danger of being scrapped, as being stored on my friends drive, she was sick of lots of a certain community sniffing round it.
  21. I had the Blue Hiace Camper, that got retrofitted back to a pick up. It was sold on to a mate, then resold and ended up in Ireland I think.
  22. A friend in Manchesters 'Purveyor of fine chemicals' always drove around in Avensiss followed by Octavias. Blends in great with minicabs.
  23. Vallejo is pretty down at heel. But with the cost of living around the area cheap it is not!
  24. Mercedes went in for it's MOT today. It failed, but only on a fractured front spring - which I wasn't expecting! Only advisory was for a loose exhaust heatshield. Not bad for a street parked 19 year old daily. Booked in at the local garage for a replacement, as I really CBA with stripping out a strut and potential beheading/death due to Merc springs being absolute bastards.
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