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Northern Twixfests - WD-40 MAY 11th


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Hyullo.  There will be another one of these. 

There will be things.  

Ten AM start at the public car park in Blanchland.

A 49 mile run which is neither entirely in Weardale nor 40 miles.  


Possibly pies.

The potential for a guided tour of a mine.

Some people, mostly SCTCH who will have been driving for a long time.  The English seem to have an issue with getting into their cars or something judging by previous runs, though I know at least one who will be extremely busy and others who can't get out of work etc.

Attendees will get a souvenir and may even win a fake twix.


@320touring has been left holding the baby with a WhatsApp group, and @MrsJuular has done amazing things with the mines folk.  @Jimbob McGregor is I believe still in charge of sourcing the finest pies known to humanity.


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This is your chance to smell the Rank Taxi two..


To be fair, anywhere in county Durham should be close enough.


Seriously though, grand wee day out, stunning scenery, good roads and guid folks.


113/10 would drive back to 1956 to experience again

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Starting point departing at ~10AM


Leave the carpark and turn LEFT out of the village.  

Drive over the River Derwent and follow up BALE HILL.

Turn right onto The Ml and past the Mill and Presser Pumps.

Follow the road around the hairpin right up to Townfield, then take the hairpin left further up the hill towards Rookhope.  

Once you have descended to the Rookhope burn, turn Right then Left to cross the burn.  
**Optional: you can pause here and read about the lead smelting tunnel, the remains of which are seen as an arched 'bridge'.  

Once across the Rookhope burn, follow the road up to the top, and then turn LEFT at the top down into Westgate.  

At the A689, turn LEFT towards Stanhope, before turning RIGHT towards Eggleston on the B6278.

**Optional: If you prefer the quieter single lane road, take a right after the Hare and Hounds in Westgate pub and follow along on the other side of the River Wear.  At the B6278, turn right away from the bridge towards Teesdale.

Upon descending into Teesdale, take the RIGHT turn signposted Alston, High Force.  This will bring you down into Middleton in Teesdale.  

At Middleton, turn RIGHT onto the B6277 towards Alston.

Continue West on the B6277 towards Alston until the right turn after Langdon Beck signposted St. John's Chapel, Weardale.

At St John's Chapel turn LEFT on the A689 towards Wearhead, Killhope Lead Mining Musuem.  Continue to Nenthead.  At Nenthead, turn LEFT and LEFT again into the mine carpark.  Continue all the way to the end of the carpark.

Full route: 1 hr 40 min (50 mi)

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I would have been up for this but then my wife had an early C section and now I have a baby in a hospital. Ah well. I've been to Blanchland, very nice but an angry Scottish man yelled at me for going the wrong way in a wooded area because he worked for whatever minor member of the gentry owned the land.

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8 minutes ago, GeordieInExile said:

now I have a baby

Congratulations guys, hope everyone is doing well, you can bring the little one on the next one (but you won't be allowed down the mine, no babies in arms.)

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Had a fantastic day. Well done to all that travelled. 


The concord de ellegonts result's.


The Zoe won best electric in show





The A2 won least dynamic of aeros but got new wheels. Thanks to @320touring for rolling round in the gravel with me. 





Rav 4 won best 4x4




The Rank Taxi won MOST IMPROVED. 



The 205 won best inca/205/derv




This just won best car ever. @richbraith





The FUCKING RED VAG won best modern. 





The Dolomite got best Brit





The Amazon Rust forest gets best swede ever. 






@PSAPerv s megane got best french. It's clean as FPXL_20240511_142941597.jpg.4457cb3f3c5389fade4cb651a9f5c47f.jpg






The Celica was best Japaneser





@loserone had by far the best van. 





The lads










And super thanks to @Jimbob McGregor for the food, which was outrageous. 







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Heading into Teesdale out of Bolihope.


Coming over Killhope Cross.  That poor Audi driver wasn't expecting to be passed like they were standing still at the bottom, but I need a run up.


@320touring and Marley and I went GREEN LANING





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16 minutes ago, GeordieInExile said:

Gutted to have missed this and the inevitable fake Twix for second best French that the C6 would have brought my way. Chod speed, all. 

I think you'll fuckin find sir, that on site, every Twix (tm) was official, genuine and fully licensed. 


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